3 Tips for Finding Unscheduled Time in Your Week

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From the children’s music practice to work obligations and family commitments, life can easily become overly scheduled. Having downtime is important to your family. In the summer, I enjoy not signing up for summer camps so we can enjoy each day more, but during the school year, I also have some strategies for finding unscheduled time for my family. This time helps us relax and refocus on our priorities. Whether this time is for a fun adventure or quiet time, it helps your family manage stress. Today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing three tips for finding unscheduled time in your week.

Finding Unscheduled Time With Your Family - Theresa's Reviews

3 Tips for Finding Unscheduled Time in Your Week

Whether you use unscheduled time to spend time doing something spontaneous with your family or to do something independently that you each enjoy, having downtime matters. Not only does a hectic schedule lead to more stress for parents, but it can also be stressful for children to manage. If you usually manage your family’s schedule, these tips on finding unscheduled time will help you find a good balance.

Finding Unscheduled Time - Finish Your Work A Bit Early - Theresa's Reviews

Finish with your schedule a bit early.

If you get your work done early, you can move on to your unscheduled time. Cut your scheduled task short to make more time for something you enjoy. If you work hard at what you need to get done, you will find that you have more time to spend on other things.

Schedule your unscheduled time. Theresa's Reviews

Schedule your unscheduled time.

One little trick to find unscheduled time is to schedule it in on your calendar. You are still scheduling something, but you are scheduling time free from commitments. Whether you can schedule in a full day or an hour here and there, come up with one time each week when you won’t have plans.

Learn to say no. - Theresa's Reviews

Learn to say no.

Life is always pulling you in different directions but keeping up with your family’s mental health is a priority. You are not a bad parent for turning down another after school activity or a playdate that would stretch you too thin. Having a less stressful life matters more.

Managing Your Busy Lifestyle - Theresa's Reviews

Managing Your Busy Lifestyle

For the rest of the time, find simple parenting hacks that help you squeeze in a few extra minutes doing something you enjoy. To simplify the lunchbox routine, check out Ocean Spray® Flavored Craisins®, which comes in two delicious flavors. In the Fruit Splash variety pack, you get Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon. The Tropical variety pack comes in Kiwi Melon and Mango. They are perfectly portioned and fit well in children’s lunchboxes.

Ocean Spray Craisins® Flavor Adventure comes in two delicious flavors. - Theresa's Reviews

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Ocean Spray Craisins® Flavor Adventure in Walmart - Theresa's Reviews

If you are heading from activity to activity during a busy week, these snacks are easy to take on the go. Not only are they nutritious, but children also love the great new flavors.

When we are able to find some unscheduled time to head somewhere we can relax together as a family, it's nice to have snacks we can take with us. - Theresa's Reviews

When we are able to find some unscheduled time to head somewhere we can relax together as a family, it’s nice to have snacks we can take with us. This way, we don’t have to end our spontaneous adventures early to get food.

Snacks on the go! - Theresa's Reviews

What does your family enjoy doing when you find unscheduled time? Tell me in the comments!

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