26 Awesome Sleepover Games for Kids

26 Amazing Sleepover Games for Kids

Sleepovers are a long-running tradition for kids and an essential part of their social development. These provide an exciting opportunity for children to share stories, engage in fun activities, and bond with each other. A night that is filled with excitement, laughter, and adventure.

One of the main parts of a memorable sleepover is the number of games the kids can play. With the correct choice of games, you can make sure that the child’s sleepover party is a hit and will be talked about for the next few weeks!

Be ready to make your child’s sleepover extraordinary as we present 26 fantastic games for your kid’s party. These games are suitable for various age groups, will keep them entertained, and will keep the memories flowing.

These fun and engaging sleepover games are easy to organize. Whether you are a parent who is planning your child’s first sleepover or is looking for new ideas, be sure to read through, as this list is just for you.

Best Sleepover Games for Kids

1. Pillowcase Race

Pillowcase Race .jpg

Pillowcase Race is one of the oldest, most fun, and light-hearted games that are perfect to start a sleepover. The game begins like a traditional sack race game where children put on a pillowcase up to their waists instead of stepping into a sack.

On the count of five or your choice of number, they hop their way to the finish line.

Everyone at the party will have a fun time as they see kids jumping around in pillowcases. This game only requires a few pillowcases and a large room.

Pillowcase Race is one of the most brilliant sleepover games and an excellent icebreaker activity that allows everyone to enjoy and laugh together. This is fun-filled mood-lifting and a must-try game at the next sleepover.

2. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag

One of the classic and fantastic sleepover games that blend the excitement of tag and the thrill of hide and seek is Flashlight Tag. It is perfect for sleepovers as this adds a fun twist to the classic games, especially when played in the dark.

One child is given a flashlight, is designated as ‘it,’ and is given the mission of finding the other players who are hiding in the dark.

The game starts when ‘it’ begins counting, which allows others to hide/ When ‘it’ finishes the count, they initiate the hunt by using the flashlight to find the hiders. The first person who is found becomes the new ‘it.’

Flashlight Tag is full of fun and suspense and adds an adventurous touch to the sleepover. The vital thing to take care of is that the game should be played in a clear and safe area, away from any hazardous items.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt .jpg

Scavenger Hunt is one of the best sleepover games ever, as it never fails to add excitement to any gathering. To play, all you have to do is create a list of items for the children to find around the house or garden.

The list can include simple items like spoons, forks, comics, socks, a phone, or a themed list to enhance the fun, like items from a movie or a favorite book.

You can give the list to the children individually or split them into teams. The first person or team to find all the items mentioned in the list and return to the start wins. This game adds excitement and a sense of fun to the sleepover party.

It also promotes team building, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. The Scavenger Hunt party game is an engaging activity that keeps the kids entertained for hours.

4. Pajama Fashion Show

Pajama Fashion Show

A Pajama Fashion Show can be a fun and creative addition to your list of amazing sleepover games. In this delightful activity, each child can proudly flaunt their stuff, showing off their quirky and funny pajamas.

You can add to the fun by offering them a variety of accessories like scarves, costume jewelry, sunglasses, and hats to access their clothes.

Create a go-to runway in your living room, put on some striking music, and let the kids take turns walking down the ramp. Invite them to introduce their outfits in a fun way to enhance the fun.

This allows the kids to express their personalities and provides them with many photos and memories while enjoying the spotlight.

5. Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

A sleepover is incomplete without a Movie Marathon. This is a timeless activity that allows the kids to relax and take a breather after a series of sleepover games.

Before the sleepover, allow the kids to select a few of their favorite movies or create a theme like ‘Superhero Movies’ or ‘Dreamworks Night.’ Set the scene by arranging comfortable pillows, cozy blankets, and popcorn and dimming the lights.

Kids would love the excitement of staying up late to watch movies.

This activity, in addition to being entertaining, is also exciting and also creates shared memories. The kids laugh, cry, get surprised, and share the experience.

This is a perfect way to create a theatre-like experience at home.

6. Blindfold Makeovers

Blindfold Makeovers

Bring a new level of hilarity to your list of sleepover games with the Blindfold Makeover activity. This involves a person applying makeup on another while being blindfolded.

It is a simple and fun game that creates memories, amazing photos, and laughter. Before starting the game, lay out some old towels and newspapers to avoid makeup spills.

Offer a selection of child-friendly and safe makeup products and accessories.

The ‘makeup artist is blindfolded and is then made to attempt to apply makeup on their friend’s faces without any guidance visually. Once the artist completes the makeup, the reveal adds a fun vibe as the model checks out their new look in the mirror.

This game promotes creativity and is a lighthearted activity that the kids will love.

7. DIY Pizza Party

DIY Pizza Party

A DIY Pizza Party is an engaging and fun activity in addition to being a meal for the children, adding a fun vibe to your sleepover games. Prepare some pizza dough and get a variety of toppings like cheese, meat, vegetables, and some additional quirky items before the event.

Each child can create their version of a personalized mini pizza.

This activity lets you know the different dietary preferences and gives the children a sense of accomplishment as they enjoy the food they prepare.

It is a win-win situation for everyone as they enjoy a delicious hot pizza.

8. Dance Off

Dance Off

Add excitement and fun to your list of sleepover games with a dance-off. It does not require special equipment and is a definite way for everyone to move and dance. You can create a playlist of your favorite or popular songs that the kids will enjoy.

The rules are simple: each participant or team takes turns performing the best moves they know while everyone watches. Include challenges like silliest moves, best break dance, or contemporary.

This gives a chance for the kids to unleash their creativity and burn some energy.

It also provides them with a platform for kids who like to perform. The main focus of this game is to have fun, create unforgettable memories, and enjoy the music.

9. Sleeping Bag Race

Sleeping Bag Race

One of the most hilarious sleepover games that gets anyone and everyone rolling in laughter is the Sleeping Bag Race. It is like a traditional sack race, but the kids will hop to the finish line in a sleeping bag instead of a sack.

Begin by creating a start and finish line. Each kid gets into a sleeping bag, and you can start the race.

They start by hopping or shuffling along the path to the finish line, and the first one to cross it wins.

This game is the perfect way to release excess energy. Make sure that the race is conducted in an open and safe space.

10. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Another of the sleepover games’ staples is Ghost Stories, without which a sleepover is incomplete. This adds an element of surprise for the kids by adding suspense and thrill to the night.

Gather the kids in a circle and turn the lights off. Illuminate the room with a candle or a torch. Ask the kids to take turns sharing their most bone-chilling ghost stories.

This activity can be a highlight of the sleepover for those who love a good scare before sleep. It promotes storytelling skills and enhances creativity among the kids. It is important to understand the level of kids’ comfort.

Also, make sure that the stories are age-appropriate and won’t cause nightmares because you’ll make the rounds if anyone wakes up in the middle of the night.

11. Memory Game

Memory Game

Memory game is a fun and fantastic activity that allows kids to challenge their ability to recall and retain information. To start the sleepover games, gather the children in a circle.

The first kid starts by saying, “In my backpack, I packed [an item beginning with alphabet A].”

The next child continues by continuing what the previous child said and adding an item that begins with the next alphabet, and so on. The child who misses out on anything said is out of the game, and the game continues or initiates again.

This is a great game to improve memory and concentration among children while keeping them engaged.

12. Spa Night

Spa Night

Add a touch of pampering, care, and relaxation to your list of sleepover games and make everyone feel special. Transform a part of your living room into a spa zone with smooth music, dim lights, and scented candles.

Create stations providing spa treatments like face masks, manicures, pedicures, etc. Use child-friendly products or create homemade face masks using natural ingredients.

Use fluffy towels, cucumber slices for the eyes, headbands, etc, to keep the children comfortable. They can take turns pampering each other and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

This fun activity is sure to leave everyone feeling refreshed.

13. Build a Fort

Build a Fort

It is a timeless activity you can organize for children at the next sleepover. For these kinds of sleepover games, all you would need is a few blankets, pillows, cushions, and furniture. Kids can collaborate and create their kind of fort.

Inside their fortress, they can share stories, play games, and relax.

This activity stimulates creativity, enhances teamwork, and stimulates the imagination as the children think about the fort’s design, interior, and structure.

Once the fort is complete, it becomes the central hub for the sleepover.

You can even drape some fairy lights to enhance the overall ambiance of the fort.

14. Cookie Decoration Contest

Cookie Decoration Contest

Unleashing creativity through sleepover games is an experience, and a cookie decoration contest stands out as children’s favorite. You can pre-bake some cookies or get some from the store.

As the kids gather, provide them with decorating items such as icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other toppings.

This is where the imagination and creativity kick in. Each child is allowed to decorate the cookie with the toppings of their choice. Once complete, the contest can begin with categories like – ‘most imaginative’ and ‘best themed.’

This activity also ensures that the kids have delicious memories of the sleepover.

15. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

You can elevate the excitement and suspense at the sleepover with this fun activity. Prepare small slips of paper with challenges, dares, and questions written. Insert them into balloons and inflate them.

As the sleepover commences, hand each child a balloon and watch them as they take turns to burst them and complete the challenge they must complete.

From funny dances to silly questions, they will be surprised by each.

This activity makes an unforgettable addition to your collection of sleepover games with the excitement and suspenseful element.

16. Charades


It is one of the best sleepover games made to spark creativity among children. Charades are a fantastic way to keep the children entertained throughout the night.

Choose age-appropriate words to begin the game and write them on paper.

Divide the children into teams and ask them to act out the words without speaking while their teammates guess. The challenge appears in conveying the word using body language and gestures.

Charades promote teamwork and communication skills.

17. Nail Polish Spin

Nail Polish Spin

Bring a vibrant twist to the classic sleepover game ‘Spin the Bottle’ with Nail Polish Spin.

This game is perfect for children who love color and excitement. Start by laying out various nail polish shades in a circle and place a small bottle in the middle.

Each kid takes turns spinning the bottle, and as the bottle points to the chosen color, the kid has to color one of their nails with it. The first one to get all their nails painted wins the game.

This gives a playful touch to the sleepover games.

18. Friendship Bracelet Making

Friendship Bracelet Making

Blending the fun of creativity with sentimentality, friendship bracelet making is one of the top choices for sleepover games. With colorful threads, beads, and charms, kids dive into the crafty world of creating a friendship bracelet from scratch.

Kids can learn braiding techniques and exchange patterns and ideas, enhancing teamwork and discovery.

Kids learn to create unique bracelets while enjoying their time at the sleepover. Every twist and knot symbolizes shared memories and celebrates friendship.

Friendship Bracelet Making is a beautiful tradition that enhances bonds and memories.

19. Marshmallow Towers

Marshmallow Towers

Add a sweet twist to the sleepover games with Marshmallow Towers. This game not only brings out the budding architect in children but also gives a sense of accomplishment as children compete with each other.

Kids begin building the towers with the help of marshmallows and toothpicks against time, trying to make the tallest and strongest tower.

As time passes, creativity skyrockets, with children making quirky strategies and designs so that their tower stands the tallest. The game’s highlight would be the marshmallow munching while the kids build.

Marshmallow Towers is one of the most engaging sleepover games, with kids appreciating engineering.

20. Board Game Tournament

Board Game Tournament

Transform a calm evening into a competing environment, setting the gold standard for sleepover games. Create a lineup of classic board games like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candy Land, or add new games of your choice.

As kids play each game, they compete and negotiate while enjoying themselves to the fullest.

This tournament-style approach provides variety so that no one sleeps bored.

Points can be awarded to the winners. The one with the most points at the end of the night wins. Ultimately, it is not about winning but forming bonds and sharing experiences.

21. M&M Game


A delightful and sweet blend of sharing allows this game to make its way onto your list of sleepover games. Each participant grabs a handful of M&Ms, and each color will correspond to a particular task or question.

The fun begins when each kid takes turns picking an M&M and sharing stories or performing the task provided to them. The kids are then allowed to eat the M&M after completing the task.

This game satisfies children’s sweet cravings in addition to having a great sleepover.

22. Talent Show

Talent Show

Transform an ordinary sleepover into a spotlight event to make it stand out in many sleepover events. Every child has a talent, like singing, dancing, acting, etc.

This game aims to provide them with a stage where they can showcase that talent while others grow to appreciate their friends.

Set up a stage in the living room with various props and costumes, soothing music, and a spotlight. This game allows you to include every kid present at the sleepover, where there’s no pressure to be perfect.

Provide the kids with a souvenir to give them a sense of accomplishment or a certificate stating “best performance” or “original act.”

23. Duck, Duck, Goose!

Duck, Duck, Goose! .png

A classic game of chase that finds its way into sleepover games, ‘Duck, Duck, Goose!’ proves that fun never fades. The rules are simple: the kids sit in a circle, and one child is marked as ‘it,’ who walks around tapping other children’s heads saying ‘duck.’

This goes on until they decide to tap someone and say ‘goose,’ this is when the goose jumps up and chases the ‘it’ around the circle before they can claim the goose’s spot.

This game is incredibly entertaining and is the best choice to burn pre-bedtime energy. It is an ideal choice for a sleepover that brings an element of active play.

24. DIY Photobooth

DIY Photobooth .jpg

DIY Photobooth gives a modern twist to sleepover games by merging creativity and memory-making. You can use simple materials like draped sheets as a backdrop for the pictures, props like feathers and oversized glasses, and a camera or your smartphone to click the pictures.

Kids will enjoy the opportunity to pose, dress up in funny costumes, make expressions, and enjoy themselves. You can create a digital album of unforgettable memories from your child’s sleepover.

This activity is more than just about pictures; it is about creating memories in real-time.

25. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt .png

An adventure-packed addition to sleepover games, Treasure Hunt introduces mystery and exploration to the night air. Start by hiding small tokens or prizes around the house.

Create riddles that guide the kids across your house and yard to reach the treasure. Divide them into teams and hand over the first clue.

As they solve the riddles and reach closer to the treasure, the excitement builds up. Teamwork, when combined with the thrill of the hunt, provides an engaging experience for the kids.

Treasure Hunt not only promotes problem-solving but also stimulates their young minds.

26. Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Bring a splash of colors in your choice of sleepover games with Arts and Crafts sessions. Using materials like paints, beads, glitter, and other crafts materials, children can unleash their creativity and make brilliant masterpieces.

Whether it is friendship bands, paintings, paper masks, or anything else, the choices are endless.

This activity promotes creativity and collaboration among kids. The best part is that they take home a memory from the sleepover.

Arts and Crafts sessions bring out the artists in kids, making it the favorite sleepover activity for parents around the globe.


Exploring the world of sleepover games is a journey filled with laughter, creativity, and memories. With various games you can enjoy with your children and their friends, every sleepover promises memories that will last a lifetime.

In this age of screens, these 26 sleepover games are a refreshing reminder of the joy of simple and interactive fun, building bonds, the importance of real-world interactions, and creative play.

Whether it is a challenging board game tournament or arts and crafts, these are more than just games; these are vital experiences that bring joy and laughter to every sleepover.

Elevate the next sleepover with our curated list of games that ensure endless memories and laughter. Explore now and make every sleepover memorable. Remember, the best sleepover games are the ones that are played with spirit.

Get up, and let the fun begin.

Dr. Catherine Stanley
Dr. Catherine Stanley

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