Living an athletic lifestyle requires the right shoes. As I tried out the new style of Topo Athletic Oterro Shoes, I looked for shoes that would work in a variety of outdoor settings. As a runner, I’ve previously tried out several styles of Topo Athletic Shoes, including the MT style and the RT style.

Too Athletic Shoes

Shoes from the company have never disappointed me. I began sampling shoes from the company in December 2013, and I have been impressed with the quality over the last half a year. Now, the company has released their new style of Oterro Shoes, built for the outdoors and multi-sport activities. While living an active lifestyle in the countryside of Tennessee, I tried out the shoes over a couple weeks.

Topo Athletic Women's Outdoor Shoes

Topo Athletic Women’s Outdoor Shoes

Review of the Outdoor Shoes

As a fan of the brand of shoes, I was eager to try out the new style. Often I go hiking in my hilltop yard and I wanted shoes that worked well for hikes. As I wore my new shoes, I hiked on my property with my husband and kids. Wearing my youngest daughter in a carrier on my back, I was glad that I didn’t get any back pain. Hiking felt great.

Later in the week, I took the kids to the nearby river. Hiking on the trail, I felt comfortably supported in the shoes. When I got to the river, I had to climb down a small, muddy hill. Luckily the shoes had a rugged bottom, making them perfect for hiking downhill in mud. Unlike the running shoes that I previously sampled, the bottom of the style had jagged edges to help give traction on slippery surfaces.

Another neat feature of the shoes was that they came with the option of a speed lace. I chose not to put in the traditional lace system because I wanted to try out the speed lace. I liked that during the week, the shoes were simple to slip on to run errands as well as for a spontaneous outdoor activity. Having a great pair of outdoor shoes encouraged me to be more active. Although I tried wearing the shoes without socks, as I do with some of my other shoes from the company, I was more comfortable wearing socks.

Regarding the comfort of the shoes, I felt that the style was one of my favorites from the company. I had a good amount of support, which I value as I have low arches. The style supported the top of my feet well. With other models, the shoes usually have extra space around the toes. For a lot of the activities that I do regularly, I would prefer the style that I sampled. Although I wouldn’t wear the shoes for running, the product worked great for my outdoor lifestyle. In the future, I look forward to wearing the outdoor shoes regularly.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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