One of the things I’m working on as a mom is saying yes more often. Since my children sometimes need reminders to ask permission, the answer is usually no when they don’t ask. With the sun finally coming out and the optimism of springtime in the air, it’s the perfect time to start letting go more often with my decisions for my children as well as for myself. That’s why for the past week, saying yes more often became a priority.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often

If you try to become more mindful about saying yes more often, the results can have a very relaxing and positive effect. For example, when my children do remember to ask if they are allowed to go somewhere or to do something, I can give positive reinforcement by giving in to their adventurous ideas more often and allowing them more freedom.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Allowing more freedom - Theresa's Reviews

Saying yes to even the smallest things can make a big difference. When Sammie needed to do last minute homework in the morning, while she was already thinking about it being testing week, she asked me if she could do homework in the spacious folded down seating area in the third row of the 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe we had this week. Doing her homework in an unusual location helped make the situation less stressful for her.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

With the sunny weather, saying yes was even easier, and it helped us get to know a part of town we don’t know well, Fulton, which has awesome restaurants and shops. When Georgie wanted to check out the local stores as we walked around, giving into the idea of looking at a pet shop was much easier than saying yes to an actual dog, which we aren’t quite ready to get.A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

Parenting requires you to frequently ask things of your children. Whether you are asking for a clean room, a table that is set for dinner, or for better manners, teaching a lesson about good behavior mean regularly checking in to ask for one more thing. This week, I gave in to yes more often by doing some of the cleaning for my children and by reminding myself that not all the cleaning has to be done right that second. While I believe that chores teach responsibility, it was a relief not to have a long discussion about having to do the cleaning, and my children seem no less responsible afterwards.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

As important as it is to teach them a lesson about cleaning (you can check out how I do that in my recent Facebook post about teaching financial responsibility to children), it’s okay to skip the cleaning sometimes or to do it yourself. When work is over, it’s nice to have a supportive family who chips in, but picking up the kid’s toys, straightening up their room, and cleaning their bathroom is part of the job of being a parent. Sometimes (and don’t tell them this), I even like organizing their things because it makes me feel good about being a part of their life, and it’s nice to watch them being able to enjoy being kids.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

Another yes this week was allowing Sammie to put her booster seat in the third row of the Hyundai Santa Fe. At first she was excited to be closer to the air conditioner, but then she realized this gave her some space from her younger sister, which she doesn’t always have because they enjoy playing together often.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

Although Georgie wasn’t happy about not getting to sit next to her sister, she appreciated getting to sit closer to her parents since she doesn’t usually get much individual time with us. I also said yes to taking the baby dolls on a road trip to the library, which she was really excited about.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often -  Sofia Silk Dress from Sea Lily - Theresa's Reviews

Not all of the yeses this week were about my children. I have a tendency to be really strict with my decisions for myself. As a parent, it can be hard to let loose when you have the responsibility of taking care of children always on your mind. With Mother’s Day not far away, I gave myself the gift of being easier on myself. I also said yes to wearing a dress that I haven’t worn mich since the Theresa’s Reviews 10k Instagram Follower Celebration, which was the comfortable and pretty Sofia Silk Dress from Sea Lily, and I was really happy I did. There’s something so relaxing about wearing a light dress on a beautiful spring day.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - A La Mode Boutique in Old Ellicott City, Maryland - Theresa's Reviews

Even though I am pretty strict with my budget and am always finding ways to be more thrifty, I also said yes to an impromptu trip to check out a local store A La Mode Boutique that re-opened after the 2016 flood in Main Street of Old Ellicott City. Buying a nice work blouse not only gave me more confidence in my professional appearance, but it also helped support a local business.

A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Steelfire Kitchen & Bar - Theresa's Reviews

Finally, even though I’ve been trying to fill up on fruit and vegetables and avoid sugar, dining out as a family is such a positive experience that it’s well worth saying yes when we can. We had delicious all American comfort food at Steelfire Kitchen & Bar, and we even said yes to the spectacular milkshakes, which were a special treat. I would call it a guilty pleasure, but you don’t have to feel guilty about giving in when you’re saying yes more often.

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A Week Of Saying Yes More Often - Theresa's Reviews

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