Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack

For all the creative effort filmmakers and actors put into making a movie, the finished creation deserves a celebration. It might just be the teacher in me that wants to celebrate published work and have a “publishing party” for these Hollywood stars, or that my children needed a special exciting event to make our homebound life more exciting. I couldn’t help but throw the most fun and festive premiere party to commemorate the occasion of us spending $20 to rent Trolls World Tour. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing simple tips to plan your own premiere party for Trolls World Tour, the first major movie to have its premiere happen in homes around the world.

Download and print this FREE 42-page Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack!

Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party PackThis party pack has everything you need! It also makes an awesome movie-themed reward day as an incentive for all the hard work your children have been doing at home. Print coloring sheets to decorate the walls, to wear as concert wristbands, and to hang from the ceilings. You can even print out a pink, glittery microphone, and you can learn the piano music and lyrics to ‘Just Sing’ to help make your red carpet premiere a huge success! The movie is all about the different genres of music, which you could also study at home with your own dance party on the red carpet.

Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack

Following a strict Stay at Home order means that my bi-monthly outing to get fresh food at the grocery store was a reason for celebration itself! We had already had a few ingredients on hand, like puff pastry, Pillsbury Trolls World Tour cookies, and wings, but I was happy to get out of the house and buy a few more ingredients to make the night a success.Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack

My daughters were happy to get the celebration started by helping to make the delicious food.

To make the Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries, you hollow out the inside of the strawberries with a knife. In a separate bowl mix together one package of cream cheese, 1/4 cup of powdered sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 1 teaspoon of heavy cream. You can also use vanilla instead of the honey and heavy cream, but again, I’m using what’s already in my cupboard.

Stir the mixture together until it is smooth. Use a spoon to fill the strawberries, and dip them in graham cracker crumbles.Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack

The Trolls World Tour premiere party pack has a recipe for banana peanut butter sushi, but I decided to create a sweeter version of the recipe using puff pastry, powdered sugar, and honey.

Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack
We printed coloring sheets and used them to decorate the walls for our red carpet. Of course it’s more exciting to get photos with the stars of the movie!
Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack

Walking the red carpet was an awesome memory! I own a pink-colored red carpet from previous parties, but the free printable party guide also has excellent tips for creating your own red carpet with things you have around your house. There’s no need to make an extra trip to the store or to wait for a party supply store to ship out decorative items. Making a red carpet premiere party for a movie rental brings the magic of Hollywood to your living room at a fraction of the price of visiting the movie theater.

Read about our Trolls World Tour red carpet premiere party, and print your own FREE 42-page party pack!

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Posted by Theresa’s Reviews on Saturday, April 11, 2020

Trolls World Tour was an adorable sequel to Trolls (2016). Featuring cute, pink pop queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and her good friend Branch (Justin Timberlake), the movie shares the journey the pop musicians must make to save the entire Trolls kingdom. They journey to the Jazz kingdom, the Country kingdom, the Classical kingdom, and eventually the Rock N Roll kingdom where another queen wants to unite the kingdoms with one genre of music.

Watching this movie on 4K was incredible. Each piece of gold glitter and all the bright colors shone spectacularly on our 4K television.

With an uplifting theme of uniting everyone and embracing their differences, this was exactly the kind of feel-good movie our family needed.

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Trolls World Tour Red Carpet Premiere Party Pack


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