Easy and Delicious Overnight Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Easy and Delicious Overnight Breakfast Casserole Recipe

An ideal casserole consists of eggs, potatoes, cheese, and sausages. This serves as a flavourful breakfast dish, and the leftovers can satisfy cravings that occur multiple times during the day. A tasty dish like this is easy to make, and this culinary gem satisfies our taste buds immensely.

This dish is a lifesaver when you are in a rush and want a hassle-free morning. Overnight breakfast casserole nourishes your body with plenty of nutrients and promises a satisfying morning.

Overnight breakfast casserole is considered a household favorite because it helps kickstart your morning and serves a weekend brunch and a wholesome breakfast.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the right and the easiest way to prepare an overnight breakfast casserole that includes various ingredients like veggies, bacon, and savory meats and will provide a pathway to formulate your personalized dish.

The “Ready-In-20 Minutes” Comfort Food

The Ready-In-20 Minutes Comfort Food

Overnight breakfast casserole is regarded as a comfort food due to three reasons. Firstly, it is super easy to prepare; secondly, it makes you nostalgic; and lastly, it’s versatile. Casseroles are associated with nostalgia because they remind people of their home-cooked meals. The aroma of this dish makes people think of their home as they are the most popular dish during family gatherings and special occasions.

Overnight breakfast casseroles contain various ingredients like meat, cheese, and eggs. The simplicity of this dish makes it suitable for any beginner or an experienced cook, and hence, it serves as a comfort dish due to its easy preparation. Lastly, this dish can be modified to suit individual preferences. The dish allows customization, a perfect fit for different taste buds.

Requirements For Preparing Overnight Breakfast Casserole

The items needed to prepare this dish are already present in your kitchen, so the cooking tools for creating this dish make it a hassle-free process. Since all the available spices and grocery items are available at your fingertips, you won’t need any additional items to order from the grocery store.

1. Ingredients


Items Required



6 nos


3 cups


2 cups



Italian or French Loaf

4 cups

Garlic Power1/4 teaspoon
Black Pepper1/2 teaspoon
Kosher Salt1 teaspoon
Chopped OnionAs per taste
Chopped ParsleyAs per taste

Tools Required

Tools Required

Baking Dish Mixing Bown
Whisk Knife
Cutting BoardCooking spray
Aluminum Foil Oven

How to Make Overnight Breakfast Casserole

We have researched extensively to bring you the most awaited recipe for homemade overnight breakfast casserole. Leaning this delicacy will help uplift your mood and be a good addition to your cooking skills. There are three main steps in preparing an overnight breakfast casserole: assembling the meats and eggs, preparing the baking dish, and preheating the casserole.

Step 1: Assembling Meats and Eggs

Assembling Meats and Eggs

Sausages are filled with nutrition; when coupled with breakfast casserole, it looks super delicious. To prepare the sausage, make sure a heavy skillet is used as the cooking tool. This help helps your sausages to get the proper brown color under medium heat. Once the brown color appears, add chopped onion and stir gently.

Now take a bowl and take the eggs. Break the eggs into the bowl and then whisk it. For seasoning, make sure that you add pepper, garlic powder, and salt. Whisk again so that eggs and seasoning get combined in proper proportion. Now add bread and cheese cubes for coating. Once done, move forward to step two.

Step 2: Preparing the Baking Dish

Preparing the Baking Dish

Choosing the right baking dish is key in preparing the best overnight breakfast casserole; ensure that the aluminum pan is covered with the right proportion of metal sheet. This would ensure that your casserole is properly baked. For this dish, take a 9×13 baking dish and ensure it is evenly covered with the mixture you prepared in Step 1. Once done, prepare it to chill overnight by covering it with aluminum foil.

Step 3: Preheating The Casserole

Preheating The Casserole

Now that your casserole has been refrigerated overnight ensure you are careful while preheating your delicacy. Set the oven to 350F and put it under the lower middle portion, ensuring the casserole is well cooked. Now bake it for 50 minutes and then stop the oven heat. Season it with more cheese and bake it again for 15 minutes until the top gets golden brown. Garnish it with parsley if you need it.

Important Points to Adhere While Preparing Overnight Breakfast Casserole

For having a delicious and well-cooked breakfast casserole, it’s super important to note important criteria to get the desired outcome. The following points will discuss what you should remember to ensure that breakfast casserole is extraordinary.

  • Food safety: Ensure that all ingredients used in the casserole are fresh and ready to eat. Any perishable items in the fridge should be discarded, and extra proteins should be stored immediately after preparation. Never leave the casserole at room temperature, as it can give rise to many foodborne illnesses.
  • Layering: This is a super important task if you want your casserole to get evenly cooked. Layer the mixture you have prepared with meats, eggs, veggies, and cheese properly so that all flavors can spread throughout the casserole.
  • Custard Ratio: As a general rule, the custard-to-ingredient ratio is kept at 2:1. This ratio ensures that the bread gets proper moisture, but that can change based on the preference of individual choices.
  • Soaking: This involves getting the bread mixed properly with the custard. Make sure that t you press down the brake multiple times so that the custard mixture can evenly spread through the breadcrumb.
  • Customization: You are free to experiment with overnight breakfast casserole. Add multiple veggies or different cheese sets according to your preference and convenience. Customization helps you prepare the casserole by your taste buds.
  • Refrigeration: A standard time of 8 to 12 hours is needed to distribute the flavors evenly inside the baking dish.
  • Preheating: The preheating temperature should be set at 350 degrees and should be baked for at least 60 minutes
  • Resting: Let the casserole sit for a few minutes before you allow the casserole to get served to your family members and friends. When this is done, it ensures that the people eating it get an even distribution of flavors.

Alternative Ingredients for Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Everyone may not like a few ingredients in a breakfast casserole, or you may not have them at your fingertips. So, do we have to miss out on breakfast casserole? Not at all, as we will suggest some alternatives for you.

  • Pork: If you don’t like pork, then you use turkey or chicken meat as an alternative.
  • Seasoning: Generally, most breakfast casseroles are seasoned with parsley and cheese. You can omit those if you don’t like them.
  • Eggs: 6 or more eggs are used to prepare a breakfast casserole. If you do not want to use six eggs, trim it down to 4, but don’t go lower.

Serving Pattern

If you cook your overnight breakfast casserole with the help of our recipe provided above, you can easily serve six people. We recommend that you prepare some extra as people will want it extra. So, to increase the proportion, you have to increase the seasonings, ingredients, and quantity. Give your guest an unforgettable dining experience with this dish.

Calorie Count

Calculating the calorie count of overnight breakfast casseroles is difficult as different people use different ingredients to prepare them. Generally, if the casserole is prepared with meats, eggs, and veggies, it would be 300-400 calories per serving. Use the recipe calculator for a more detailed calorie count; just input your ingredients, and your result is ready.


Overnight Breakfast Casserole is a dish that can serve as a nostalgic dish during family gatherings and times when you are in a morning rush. With its super easy learning curve and delightful flavors, it’s rated as one of the top comfort foods.

This delicacy can be customized and prepared according to individual taste buds. A beginner or an experienced cook can prepare this dish with ease.

All you have to do is be careful while pouring the mixture into the baking dish and preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When you have a sensational overnight breakfast casserole placed at your breakfast table, the aroma of the ingredients used to prepare it fills you with unparalleled joy.

So what are you waiting for? Use our comprehensive guide to prepare a tasty dish that will leave you with a satisfactory smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Gluten-Free Breed Be Used to Prepare Overnight Breakfast Casserole?

Yes, Gluten-free bread performs similarly to regular bread; hence, you can use this combination to prepare a tasty casserole. To do justice to the dish, make sure you also use gluten-free ingredients.

Are Frozen Vegetables Ideal to Prepare this Dish?

Yes, frozen vegetables can exist for fresh vegetables. It saves you time as you don’t have to buy fresh vegetables for the store. Ensure you wash and drain the vegetables properly to remove excess moisture.

Can I Prepare this Delicacy without Meat?

Yes, you can. The overnight breakfast casserole can be vegan-friendly if you choose it. Use meat alternatives like mushrooms to get a similar flavor as meat. To level it up, you can further use more colorful vegetables according to your convenience.

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