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As the years go by and our children get older so quickly, a father and daughter’s dance is a special moment that will be cherished by father and daughter alike. Little girls should feel what its like to be treated well. Fathers must show them what that means by letting their little girl know they are the most important thing in their lives. Having their father take them out on this magical night increases a girl’s feeling a self worth by showing them how a girl should be treated, which is so important with our young girls these days. After all, daddy is a daughter’s first love, and will always be one of the most important loves in her life.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's Reviews

Daddy, A Daughter’s First Love

The bond between a father and a daughter is like no other. This is the magical time between your little girl growing up into becoming a woman, while still retaining her childhood innocence. Make sure you can catch her before she gets too big. Teach her the right way to grow up by showing her how to be respectfully treated when she’s taken out later in life.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's ReviewsAs a father you’ll never forget it, but as a girl, she’ll also never forget these special moments. For my daughter, getting to dress up and do her nails was very special because she rarely gets to do so. She could see how hard dad was preparing just for her, and she wanted to do the same for him.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's Reviews

Since every good date should be thoughtful, kind, and considerate, commemorating the occasion were flowers. The matching corsage and boutonniere were a great touch that symbolized this special connection.
Daddy, A Daughter's First Love with Teleflora - Theresa's Reviews

From Teleflora, the corsage, wristlet and boutonniere collection is perfect for a dance you’ll always remember. With pink flowers to match the dress and diamond accents to match the Denim & Diamonds theme, it was the perfect selection.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love with Teleflora - Theresa's Reviews

Father Daughter Dance

At the dance, all the girls looked around at each other and saw their peers enjoying themselves. Since everyone was having fun dancing with dad, it helped them be more confident in appreciating the moments and not feel self conscious. Maybe some day the girls wont see their dads as cool, but tonight, dads were the coolest people in the world. Every little girl looked into dad’s eyes, while guiding them onto the dance floor.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's Reviews

With a mix of fast music for the girls to get silly and let loose, the DJ also played slow songs for those special moments with dad. When Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” came on, every girl rushed to grabbed their dad for a dance and sang along. This truly was the perfect song and perfect moment. Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's Reviews

What dance would be complete without snacks? When the girls (and dads) needed a break from dancing they could go out to the snack tables, which had a nice southern spread of bacon, popcorn, Rice Krispy treats, sweet tea and lemonade. One highlight of the snack section was little cupcakes that looked like they had diamonds on top and matched the theme of the dance.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Denim & Diamond cupcakes - Theresa's Reviews

Leaving the dance a few minutes early, Sammie reminded her dad that at the last Father and Daughter dance, she really looked forward to a late night meal with her and dad. They sat together in the diner and talked, while splitting french fries and a hand made chocolate milkshake.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - Theresa's Reviews

Not long after, she was sound asleep. Dad tucked her into bed feeling like he was the luckiest guy in world that night, if only for a little bit longer.

Daddy, A Daughter's First Love - A Special Request of Ed Sheeran's Perfect- - Theresa's Reviews

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  1. ellen beck

    This is beautiful and the reality why a girl needs a father or father figure in their lives. So many think this isnt important, and it really is. Men play a much more important role than they think with children of both genders. I love your pictures, all precious.


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