Are you looking for a fun, festive event to celebrate Halloween with your children? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out Disney Store’s Haunted Halloween Party. Children can come to the store dressed up in their favorite Disney costumes for this special event!Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's Reviews

Disney Store’s Haunted Halloween Party

During the Disney Store Haunted Halloween Party, children come dressed up in their Halloween costume. My daughter was Vampirina, and her older sister wore Mal accessories from The Descendants. We saw a couple of Fancy Nancies, some princesses, super heroes, and more!

Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's Reviews

When you arrive, all the guests wait for the pumpkin on the screen to light up. When it is fully lit up, some special Disney characters arrive on the screen! When the three villains Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Cruella de Vil join the party, the children in the audience must learn how to combat them. The villains are after Mickey’s Magical Pumpkin!Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's ReviewsTo attend Disney Store’s Haunted Halloween Party, make sure to RSVP in advance. Since the store keeps a guest list and signs you in when you arrive, you should call at least a couple of hours before. The event is happening every Saturday in October at a store near you! You can either attend the 1 pm, 2 pm or 3 pm event.

Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's Reviews

Some fun activities included dressing one volunteer adult participant up as a mummy, playing Disney trivia games, and having a dance party when Mickey and Minnie Skype in from Walt Disney World! Children also parade around the store in their costumes while new guests show up.

Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's ReviewsAll guests receive a neat light-up Mickey Mouse pumpkin bracelet! The bracelet also helps guests defeat the evil guests so Minnie and Mickey could arrive.

Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's Reviews

At the end of the event, all guests get their photos taken with the cardboard cut-outs of the characters by the Disney Store staff, and they print a photo for you. When the event is over, checking out all the new items that the store has is a must-do activity with your children, especially the new holiday toys and ornaments!

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Disney Store's Haunted Halloween Party - Theresa's ReviewsYour Turn!

What will your children be for Halloween this year? Share in the comments! You can check out the costumes my children are choosing from in the Halloween Kids Costume Runway Show video below on The Sammie and Georgie Show.

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