With the icy weather recently disrupting life for many of my readers, it’s time to ramp up our winter beauty routines. First, rehydrating dry skin is important to a good beauty routine. Winter is also an excellent time to update a wardrobe with key essentials. To do my research, I asked that a few companies send me samples. I put these items to the ultimate test, checking how the items worked in the aftermath of winter storm Jonas in the Northeast.

Winter Beauty and Fashion Essentials

Previously, I’ve tried out some items from the beauty company Phuse. Lately, with the icy winter air and heat styling making my hair dry, I was happy to try out the company’s shampoo and conditioner with hopes that it would revitalize my brittle hair. The hydration head case shampoo was gentle. To add softness, I used the repairman conditioner. Both items made my hair sleek and supple.

Since I have long hair, using good shampoo and conditioner makes a big difference. The light scent was very appealing. I loved how my hair looked after using the items. After using these products, I had an easy time brushing and blow drying my hair. My hair was soft enough that it could also air dry without looking messy afterwards. With the damage my hair has had lately, it was a relief to find effective hair products.

Winter Beauty Starts Now - Winter Beauty and Fashion Essentials - Theresa's Reviews

One of the most important winter beauty tips is to hydrate your skin. There are so many great moisturizing products. Hydrating body wash is a must have. My favorite is from Key West Aloe. To combat dry skin, I use the Aloethera body wash after using my regular soap. This gives back any of the moisture that the soap takes away as it cleans.

During the recent snow storm, my skin hurt because it was so dry. Another product that made a big difference for me was the intensive body moisturizer from Key West Aloe. The product is lightweight and doesn’t get greasy, while it also has deep, lasting moisturization. The smell is amazing! I love that the scent is light and non-irritating.

For areas that frequently stay dry in winter, you need a thicker lotion. Hands can get very chapped in winter. I use the Aloethera intensive hand lotion. This item is rich enough to improve raw, dry skin. When I used it, the lotion quickly blended into my skin, and it didn’t get greasy. Because the product has many natural ingredients, it feels as good as it smells. Using it has been a big relief in bad weather.

Winter Skin Repair - @keywestaloe - on Theresa's Reviews

During the winter, you can continue to improve your skin with quality products, like the Demarche Labs Fullfill face wrinkle filler product. This item has a hydrating effect, while it also combats signs of aging. I put a tiny bit on my forehead under my regular lotion, and it made a big difference. My skin felt smoother and firmer. Using the item regularly over a long period of time should make the biggest difference.

Ageless Moisturization - on Theresa's Reviews - Demarche Labs Fullfill

For a deluxe treat for yourself, buy the Absolue Precious Cells Nourishing Lip Balm by Lancôme. This item is the best lip balm I’ve used before. I leave it on my bathroom counter so I can remember to apply it daily. It keeps my lips smooth, so they won’t dry out in the winter air. It’s way better than a lot of other lip balms I’ve used that can get gooey and sticky. This item is light and barely noticeable, but it’s the perfect way to prep your lips before lipstick in cold weather.

Lip Balm You'll Love - @lancomeusa - on Theresa's Reviews

Another item that tops my list are the Baby It’s Cold Outside Leggings from GRACEDBYGRIT. These are the best winter leggings I’ve ever worn. Wearing these, I could run after my kids in the snow without getting cold at all. The thick nylon and spandex fabric makes the leggings perfect for the weather. Wearing comfortable leggings on snow days is the best. I loved that the leggings were so effective at combatting the cold temperatures. Wearing these encouraged me to be active and get outside. Since the leggings fit so comfortably, I also wore them to a mommy and me ballet class. Check out photos on my Instagram page.

Winter Essentials to Keep You Warm - Winter Beauty and Fashion Essentials @gracedbygrit - on Theresa's Reviews

In the winter, I need to carry a nice purse that can contain all my lotions and lip balms. Usually, I usually go with a basic color for winter, and then I spruce things up later in the year with punchy colors for the spring. Since I already own the matching duffle bag, I tried out the Ascend Hobo purse in cactus from Haiku bags. There was plenty of space for my belongings. I loved that the bag was smaller and more fashionable than some of the jumbo tote bags I usually use. Carrying a lighter bag was much better on my back.

Winter essentials - Winter Beauty and Fashion Essentials - Haiku bags - on Theresa's Reviews

With warm pants, a ramped up beauty routine, and a stellar purse to get through these cold months, I’m ready to face another winter storm. Hopefully, the rest of this winter will be mild, but if it isn’t I won’t mind. What are your the items you love to use in the winter? Share your favorite winter beauty products or wardrobe items in the comments section below.


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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