One of my favorite summer experiences was a mother and daughter outing to Terrapin Adventures, an outdoor aerial adventure park located in Savage, Maryland. Located inside the historic cotton mill complex Savage Mill, Terrapin Adventures offers a variety of exciting experiences!

Terrapin Adventures store front

About Terrapin Adventures

You can sign up for your experience, sign the safety waver on a device, and purchase small products. Signing up ahead of time can ensure that the team can accommodate your plans for the day. Because a staff member walks you through each part of the course, going through the course with a larger group is easier to arrange. You can sign your waver online before your arrival. Although the sign in process was simple and quick in the store front, it could take longer at a busy time.

Terrapin Adventures has courses ideal for different ages. For children ages five to ten, the Terrapin Explorer course offers an age appropriate challenge. Adults can choose from various thrilling activities, including zip lining, a giant swing, and a high ropes course.

Terrapin Adventures offers experiences for both children and adults

Mother & Daughter Outing To Terrapin Adventures

My daughter completed the Terrapin Explorer course. Even though she was nervous to be in the air, she did an excellent job of challenging herself beyond what she would usually do.

The Terrapin Explorers course is ideal for children

Terrapin Explorer Course

Walking across the beams and logs tested her trust in me. I knew she was safe, but she wasn’t so sure. I was glad that the instructors were very perceptive and good at working with children. When she was too nervous to do the zip lining, the instructor encouraged her to try it, without making her feel that it was required.

The Terrapin Explorers course at Terrapin Adventures

One of her favorite parts was the 20 foot rock climbing wall. Since she had done rock climbing before, she was excited to do this part of the course. According the the instructor, many children feel more comfortable doing the rock climbing because you can usually find small rock climbing walls at playgrounds.Rock Climbing at Terrapin Adventures

Terrapin Adventures Giant Swing

Next, we visited the area that was meant for adults. Since the Terrapin Explorer course had presented unique challenges for my daughter, she enjoyed watching me challenge myself. The first activity was the Giant Swing, which pulls you back 40 feet in the air and releases you into the forest with views of the river below. You swing back and forth for a few minutes. If you get motion sick, this activity is not for you.

The Giant Swing at Terrapin Adventures

High Ropes Course

If you are looking for an exciting aerial adventure with the support of a knowledgeable instructor, the High Ropes Course is ideal. Plan to spend an hour and a half to two hours here. With three levels, the adventure course is an excellent way to spend a summer afternoon.

High Ropes Course at Terrapin Adventures

Some highlights of the course include walking across bridges, swinging logs, ropes, and more. You have the choice to continue on to each level, and if you can’t push yourself forward, you always have the option to go down. Some people got nervous during the climb and skipped a level, but most people were ready for the leap down from the third level by the end of the course.

Walking across a bridge at Terrapin Adventures

To get a better idea of what it is like there, you can check out our video from our visit below.

Visiting Terrapin Adventures was an exciting and unique experience for my daughter and me. We had never done anything like this before, and we hope to do more adventurous outings together in the future.

Mother and daughter experience at Terrapin Adventures

Tips For Visiting Terrapin Adventures

  • Before or after your adventure, visit the shops in Savage Mill. We discovered some interesting, artistic finds!
  • Bring a water bottle, but not much else. If you are doing the High Ropes course, you can’t bring your purse with you.
  • Plan to spend the whole day there. We arrived at 1:00 p.m. and left the Savage Mill area by about 5:30 p.m.

Terrapin Adventures at Savage Mill

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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    This looks like a lot of fun and would be a great mother/daughter bonding experience.


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