Leprechaun Hat Treats

Leprechaun Hat Treats

Are you looking for a fun, festive dessert for St. Patrick’s Day? These Leprechaun hat treats are as enjoyable to make as they are to eat. Split up the steps in an assembly line with your children, and let your creativity shine with this pretty dessert.

Leprechaun Hat Treats


  • Cookies & Cream Pocky
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Rainbow Airheads
  • Green candy melts (white candy with green food coloring will work)
  • St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles (or any sprinkles will work)

Leprechaun Hat Treats


Take a skewer, and poke Pocky-sized holes into the Ritz crackers and marshmallows. The hole in the Ritz crackers goes all the way through, but the marshmallows do not need a hole in the top. Move the skewer around a bit to widen the hole since the Pocky is larger than the skewer.

Use kitchen scissors to trim the rainbow Airheads to the size of the marshmallow. If there is extra, set it aside to use in smaller pieces.

Melt the candy melts in the microwave at 60 second intervals. If you are adding food coloring to white candy melts, add it in after the chocolate melts. Use a spoon to stir until the color is completely combined.

Slowly and carefully, pull the Ritz cracker onto the Pocky. Add the marshmallow on top. Use a skewer to add a bit of chocolate between the marshmallow and Ritz cracker to help it stick. Allow the chocolate to dry.

Carefully so as not to break the Pocky, roll the Ritz cracker and marshmallow in the chocolate. Use the skewer to wipe off any drips or to make it look more smooth.

Add the rainbow Airheads around the bottom of the marshmallow. Place festive sprinkles on top. Set the treat aside to let it dry.

To avoid the chocolate smudging while this dries, you can take a wire baking rack and place it on top of something that is the same height as the treats. This will support the bottom of the Pocky sticks so they can stand up right.

Allow these delicious desserts to dry for around 10 minutes. Serve standing upright in thin glasses.

You can use the leftover candy melts and sprinkles to make chocolate covered pretzels.

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Leprechaun Hat Treats

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