Traveling Back in Time with Courtney Moore to 1986 (& Giveaway)

Traveling Back in Time with Courtney Moore to 1986 (& Giveaway)

Courtney Moore, the newest BeForever American Girl doll, arrived to our home this week! Since this historical doll is from the totally rad 1980’s, we made sure to travel back in time to check out the time she lived.

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American Girl’s Historical Doll Courtney Moore From 1986

Courtney Moore is a historical doll from the generation when most American Girl fans’ parents lived. Since she is special both to children and their parents, there is a huge demand for her right now.

Traveling Back in Time with Courtney Moore to 1986 (& Giveaway)We love seeing brand collaborations with American Girl dolls because it makes the doll’s story seem more realistic. With Courtney, you can get real branded items, like LipSmackers, a PacMan arcade game, a PacMan lunch box, and Care Bears pajamas for girls and dolls.

Traveling Back in Time with Courtney Moore to 1986 (& Giveaway)Plus, the ’80s are making a huge comeback in style. This new generation of American Girl doll fans already love scrunchies, crop tops, and fanny packs. Matching outfits are going to be a must-have gift on holiday wish lists this year!

Each new American Girl doll has an inspirational story. Courtney’s story really hits the mark with coding and gaming as popular interests of today’s girls. In Courtney Changes the Game, the main character is an arcade player who wishes there were more games with girl characters. She decides to do something about it, and she begins to imagine creating her own video game.

Another big event from 1986 was the Challenger space shuttle launch. The space theme will capture the attention of all Luciana Vega fans. However, readers should be aware that the book delves into the tragic moment when the space shuttle exploded. The situation is handled with care when the teacher breaks the news to the students, who are stunned.

With this event being based on a true historical story, the chapter book could be a bit dark for younger children. However, the real life aspect is more likely to appeal to older American Girl fans age 10 and up who may find themselves even more inspired to learn coding, engineering, and programming to help prevent such disasters in the future.

Courtney Moore is an inspiring character who can empower girls to make a difference. She deals with relatable family situations, like doing chores, going to the mall, and playing games in the arcade. With a combination of everyday life of the 1980’s and life-changing historical events, the book is a simple and straightforward read that also encourages deep analytical thinking.

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Traveling Back in Time with Courtney Moore to 1986 (& Giveaway)

Join Theresa from Theresa’s Reviews to chat about Courtney Moore and to learn more about her!

I will be holding a FUN one-time class Getting to Know American Girl Courtney Moore & 1980’s Daily Life on Outschool. This class will give students the chance to share what they love about Courtney Moore, and they will learn more about life during her time.

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