If you’re looking for musical activities families will enjoy, you’re in the right place! Whether you are holding a music themed party or looking for ways to integrate music into your family nights, you’ll want to check out these ideas. From dancing to singing, we love making music part of our family life. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing several ways you can nurture a love of music in your children.

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Dance Party - Theresa's Reviews

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy

With these musical activities families, you can create more quiet time in your home, have the children get out some energy, and be more creative. Since my daughter practices piano every day, music can become part of the routine and can feel like a chore. As a reminder of how fun music is, we like to integrate these activities often.

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Quiet, songwriting in progress - Theresa's Reviews

Write songs and perform them

If you are looking for a creative family musical activity, write songs and perform them. This is a good way to get children more interested in writing, especially if they enjoy journaling. You can give songwriting idea prompts, such as writing about a recent holiday.

My daughter is at an age when she enjoys writing about her day each night before she goes to sleep. With the new songwriting journal she got for her 8th birthday, she loves writing songs and performing them for her family.

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Rock N' Rolla UFO Turntable - Theresa's Reviews

Have a dance party

To get out energy, children love having family dance parties, especially when mom and dad join in and dance too. This is something we usually do on very special occasions, such as our Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Celebration, but we enjoy this so much that we decided to do it more often!

With the Rock N’ Rolla UFO Turntable conveniently located in our family room, we can have family dance parties more often! Not only does it come with a rechargeable lithium battery, but you can also plug it into the wall. With a durable motor, three-speed playback, a diamond tipped needle, and two high quality full range dynamic speakers, you also get good sound quality for a record player. For perfectly smooth playback, it comes with a super suspension technology.

Another feature of the turntable is that it comes with Bluetooth, USB, and SD connections. You can connect your digital devices via iO, Android, and mp3.

Although our family has tried a lot of different Bluetooth speaker options for playing music at home, this device works well for us because my children are excited to actually hold a record and watch the record player as it spins, which they can’t do with other devices.

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Have a dance competition - Theresa's Reviews

Hold a dance competition or singing competition

Although a family dance party is fun, you can make this a more entertaining activity by turning it into a competition. Whether you decide to dance or sing, have your children put on their best performance. Have one person be the judge, and decide on prizes in advance.

Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Imagine the song and paint it - Theresa's Reviews

Close your eyes and imagine the song. Draw or paint what you imagine afterwards, or just enjoy the quiet time!

Listening to music can be a very calming experience. Choose a song, and close your eyes while listening. Imagine the song lyrics, and enjoy the song. After, you can draw or paint what you imagine.

When you’re using the Rock ‘N’ Rolla portable UFO Turntable, you can even plug headphones in to listen to music. This works well for having quiet time, while enjoying a song.

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Musical Activities Families Will Enjoy - Enjoy listening to music - Theresa's Reviews

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