How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough

How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough

Adohable boredom busters are perfect for breaking up long days at home. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can check out how to make 2-minute, sweet-smelling DIY playdough with only a few ingredients! Making playdough with household items is fun, hands-on activity that improves fine motor skills to help your child’s handwriting look its best. Although this might get a bit messy, my children adored spending quality time with me, which made the clean-up time well worth it!

How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough





Food coloring

How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough

Steps for making playdough:

You will need a large bowl and a large plastic spoon for mixing the ingredients.

Pour the flour in the bowl. For every cup of flour, you will use approximately one half cup of conditioner.

If the mixture is too dry and isn’t sticking together well, add some water.

To make the mixture more solid, sprinkle in more flour.

Mix all of the ingredients well. At first, use the spoon to combine the liquid and solid ingredients.

Then, stir the ingredients with your hands to make sure it is completely mixed together.

Put on plastic gloves if you have them, add in a few drops of food coloring, and combine the food coloring until the color is smooth throughout the dough.

Play, and enjoy your creation!

Use the playdough to make fun shapes, or roll it into a nice, round ball.

How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough

Early Childhood Uses of Playdough

Children can roll the playdough into long, round snake shapes, and cut into pieces with scissors to strengthen hand muscles.

Elementary Education Uses of Playdough

Older children can use playdough to create a sculpture or model of a concept, such as landforms, or to represent the plot of a story.

Why Use Playdough?

Playdough is an excellent stress reliever, which children really need at this time! Sticking with a schedule and staying on top of schoolwork can be challenging. Working to create this recipe can help with relaxation.

How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough

My children enjoyed mixing the ingredients to make the perfect texture. Store-bought playdough feels a little different, but making it yourself is a neat way to spend time together. The experience is a fantastic discovery in how mixing the ingredients results in dough much fun!

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How to Make 2-Minute DIY Playdough