Making Healthier Eating Choices with Talia di Napoli

Making Healthier Eating Choices with Talia di Napoli

When New Year’s Eve came this year, like many other people, I was happy to have survived 2020. My family and I usually make a list of goals, but writing our resolutions was another tradition that fell to the wayside. As we cheered on the new year we hoped, as many other people did, that it symbolized the end of lockdowns.

On New Year’s, our usual focus on making goals to prioritize health, spirituality, growth, and education was missing because we wished for a goal that wasn’t within our reach to change.

I did choose a focus word, enjoy, which inspired a new name for my blog. I hoped to find enjoyable family moments within the madness of staying home 24/7, but having a goal of not reaching a worse place is not really a goal at all.

Now, I realize that it is not too late to write my resolutions. It is easy to feel disconnected from my goals. However, with vaccines on the way, a return to some semblance of normalcy is not far.

As we get to the one-year mark of the beginning of COVID, there is a realization that it has been one entire year of forgetting goals my family once had. It has been a year of baking more bread than needed, trying out cake recipes for fun, and adding all the unhealthy ingredients to comfort food to bring calmness to our family. With our routine up-ended, our diet has been unpredictable and not always healthy.

Eating healthier doesn’t need to feel as though we are depriving ourselves. That is the last thing we would need during stressful times.

While I consider my current choices in my pantry and refrigerator, I am happy that many of the items I own have healthy ingredients. As a third-generation Italian American, I have children who adore all of the Italian recipes my mom has passed on to me. Although these meals do not always have a reputation for fitting with a healthier-eating plan, they have many advantages. Check out how the incredibly delicious Talia di Napoli pizzas can be considered a healthier-eating choice.

Making Healthier Eating Choices with Talia di Napoli

Talia offers gluten-free pizzas, which are as tasty as ordinary options and certified by Coeliac UK. Their GF crust is made using our proprietary recipe, which includes deglutinated wheat-starch, buckwheat flour, and rice flour.

With an all-vegetarian selection, Talia pizzas do not contain any form of meat or meat byproducts. They are also currently developing a vegan pizza, slated to launch later this year. Our family enjoys the pizza as they are on vegetarian nights. We also like to add our own toppings, which include organic vegetables and lean meat to add nutrients.

Talia uses top-quality local ingredients to ensure the premium taste and flavor of the pizzas. All ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, and even water, are all-natural ingredients from Southern Italy with no preservatives, no additives, and no GMOs.Making Healthier Eating Choices with Talia di Napoli

Although they are frozen, Talia pizzas are comparable to freshly made pizzas in upscale Italian restaurants because all pizzas are flash-frozen and put to “sleep” using a state-of-the-art, patented cryogenic chamber within seconds of coming out of the oven and can “wake up” flavorful in your home. They use no preservatives to keep the pizza fresh.

Talia pizzas are also “healthy” to the Earth because they are environmentally-friendly in packaging and shipping. All pizza sleeves are made out of 95% recycled paper, and they use a kind of foam out of cornstarch as the insulator when shipping, which is completely recyclable, biodegradable, and dissolvable.

Making Healthier Eating Choices with Talia di Napoli

Not only do Talia di Napoli pizzas offer many healthier-eating advantages, but they also taste amazing. My family loves the incredible flavor, delectable aroma, and crispy texture of this pizza. It reminds us of our favorite pizza places. It tastes as fresh as pizza from our local Italian restaurant where they use a pizza oven for that crisp, charred crust and rustic, smoky flavor. Now that we have tried Talia pizzas, we really can’t return to the typical frozen pizzas that most grocery stores carry.

We are looking into getting our own pizza oven to fill the extra hours at home, learn a new skill, and take pride in recipe creation. However, the convenience of having these pizzas delivered with such an incredibly fresh flavor is comforting during these times. Sometimes, a simple frozen meal can keep our family centered so that cooking doesn’t become a source of stress. With these pizzas, we can keep the flavor of fresh food, maintain our healthy-eating goals, and give our family more time to do the activities we enjoy in that moment.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

Photos provided by Talia di Napoli

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