Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's Reviews

Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings

Are you looking for comfortable summer style options for women? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out clothes that look nice and are comfortable enough for the a relaxing summer day from Soft Surroundings.

Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's ReviewsComfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings

Recently I attended the Soft Surroundings store opening in the Columbia, Maryland mall. Although I had never shopped at the store before, I was impressed with the variety of items you can find there.

From books that you can delve into all summer long to beautiful furniture, trendy jewelry, beauty supplies, and soft clothing that fits right, the store is ideal for women who want to have a stylish and luxurious lifestyle without giving up their comfort.

Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's Reviews

My favorite was the white clothing, which were perfect for summer. Whether you wear a white tank top under a shirt or choose a white dress or pants, adding a dash of white gives your outfit a brighter look. Other benefits are that white clothing reflects light and looks cooler. As I shared on my recent news segment, it doesn’t attract mosquitos as much as dark clothing does. Having a few go-to white items of clothing in your closet is a summer staple.

Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's Reviews

While trying out this outfit, I enjoyed a break for self-care. As I recently shared to my Instagram page, I have a place nearby my home that instantly clears my mind when I need a few quiet moments. With a few kid-free hours recently, that was the place to visit. Not only did the location and quiet time with my husband offer relaxation, but it was also nice to be wearing a comfortable outfit for the outing.

Sometimes this is my place to escape without anyone else. Reading a book on a bench with no one else around gives me the quick break I need. To manage stress, this quiet time helps me be the calm and caring mother and wife I always aspire to be.

Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's Reviews

Although the location was serene, the clothing was also the key to a relaxing afternoon. When you are wearing Soft Surroundings clothes, the fabric makes the clothing feel like loungewear, while looking nice and professional. With the Super Stretch Capri pants, the design is so comfortable that there are no buttons and no zipper. You just slip them on and go!

Another item nice for a summer day outside was the Sophisticate Top. With a gathered twist at the hem, this top has soft material with some stretch. Blue looks nice for any occasion, while the white diamond pattern went well with the white capri pants.

For comfortable summer style, Soft Surroundings has excellent options. To find the right outfit, you can shop at one of the many stores across the nation. You could also shop online or with their catalogue.

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Comfortable Summer Style with Soft Surroundings -Theresa's Reviews

Your Turn!

Do you have a place to visit that instantly clears your mind? What is your go-to place for peace and quiet? Share in the comments.

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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