With snowstorm Jonas heading to my area, part of the blizzard preparations include coming up with activities the kids. If we get snowed in during what I’ve heard might be an epic storm, the weather might be too harsh to play outside. Instead, I’ve been brainstorming of new ways to stay busy. These will especially come in handy if we lose power and wifi! Check out my ideas, especially the awesome JAXX bean bag we’ve been trying out recently!

3 Activities Perfect for a Snow Day

1.) Drawing

I’ve been practicing nature drawing with Samantha lately. It’s one of the only things that she’s actually excited to practice. When we’re stuck inside for the weekend, we’ll be using  blank paper and practicing how to draw realistically. I’ll share more on this later!

2.) Reading

Samantha and I have been working our way through short chapter books lately, but since I’ve been focusing on helping her learn to read better, I overlooked reading to Georgiana on some days. Having a few extra days at home would provide the time we need to read.

3.) Board Games

We still have so many board games to play from Christmas! We’ve only played some of the games once or twice. Board games are excellent for encouraging families to bond, and so many of them teach valuable skills, like gross motor skills and fine motor skills. I look forward to playing games that both girls will enjoy.

JAXX Bean Bag Review

What do all of these activities have in common? You can do all of them from a JAXX bean bag! We’ve been trying one out lately, and it’s great. I tried out the Lounger bean bag in a purple, grape color. This bean bag is huge. It fits Samantha when she’s reclining. When Samantha is sitting upright, the bean bag fits her and her sister. I was very satisfied with the size. When I wake up in the morning, I sit on the bean bag to watch the news, and I’m much more comfortable that I was on the sofa.
3 Activities Perfect for a Snow Day & JAXX Bean Bag Review - Theresa's Reviews - @jaxxbeanbags - www.theresasreviews.com

When the bean bag arrived, I was surprised that the box it came in was small. Putting the bean bag together required a couple steps, but it only required about an hour to get the beanbag comfortable enough to use. After fluffing the material out inside, the bean bag became an excellent place to lounge. The inside material provides plenty of support when you’re reclining.

Whatever I’m up to during this long snow break, it will definitely involve using the bean bag. As long as we have electricity, this will be an excellent place to cuddle up and watch a movie! I’m planning a fun movie night with delicious snacks. Some candy, popcorn, and a great place to snuggle is all we need to make a night the best movie night ever.

Cuddle up with JAXX Bean Bags! 3 Activities Perfect for a Snow Day & JAXX Bean Bag Review - Theresa's Reviews - @jaxxbeanbags - www.theresasreviews.com

Another good use for the bean bag is as a place for me to get some writing work done. It’s about the right size for a kid, but it’s plenty large enough for an adult. Reclining always helps me think a little more. Writing can be grueling work when you write, edit, rewrite, and edit again. With a comfortable spot to work, I’m much more likely to focus.


What will you be doing during this possible blizzard? Will you be doing any of the activities that I’ll be doing?


I received a free item to help inform my writing, but it in no way affected my opinion!

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