Last night, I had the privilege of seeing Disney’s latest 3D animation movie Moana at a local advance screening. Although the movie may have ran past the girls’ bedtime, they were so excited that they stayed up the entire time, even the car ride home, and they couldn’t stop talking about it.

Disney’s Moana Overcomes Her Fears And Wins The Hearts Of Many

In Moana, an energetic Polynesian girl named Moana goes on a quest to follow her heart. She knows in her heart she was chosen for much more than her father, Chief Tui, wished for her. To save her island, she breaks boundaries and sets sail beyond the safe waters. With demiGod Maui (Dwayne Johnson) guiding her on the wide open, rough waters of the ocean, she realizes she is much more than a princess. For Maui, it is a story of redemption, but for Moana, it is about overcoming fears and believing in yourself.

Vibrant Polynesian Visuals And Dance-Inducing Island Soundtrack

While the plot is not out of the ordinary (with a female lead journeying on an adventurous quest), the incredible visuals bring the animation to life. With lush, scenic views of the rainforests, islands, and volcanoes, I was swept away by the breathtaking landscapes. The tropical scenery was one of my favorite parts of the movie.

Another strength was the fun island soundtrack. When the island people sang a catchy tune about coconuts, I could pictures my girls asking to put the songs on for a family dance party. My other favorite was a silly and dramatic song by the gigantic, sparkly crab Tamatoa.

For a sample of the visuals and soundtrack, check out “The Way To Moana” Featurette. This short clip gives great insight into how the movie was made and researched with visits to the Polynesian Islands. I love the part where the filmmakers explain how they decided to make the ocean a character.

My daughter’s favorite part was that Moana did what she was inspired to do. The message of the movie is clear. Even when your dreams seem impossible, you can achieve anything if it is meant to be. I liked that children can see the power of trying again when all else fails. Although the movie has some intense parts, it has a feel good message and is empowering to young women.

Disney Animation's Moana In 3D (& Free Activity Sheets) - Theresa's Reviews

With the release of Moana happening on Thanksgiving weekend, it has a timely focus on traditions. During your upcoming holiday family gatherings, this feel good, kid friendly movie serves as a reminder of what we love most about the holiday, spending quality time together.

If you’re looking for fun activities for the children, check out these free printables.

Coloring Pages

moana57f6da086f021 Disney Animation's Moana In 3D (& Free Activity Sheets) - Theresa's Reviews

Disney Animation's Moana In 3D (& Free Activity Sheets) - Theresa's Reviews

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  1. Emma

    I love the recent strong femake lead theme in disney’s movies and this seems to be no exception. One to watch with the little niece I think ?

  2. Bree Courtney

    Yay! I can’t wait to see it with my daughter! We just took pictures with the fun backdrop at the theater too! Also, thanks for the free printables!

  3. Jenni Petrey

    Thanks so much for sharing these sheets, hopefully this movie comes out in Australia soon, it looks great. My kids would love it.

  4. Nadine Cathleen

    I love Disney movies although I preferred the drawings from the classic ones like Cinderella, Snow White and Arielle. But at least now Disney adjusts to stronger female characters which is a good lesson for all little girls watching the movies 🙂
    Nadine Cathleen |

  5. Toughcookiemommy

    This looks like such a sweet movie. I love the fact that the main character is a female and that she is multicultural. It’s important for little girls to see themselves in the characters that they love.

  6. Mimi

    We’ve been so busy! I can’t wait to see this movie. I’ve heard so many great things about it. Hopefully this week while the boys are out of school.

  7. Melanie Frost

    We haven’t seen this movie yet, but it definitely looks different than any other Disney movie I’ve ever seen. I totally want to take my kid to see it.

  8. Stephanie

    I can’t wait to see this movie!! I love seeing a strong woman lead character. Plus I love all movies that are based near the ocean.

  9. Zwitsy

    We’re definitely waiting for this movie. I just hope to see this soon. I love the activity sheets. I’ll surely print these for all the kids here at home!

  10. krystal

    We are counting down the days until we can see this movie. We love The Rock and the previews have been so good.

  11. CourtneyLynne

    Omg my daughter would love these Mona sheets!!!! I showed her the trailer to this movie and she’s so excited to see it!!!

  12. Megan McCoig

    Even though I’m an adult, I still really want to see this movie. It looks amazing and now I just might. Love the activity sheets, great for kids!


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