Mimicking mom is a favorite hobby of my toddler. She goes anywhere I do, often toting along her toys that help her play mommy. The other week, I noticed Georgiana trying to use my handheld vacuum. Often, I permit my older daughter to vacuum up the crumbs under the table. As a responsible girl, she is almost five years old, and she is careful with the vacuum. When I received a kids’ Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner review, I knew my younger daughter would love the toy, while having a toy vacuum would help keep her away from my handheld vacuum.

Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

While reading the instructions, I saw that the vacuum was geared towards ages 3+, but some reviews online said that item was better size for younger kids. In my experience, I found that the height was fine for my older daughter.Both girls enjoyed playing with the item. Since I already let Samantha use a real vacuum, the Dyson toy had a bigger appeal to my younger daughter. The size and developmental appropriateness was great for Georgiana. I would only recommend the item for children younger than the recommended age if your child can handle the way that the vacuum doesn’t stand up independently. Children need a solid stance and strong muscles to be able to use the item safely.
Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

Using the product, I found that I needed four C batteries. The amount of batteries required was a disadvantage. Because battery packs for C typically come in packs of three in the grocery store, I had a couple set backs during my time trying to review the item. I would recommend purchasing bulk batteries online instead of two individual packs to save money. Plus, if the batteries run out, having spare batteries around would be helpful.

Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

In studying how the item worked, I discovered there were two main switches. Without turning the on-off switch to on, I pressed a red button located at the top of the vacuum. The little beads inside the vacuum started bouncing quietly. Then, I turned the switch to on. Without too much noise, a small motor started inside the vacuum. When the switch was turned to on, the product picked up small, lightweight flecks of paper off the floor. There was no risk of big things being picked up by the vacuum because the motor was very weak. To my daughter, the ability of the product to actually do what mommy’s vacuum did was ingenious. The toy was a big hit with my kids.

One of the best things about the toy was that it could appeal to kids of different ages. While used under supervision, my younger daughter could play house. My older daughter loved being the supervisor of her younger sister playing. To learn more, visit the company’s website. 

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Christine

    we have this vacuum and love it, although I don’t think ours ever picked anything up. We’ve had it for about a year and the batteries just died. This is def a great gift for the little mommies out there!


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