If you are looking for creative outdoor summer fun ideas for children, you are in the right place! Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, check out unique art supplies that are ideal for long summer days outside. Click the video below from The Sammie and Georgie Show to learn more about how to use the Spiral Chalk Art Kit and Washable Sidewalk Paint Markers from Crayola, and make sure to click like and subscribe!

Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola

Bring creative fun to your summer play time! Decorate your sidewalk for hours with outdoor products from Crayola. Your children will enjoy showing their artistic skills with color, paint, stencils, and chalk. Trying out these unique craft supplies will bring creativity to your sidewalk designs.Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Paint Markers

With the Crayola Washable Sidewalk Paint Markers, children can make bright colorful designs. Create vibrant paintings using the paint roller, or enjoy delightful finger paint exploration for artistic playful fun!

Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

If you are looking for craft supplies that make a bold statement, the washable sidewalk paint markers work well. The markers create a noticeable design, and it should washes away after a rainy day. Make sure you double check that it washes off the surface before using it.

Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

Crayola Spiral Chalk Art Kit

To make unique designs that have perfect symmetry and patterns, use the Crayola Spiral Chalk Art Kit. In the kit, your get six different stencil shapes, four pieces of chalk, and a stencil orbiter. We used a 48 count box of chalk to make the design more colorful. Use a new color each time you trace the stencil to make it look brighter.Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's ReviewsTo make a design, pick the stencil you want to use. Then put the stencil in the orbiter using the small plastic pieces to hold it firmly in place. Trace the stencil using the chalk.

Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

Push the orbiter down to move the stencil a couple of inches. Each time you press the orbiter, you can move the stencil the same distance to make a perfectly spaced spiral.

Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

Not only do the colors look beautiful, but the design is also fun to create. Children enjoy seeing the pretty pattern that they make, and they can create a scene around their design.


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Creative Outdoor Summer Fun Ideas with Crayola - Theresa's Reviews

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