Top 30 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids to Enjoy

Best St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated to honor Saint Patrick for Ireland. This day is celebrated with festive parades to enlighten people about rich Irish traditions.

Some Irish people have never visited Ireland; this celebration traces them back to their roots and helps them remember their culture.

Children learn fast about history when they are introduced to interactive learning, and there is no better way than teaching your kids about its importance through DIY projects.

We have curated a list of 30 perfect St Patrick’s Day crafts ideal for kids of all ages. All these activities are super engaging, filling your kids with love, joy, and laughter.

As a parent or teacher, if you are looking to teach your little one about Irish culture, then introducing artistic expression through these St Patrick’s Day crafts would be a wise choice.

Let’s explore some crafts that promise to infuse the Irish atmosphere this festive season.

1. Necklace and Bow

Necklace and Bow

These are made with the help of bottle caps, ribbons, and beads. They look unique and can be worn during St Patrick’s Day to celebrate the event.

This St Patrick’s Day craft idea is durable, clean, and easy to maintain. It can regulate electromagnetic radiation and maintain body heat with ease.

2. Plate Crown

Plate Crown

You would need some basic supplies such as a paper plate, green pipe cleaners, and two pieces of construction paper, which are yellow and green colored.

Once this project is created, you can tell your kids to wear them and celebrate the event. They would happily wear it and celebrate the event with joy and laughter.

3. Lunch Box Joke

Lunch Box Joke

This St Patrick’s Day craft is known to make regular lunch interesting. You will have immense fun while preparing these lunch boxes.

You can insert some really funny jokes inside it, and they will be filled with laughter and surprise. All you would need is a Xerox machine, multipurpose scissors, and a lunch box.

4. Krispy Treats

Krispy Treats

This treat has an easy learning curve and is super easy to recreate. It is easy to digest and have good quantities of protein and is low in fat.

It won’t give your kid stomach cramps and serves as a decorative snack for St Patrick’s Day. Give your kids an unforgettable experience with this delicious.

5. Shamrock Man

Shamrock Man

To prepare this project, you would need some construction paper and a pair of scissors. These St Patrick’s Day crafts have been the most common decoration for kids, and they are a showstopper.

To complete the look, make sure that you add beds, jewels, and flitter and make the event a fun experience.

6. Crayon Holder

Crayon Holder

Isn’t a leprechaun pen holder amazing when placed on your kid’s desk? It sure does, according to this. This fun project would need some basic supplies like crayons, construction paper, and a pair of scissors.

If you are short on construction paper, you can use a toilet paper roll as an alternative.

7. Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Trap

What if we tell you about an idea requiring a little effort from your side and an empty cereal box? Will that surprise you? If the answer is yes, then this project would be a good fit.

Just use an empty cereal box to create an effective trap, bring in some fake gold coins and construction paper to set the trap, and your DIY craft is created.

8. Irish Mug

Irish Mug

This St Patrick’s Day crafts are hot favorites among children. They love the creativity this craft offers, and it makes them super excited. You would need a white or agreen mug to prepare this project.

Once you have the cup with you, use a gold glitter pen and some stickers to decorate the cup. This idea is suitable for kids of all ages.

9. Leprechaun Stick

Leprechaun Stick

A bushy beard and googly eyes always give off a charming vibe, as does this project. You would need some construction paper, some fake orange beards, and a pink cotton ball to recreate this idea.

To complete the project, add a shamrock that will give him luck and be regarded as the perfect Lerachaun stick.

10. Word Pins

Word Pins

These St Patrick’s Day crafts are easy to recreate and offer a festive spin. Only basic supplies like painting alphabet and construction paper should be purchased from the store, and you are set.

Make sure to cut construction paper in the shape of four clover leaves, and your fun DIY is created. This elegant project will make your kids dance with joy.

11. Ballon Surprises

Ballon Surprises

These St Patrick’s Day crafts are known as the best-recycled idea. All you need to use is the leftover cauldrons previously used on Halloween.

Once done, color them gold, and inside, place some treats. To complete the look, make sure you attach colorful balloons and your DIY project is complete.

12. Shamrock Wearth

Shamrock Wearth

St Patrick’s Day is a special occasion, and your home is your favorite place. So why not create a craft to make your home door look amazing and gorgeous?

This project will require intense effort since you have to fold each of the four clover leaves, but the result is amazing, and you will love it.

13. Coin Bags

Coin Bags

Kids love gold cover candies, so why not create a DIY idea around that? Purchase some gold-covered candies and put them in small bags, as shown in the picture.

To complete the look, use a green glitter pen to draw four clover symbols on each bag and fill the bag with candies. With this idea, you can spread luck throughout the event.

14. Mason Jar Gift

Mason Jar Gift

Take a look at this simple yet elegant DIY craft. You would need a mason glass jarand some gold cover candies and attach a label with a small quote, as shown in the picture.

The quote can change according to your taste and preference. Gift these jars to each kid at the end of the celebration, and they would be super happy to receive them.

15. Potted Shamrocks

Potted Shamrocks

These St Patrick’s Day crafts are regarded as the festive center. Just look at them; aren’t they gorgeous? You would need some geometric tree planters and fold the construction paper in a four-clover leaf form.

Once done, place it on the center table and give your guests and friends a unique experience this festive season.

16. Tub Hat

Tub Hat

This idea is simple to recreate. It would be best to have an old ice cream tub or a yogurt tub to complete this project. Some other supplies that you would need are blue ribbons and green buttons, and you are all set.

This creative idea is unique, and your kids would love to wear this tub hat that is customized for them.

17. Rainbow Banner

Rainbow Banner

If you are serious about making St Patrick’s Day a show-stopper event, then this banner would come as a perfect fit. You could use freehand to create this craft, but we recommend a circuit machine to make this project successful.

This cherry banner lights up your room, giving people a unique experience throughout the event.

18. Hat Blower

Hat Blower

Kids love their blowers, and you can make them one with the help of this simple DIY project. The best part of this idea is that it comes without any noise.

They can enjoy their blower and enjoy it throughout the event. Ribbons and construction paper are basic supplies needed for this project.

19. Beaded Hat

Beaded Hat

This St Patrick’s Day craft finds its use even after the event. All you would need are some green beads, and take the time and effort to switch them together.

To compile the look, you must use black and yellow beads, and your unique DIY craft is ready. Further, you can use this craft for room decoration and backpack charm.

20. Plate Unicorn

Plate Unicorn

Since kids love unicorns, this St Patrick’s Day craft is a must-have. You would need paper plates and scissors to recreate this idea.

To complete the look, fold the construction paper in a four-cover leaf, and your craft is ready. This craft can be created in under 10 minutes, and your kids will thank you.

21. Hair Clip

Hair Clip

This St Patrick’s Day craft instantly adds festive cheer to the room. They have an easy learning curve and can be remade in under 5 minutes. All you would need are some hair clips from the store and some gold cover candies, and your DIY project is done.

Now, you must dress up your child appropriately for the event, and your job is done.

22. Hanging Decor

Hanging Decor

When you use a craft, you can hang it from the window pane and let everyone know your house is ready for the event. You would need some construction paper of different shapes and sizes to create this craft, the cauldron, and the pot of gold.

Your kids would love this DIY idea, as the pots of gold would always be within their reach.

23. Terrarium


If you want to create the cutest St Patrick’s Day crafts, then this decor would be your best fit. Give them a glass and tell them to fill it with trinkets, rainbow lollipops, and plastic shamrocks.

This would create their customized terrarium, and they would love you for this unique idea. Turn this celebration into an unforgettable day with this experience.

24. Bath Time Luck

Bath Time Luck

This idea is in Mac Donald’s milkshake and forms an impressive house decor. You can use this idea even after the event. This DIY idea would require your time and effort.

Some ingredients it would need are Epsom salt, cornstarch, and coconut oil. They look super cheerful in your room and brighten up the event.

25. Shamrock Wands

Shamrock Wands

If you need your kids to turn into people who know magic, presenting them with a DIY idea would be a good choice. Your little one can feel the magic in their hands when you present them with shamrock wands.

You would use some glitter and construction paper to recreate this idea. This would make the kids love you and appreciate you for this creativity.

26. Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are super easy to create, filling the room with uniqueness and sophistication. All you need are some paint colors like gold and green and old rocks that remain unused at your house.

Now, draw the four clover leaf patterns with brushes, and your craft is ready. Present this gift to your kids and notice how their faces light up.

27. Toilet Paper Tube

Toilet Paper Tube

This is a fun idea that your kids will love to create. To make this, use toilet paper and draw a mouth and eyes, as shown in the picture.

After that, to draw the beard cut orange construction paper in circles and put them beside the cheeks as shown. Once done, use brown construction paper to make the button.

28. Green Gold

Green Gold

With the help of a few supplies, any box could be transformed into a festive box. First, you need to cover the entire box with green construction paper and then use more construction paper to cut it into shamrocks, as shown in the picture.

Once done, fill the container with gold-plated candies and cotton balls

29. Personalized Shirt

Personalized Shirt

You would need a single-color shirt to create this idea. Purchase a white, green, or black shirt from the store, and with different paint, write an Irish quote of your choice.

This would require some effort since brush strokes need to be carefully made to write the quote. Alternatively, you can use this template, as shown in the picture.

30. Pencil Toppers

Pencil Toppers

Kids love to put their imagination into paper. Hence, this idea could be a great fit. Use colored pencils and turn them into a creative painting session. Use some construction paper to create shamrock shapes and then pin it at the end of the pencil.

This unique idea is made for kids of all ages. Use this idea to turn this event into an unforgettable experience.

Final Takeaway

We have created a treasure chest of projects you can use during St Patrick’s Day to make the event meaningful. We have included shamrock masterpieces, Lephreachun hats, and rainbow banners to bring magic into your celebrations.

Our list will not only make your kids filled with laughter and joy but will also provide a pathway where they can embrace their artistic skills as a parent, caregivers, or a teacher.

Using our project ideas would help your kids know of the rich symbolism of St. Patrick’s Day festively. This will help the kids to develop their motor skills as they work on each of these projects.

So assemble your materials and begin crafting with the St Patrick’s Day spirit.

Dr. Catherine Stanley
Dr. Catherine Stanley

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