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Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean

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Participating in youth sports has many benefits for children. This year, taking after school tennis gave my children confidence and it kept them healthy. While youth sports are an essential part of being a kid, the smells that come with the equipment can stink! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, learn more about how I keep my children’s sports gear clean.Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean - Theresa's Reviews

This year, participating in tennis had many benefits for my children. They have remained dedicated to the same sport for a couple of years now, which is starting to give them more confidence in their abilities. Before they start signing up for tennis competitions to play against other children, learning the basics is helping them prepare and develop more courage. Being a part of after school practice sessions builds skills and offers them incentives for continued dedication to the sport.

They’ve gone from barely getting the ball over the net to playing back and forth consistently. I can’t wait to spend time playing with them this summer! One of the best parts of having them learn a sport is that it helps keep us active as a family when we practice it together.

As my children get more focused on practicing, unfortunately their sports gear gets smellier! More dedication to the sport means more smelly odors. With Febreze Fabric Refresher, parents can avoid the stinks that come with their children’s’ sports equipment in their homes and on the road.Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean - Theresa's Reviews

Instantly I can spritz away and clean away fabric odors easily anywhere! Whether I spritz my children’s smelly gym bags, their workout clothes, or tennis shoes, it works safely and effectively in a short amount of time.

Febreze does an excellent job helping me extend the life of my children’s sports gear, which are going to end up looking dirty before long anyway. Instead of replacing perfectly fine sports gear, I can help it last a little bit longer by making it smell way better. This also works great for a last-minute realization that the sports gear isn’t smelling so fresh.

Febreze FABRIC with OdorClear Technology cleans away odors in two simple ways. First, it seeks out tough odors and second, it cleans them away by deactivating and replacing them with a light, fresh scent.Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean - Theresa's Reviews

Pre and post-game, it’s smart to simply spray Febreze Fabric Refresher on children’s uniforms, sneakers and gear until it’s completely damp to effectively clean away those hefty odors.Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean - Theresa's Reviews

Summertime is here and my children are playing outside more and overall being more active with camps and youth sports. While they usually leave their sports gear all over the house, I can keep the smells at bay at least until I finally have the time to clean up and organize more.Keeping Children’s Sports Gear Clean - Theresa's Reviews

Febreze Fabric Refresher helps me keep the stink outside and the fresh inside. In addition to spritzing their sports bags and shoes, I also make sure to spritz the entryway so guests aren’t immediately greeted by odors.

Being a parent of children who are in youth sports is rewarding in many ways. From the smiles on their faces when they learn a new skill to the excitement over finishing a season, youth sports are very beneficial, but they come with smelly odors that aren’t! Luckily, Febreze works wonders to make youth sports an even better experience for everyone.

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Your turn! How do you keep your children’s clothing smelling fresh?