How to Make a Dream Catcher: 28 Beautiful Ideas

How to Make a Dream Catcher (28 DIY Dream Catchers for Kids)

Dream Catcher theories are delusional or worth believing? If it protects the members of the home from having bad dreams, the theories are true; otherwise, it is just a piece of decoration for the home.

Do you know the origin of the dream catcher? Oh, it’s an interesting one! A grandmother once stops her grandchild from killing a harmless spider who promises to weave her a web that will catch all her bad dreams. That web is known as ‘Dream Catcher.’ But how to make a dream catcher?

Ranging from fancy-made dream catcher in the market to creative DIY dream catcher, it is available in various forms, and there are lots of activities that can be carried around them.

Let’s dive into the world of ‘beautiful dreams’ and learn how to make a beautiful dream catcher.

Best Dream Catcher Activities for Kids

The Dream Catchers are mobile objects that can be placed over the kid’s bed or on the room’s windows. You can also assist the kid with various other activities that can be done with a dream catcher.

Some are discussed below:

1. Doily Dream Catcher

Doily Dream Catcher

Take on your embroidery loop and a favorite lace stash, and start making the most beautiful doily dream catcher. You can add colorful scraps, vintage doily laces, and paper patterns.

You can make fancy flowers with intricate patterns or go with simple yet elegant designs. Try to maintain the color with the theme of your home so it serves the purpose of decorative along with bracing good and happy dreams.

Hang it on the window or at the entrance of your house and sleep tight with no worries with the fancy doily dreamcatcher.

2. Fiber Feather Dream Catcher

Fiber Feather Dream Catcher

You can make a boho-styled fiber feather dream catcher with the basic craft supplies available at your home.

Apart from the craft supplies, you will need cornstarch to make the fiber feather to protect yourself and the little ones from bad dreams. It is easy to make this fiber feather dream catcher with the creativity of family and friends.

You can also involve the kids in the making, and they will also enjoy the procedure. Just be careful with the scissors and glue when working with the kids. Hang it in the children’s bedroom.

3. Vine and Lace Dream Catcher

Vine and Lace Dream Catcher

Pull up some seed beads and colored lace and start making the vine dream catcher. You will need the vine breadth vase and wax cord to stabilize the dream catcher.

The lace brings out vintage elegance and creativity and can add to the modern feel of the dream catcher. It will be an absolute beauty to hang it in your home’s living room, where it can protect everyone from mind-boggling dreams.

Kids can sleep well, and the family will be safe with this beautiful vine dream catcher.

4. Journal Dream Catcher

Journal Dream Catcher

Isn’t it a great idea to journalize the dream catcher? This activity and adding to the fun and entertainment will also protect the children from having bad dreams.

Journalizing your good thoughts in a diary or plain paper is said to bring positive vibes and abundance, and journalizing dream catchers can attract good dreams.

Decorate the diary with stickers and patterns to make it a more personalized version of your thoughts. This journal dream catcher activity will also inspire the kids to explore their thoughts and find opportunities in doodling.

Creativity and good memories sound like a great combination.

5. Dream Catcher Collage

Dream Catcher Collage

You can ask the kids to improvise the boring basic dream catcher by attaching the memories as pictures and postcards. Decorate the old dream catcher with pictures and make a collage from the hoop.

The creative ways of making collages can reflect the thought process and personality of the kid, thereby inviting more creativity in the mind. This keeps the kid indulged in interesting activities to build mind and personality.

Hang the dream catcher collage in the living room or entrance of the house to reflect happy times and memories and block the way of bad dreams.

6. Dream Catcher Bookmark

Dream Catcher Bookmark

If your kid is a book lover, gift the kid a beautiful dream catcher bookmark. Even school-going kids can make these keepsake bookmarks with dream catcher patterns with the help of cardboard, string, and beads.

The dream catcher bookmark will help hold onto good dreams and favorite parts of the good books.

You can either make a dream catcher on the cardboard piece and paint it with bright and happy colors or cut out cardboard in the shape of a dream catcher and complete the rest of the process.

7. Unicorn Dream Catcher

Unicorn Dream Catcher

The single-horned unicorn has the capability of keeping your kid entertained for long hours. The little cousins and friends can come together and have a glitter party while making this glittery, one-horned dream catcher.

Attach the unicorn to the top of the dream catcher and hang it in the kid’s room. The bright colors and trendy unicorns will amuse the children, and the dream catcher will keep the bad dreams away.

You can elevate the unicorn dream catcher with lacy features and beaded stripes. Use yarn to complete the look for a beautiful texture.

8. Washi Tape Dream Catcher

Washi Tape Dream Catcher .jpg

If you are wondering how to make a dream catcher? Here’s a pretty good and easy technique. Use the incredibly versatile washi tape to make an aesthetically pleasing dream catcher.

Since the washi tape can be stuck on any surface generally, it is quite easy to use as a decorative piece for the dream catcher. Make the strips using paper masking tape and hang them on the top of the bed of the kid’s room.

Washi tapes are available in various colors and patterns, and the best part is they can be easily taken off the surface. Change the strip in a few days, and the kids will enjoy a new dream catcher often. Washi Tape Dream Catcher is also quite affordable.

9. Paper Plate Dream Catcher

Paper Plate Dream Catcher

For a person who is troubled due to bad dreams, getting an inexpensive and gorgeous solution to the problem is no less than a dream. So, build a paper plate dream catcher with the available resources and the least expenses.

A roll of twine, scrap papers, and a few or just one paper plate is enough, along with the craft supplies, to make the handmade dream catcher.

Use your creative mind to make personalized gifts for your loved ones and protect them from having bad dreams.

The kids will enjoy making the paper plate dream catcher and enjoy the movements of its feathers above their bed.

10. Dream Catcher Keychain

Dream Catcher Keychain

The madness of kids cycling around their bicycles in the summer is evident because they are willing to make keychains themselves. Use this opportunity to let the creative side of children make its way to reality.

The activity will keep the child engaged and build the thought process from an early age. Creativity adds to the personality and development of a person, and the kid will be more than happy to make a dream catcher keychain for the new bicycle.

You can encourage the child to add flair to the backpack with yet another creative dream catcher keychain.

11. Painting Dream Catcher

Painting Dream Catcher

The artistic kid always loves colors more than toys. Let the kid use this skill to paint dream catchers either on a piece of paper or on cardboard (of course, not on walls).

Paint brushes, drawing pencils, and paper are enough to keep the kid engaged and entertained. Help the kid with acrylic colors in various hues to make fancy painting dream catchers woo away the bad dreams.

The kid will welcome the good dreams with creative dream catchers. The skills learned and embracing good dreams will help the kid in the long run of life.

12. Boho-Style Dream Catcher

Boho-Style Dream Catcher

How to make a dream catcher that adds personality and statement to your home? A boho-style dream catcher is a perfect solution that attracts good dreams for family members. But don’t worry; it won’t cost you a fortune.

Rather, it is pocket-friendly since it uses a few materials like raffia string, flowers, yarns, and basic craft supplies.

Since it is a handmade dream catcher, you can add any creativity that matches the overall theme of your home. Add bold colors and features and hang it in the living area of the house.

13. Embroidery Dream Catcher

Embroidery Dream Catcher

With a few pins and embroidery skills, you can make an absolute stunner dream catcher for the house. Fright away the nightmares and welcome the good dreams by making an embroidery dream catcher.

Use the embroidery hoop, fabric, and needles to weave out an amazing dream catcher that will look special above the bed. The feathers and beads can be added to add to the beauty of the embroidery dream catcher.

Though it is suitable for windows and beds, the embroidery dream catcher can be hung anywhere because its beauty will enhance the place and help everybody by welcoming good dreams.

14. Leafy Dream Catcher

Leafy Dream Catcher

This fall, let your creative kids make a leafy dream catcher using the colorful leaves of the yard. On a wooden hoop, make patterns with different colored yarns and ask the children to attach strings to the ends of the pattern or at the rounds of yarn.

Then, slowly attach colorful leaves to the stings, and the leafy dream catcher is ready. You can also paint the hoop and strings using different paint colors to make them more vibrant and kind, which will attract children.

The leafy dream catcher will be made of natural leaves and bring the freshness of nature inside the house and drive away the bad dreams.

15. Wind Chime Dream Catcher

Wind Chime Dream Catcher .jpg

How about making a dream catcher that attracts happy dreams and positive vibes and hums music with the cool breeze? Sounds fun, right? The process of making a wind chime dream catcher is equally fun.

Even the kids can easily make it. Arrange hoops of different sizes and yarn, needles, and beads. You can also add other decoratives as per your wish.

Attach the strings of smaller hoops to one large horizontal hoop and hang it in the garden so the cool breeze will blow the dream catcher and produce light sound and music.

16. Dream Catcher Magnet

Dream Catcher Magnet

The idea of kids making magnetic dream catchers is quite an interesting one. Help your kid make miniature dream catchers and attach magnets to the back of them.

Stick the magnets to the doors of the refrigerator for the start. Slowly, as the kid takes upon the skill, you can team up with them and make larger dream catchers with magnets on their back for eye-catching front doors and room windows.

Kids love to play with magnets and would love to create art out of them. Bring out the creative side of the children and witness them having good dreams with dream catchers.

17. Dream Catcher Headband

Dream Catcher Headband

You can even make fancy and fashionable accessories with a dream catcher. Wondering how to make a dream catcher as a hair accessory? Well, the trick is simple.

You need to arrange small hoops, threads, feathers, and beads and let the kids take over the lead. The kids’ creativity will blow your mind(of course, with little help).

Make Dream catchers in small sizes and attach them with your favorite headbands or any other hair accessory, such as clips or hair ties.

This will make fashionable dream catchers, which will also help prevent bad dreams for the kid. The kid can sleep peacefully at night.

18. Beaded Dream Catcher

Beaded Dream Catcher

While there are many ways to make a dream catcher, a beaded one sounds great. Imagine a dream catcher with just the beads; doesn’t it resonate well with the furnished living room? It does!

So get onto making a beaded dream catcher. Right from the hoop to the end of the string, you can use various types and colors of beads to make a picturesque dream catcher.

Not only will it help in wiping off the bad dreams from the nights, but it will also add beauty to the place. The sparky beads will add to the shine and gloss of the kid’s room, and they will enjoy having a fun and attractive dream catcher.

19. Hexagon Dream Catcher

Hexagon Dream Catcher

Unlike the regular round hoop dream catcher, let the kids try their hands on a hexagon-shaped dream catcher. The change in the base might spark some more creativity in the little minds.

Kids love to explore and experiment with various things, and a hexagon dream catcher can be one such exploration. For the strings, use yarns instead of feathers this time.

Instead of bright colors, use soft pastel colors. The hexagon dream catcher works just as much as the circles. It will reduce negativity and make space for good dreams and peaceful sleep.

20. Dream Catcher Earrings

Dream Catcher Earrings

Have you considered making an amazing dream catcher for a pair of earrings? If not, give it a thought and try it now. Cover a round hoop with the desired material for the earring.

With the same material, weave out a pattern and attach stones and accessories as required. The dream catcher earring will look beautiful when carried well with the outfits.

Along with its trendy look, it also can attract good dreams for the kid. Make any color dream catcher earrings you want that go with each outfit you wear and stand out.

21. Recycled CD Dream Catcher

Recycled CD Dream Catcher

If you are thinking of throwing away the old useless CDs, you have hit the jackpot by coming across this article. We will tell you how you can recycle the old CD by making a dream catcher out of it.

Without spending a fortune, you and your kid can make a cool dream catcher using just the basic supplies available at home.

Decorate the CD with fun colors and threads with the help of scissors, needles, and markers. Hang the recycled CD dream catcher on the window pane of the room where the kid sleeps, and he will never wake up cranky due to a bad dream.

22. Yarn Weaving Dream Catcher

Yarn Weaving Dream Catcher .jpg

There are various yarn weaving techniques that you can use to make dream catchers, not one but many. Every time you try a new technique, you can make a new yarn dream catcher.

And it is not even difficult to learn these yarn stitching techniques. It’s just a matter of practice before you start weaving beautiful patterns with yarn for the dream catcher.

These yarn-stitched dream catchers will make a beautiful decorative addition to your house, amplifying good dreams for the members of the house.

23. Wall Hanging Dream Catcher

Wall Hanging Dream Catcher

Get the kids to make a wall hanging using a dream catcher. Instead of the circular hoop, use wooden hoops in different shapes and try making a wall hanging for the house that not only pushes away the bad dreams but also compliments the place.

Basic supplies like beads, threads, feathers, and scissors can easily contribute to making a gorgeous wall-hanging dream catcher.

Use attractive colors like green and yellow to highlight the dream catcher wall hanging from a distance. The guests will appreciate the kid’s efforts to make the wall hanging.

24. Hand Print T-Shirt Dream Catcher

Hand Print T-Shirt Dream Catcher .jpg

How cool is it to wear a Dream Catcher t-shirt, right? But how to make a dream catcher t-shirt? Hand printing is the easiest way for a kid to make a dream catcher t-shirt.

The best part about this dream-catching activity is not having to deal with all those yarn and threads. You can also make the kid’s handprint the shape of a dream catcher using your thumb and fingers, and you can fill out the details using brushes and tools.

Make the t-shirt colorful so parents can pair it well with their kids on a sunny picnic day.

25. Expensive Tree Concept Dream Catcher

Expensive Tree Concept Dream Catcher

A treen-style dream catcher is another concept you can take up to serve the purpose and make up for the decorative work of art. 

You can grab the opportunity to decorate the entire base by using the strings in a circular shape and fixing it with jute ropes. 

On a fine weekend, sit with your kid to make small feathers of the dream catcher in vibrant colors.

Attach these dream catchers to your wall to enhance the look of your home decor and make it free of negative energies and bad dreams.

26. Jewelry Box Dream Catcher

Jewelry Box Dream Catcher

Elevate your old and boring jewelry box by adding the fun of a dream catcher. Ask your kids to make various dream catcher patterns on the old jewelry box and then paint and decorate it with various colors, threads, and beads.

This will encourage them to bring out the creative side of their personality and enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Creative activities for kids serve as engaging activities, and making a jewelry box with a dream catcher pattern will get the family rid of bad dreams and attract good dreams.

27. Pom Pom Dream Catcher

Pom Pom Dream Catcher .jpg

Pom poms are a thing of beauty that adds beauty to anything it is attached to. Go all colors with the beautiful pom pom dream catcher.

The pom poms are sufficient to brighten up a dull room as well as a dull mood. The kids can easily make the pom poms dream catcher by attaching various colors to the hoop and strings.

The pom poms will drive out darkness and bad dreams from the kid’s room, and the hanging pom pom dream catcher will entertain the kid and bring in good dreams at night.

28. Dream Catcher Pendant

Dream Catcher Pendant

Yet another accessory to make with the dream catcher is the pendant. The feathers of the dream catcher can be accessorized as a pendant for the necklace.

The kids will love making this dream catcher pendant, which drives out negativity and looks quite cool and fashionable.

They can quite confidently flex the dream catcher pendant in front of their friends. There’s no doubt they will mess up this one.

Wearing this will also save them from bad dreams at night, and they can sleep peacefully, knowing that the child is safe.

Final Thoughts

If you ever wondered how to make a dream catcher a fun activity, we hope we have appropriately answered your query with our ideas in the article.

Dream Catcher will protect your child from having bad dreams and let them have a pleasing, happy night of happy dreams. Add fun and memories to the lives of your little ones by enjoying every moment with them.

We don’t know if dream catchers work, but if it makes the kids happy, go for it. Besides protecting them from nightmares, it will also add to the home’s beauty. The kids can also play with them and enjoy making them.

What do you think about dream catchers? Let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know which activity you found to be most amusing.

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