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Maintaining a remodeled bathroom can be difficult. It’s important to learn the best cleaning products and tips to upkeep your space. Family messes tend to add wear and tear, but you can keep your space feeling bright and shiny all year long!

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

Last year when I was house hunting, one moment that helped me realize that this house was the right one was when I saw its Modern French Farmhouse bathroom. This house had been newly renovated by a young couple who chose a trendy encaustic patterned tile, a modern black and white color scheme, and silver accents.

The renovation helped make all of our furniture and decor choices more cohesive throughout the home. As we selected our living room sectional and our kitchen table, we maintained the Modern French Farmhouse theme to make our house feel like a home. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing a family-friendly few tips that have helped us maintain our renovated bathroom.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

Vary your use of cleaning supplies.

After living in our house for a year, we have had the typical wear and tear that a family of four would expect. Plus more now, considering that we are all home more often.

A few weeks ago, I went on a cleaning spree that knocked my tween daughter’s bright pink nail polish all over the beautiful tile and the white cabinet. Splat! The jar shattered, and everything was painted pink. Nail polish remover barely got it out despite me scrubbing as hard as I could. Right as I was ready to give up, I discovered that alcohol removed nail polish. Voila, a beautiful bathroom once more!

Each week when I complete my regular cleaning routine, I vary the types of cleaning supplies I use because each serves a different purpose. One spray does a deep clean of the tub, and another wipe removes build up in the shower door plastic seal strip. If a cleaner isn’t as effective as it should be, keep trying different brands and types of cleaners until you find one that works for the purpose you need.

Another lesson is to prevent some of the cleaning with a dehumidifier. Since it keeps moisture from sitting on surfaces, you don’t get buildup in the grout or rust on metal surfaces.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

Add new decor each season.

Maintaining the bathroom is everyone’s job, but you might have to convince some family members to treat it with care. I make sure to add new decor each season. It brightens the area, and it reminds everyone to do their best to keep the room looking nice.

Certain messes are inevitable and can be difficult to repair, but decor draws the attention away from them. When I dyed my hair at home for the first time, it got pretty messy. Who knew that only seconds of my light brown hair dye being on a surface could take away the white paint on my cabinet?

Even though I don’t yet have the perfect remedy for that paint scuff, it matters that my family sees my attention towards making this a nice space. Adding in some new decor is more inspiring than a deep clean because it’s something that they pay more attention to when they walk in the room.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

Keep the room’s scent pleasant.

Another way to inspire family members to contribute to the maintenance of a remodeled bathroom is to keep the room’s smell pleasant. A light, not-too-overpowering scent adds a relaxing ambiance.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

I recommend Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scented Tube and Angel Soft® with Fresh Linen Scented Tube. The scent is added to the cardboard tube to give off a light, pleasant scent in the bathroom for you, your family, and guests. Both are available at Dollar General and Family Dollar.

You can enjoy the welcoming scent of fresh lavender fields. Fresh Lavender Scented Tube features the same soft and strong qualities you love with the added scent of fresh lavender in the tube.

Also enjoy the crisp scent of freshly laundered linens. Angel Soft® with Fresh Linen Scented Tube brings just a hint of that clean, classic scent all year ‘round.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

These products have the ideal balance of softness, strength and value. It’s really a 2-for-1 value because now I can get the same performance of Angel Soft® toilet paper with a pleasant scented experience for the bathroom.

It comes in a variety of scents – Lavender and Linen – so that you can choose the scent that works best for your family.

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

When you choose Angel Soft Toilet Paper, you already love the softness and strength at a great value. Offering something more with these new scent options is an added value!

Family-Friendly Tips for Maintaining a Remodeled Bathroom

Maintaining a remodeled bathroom helps the home look better. This helps my family feel more comfortable and happy in our new home, especially now as we spend more time here. It also helps make sure that the bathroom will continue to be a selling point for the home in the future.

Which scent will you choose – Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender Scented Tube *Angel Soft® with Fresh Linen Scented Tube? Visit Family Dollar to get yours today.

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