If you are returning home from a great vacation, embrace the happiness. Even a wonderful vacation can end with the blues when you realize that you need to return to your routine again. To get the most from your experience of being on a vacation, check out these three ways to continue relaxing after you return home.

How To Relax When Vacation Ends - Theresa's Reviews

3 Post-Vacation Relaxation Tips

Recently we took a wonderful family vacation to Williamsburg and stayed in the relaxing KOA cabins. With a week to enjoy nature, amusement parks, and more, I returned home feeling fantastic. Reducing my screen time and being more involved with my children helped me focus more on the things that matter. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing three post-vacation relaxation tips.How To Relax When Vacation Ends - Theresa's Reviews

Ease your way back into your routine

Taking a week away from home can make work seem as though it is piling up when you return. From doing the back to school shopping to refilling the refrigerator with food, each small responsibility can seem like a big deal when your to do list is longer than usual.

When you return, take care of one of two errands per day. Trying to get everything in right away can be stressful. Take your time.

How To Relax When Vacation Ends - Theresa's Reviews

Slow down the pace of your life

To make things easier, have reasonable expectations for yourself. Do some online shopping to save time, and order take out for a couple of days. Get your major errands done, but it’s okay to skip a few parts of your usual routine.

Making your pace of life slower is a nice reminder to prioritize family and to stress less.

How To Relax When Vacation Ends - Theresa's Reviews

Plan more staycations

When we returned, we made sure to plan a kid-free night out for dinner. Taking a walk around the neighborhood and going out for a delicious meal helped me keep the happy, carefree outlook that I had when we were away.

Whether you spend time enjoying nature or going somewhere special, taking a small bit of time each week or at least each month to relax matters.

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How To Relax When Vacation Ends - Theresa's Reviews

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  1. Christina Gould

    I’m always too relaxed when vacation ends, lol. I’m often found staring into space on my first day back. Thanks for posting!

  2. Amanda Martin

    Love this post idea! My husband and I have gotten to where we return home from a trip on Saturday instead of Sunday, giving us a whole day to catch up on life/rest/chores etc before jumping back into our routine. It helps a ton!

  3. Chad

    I definitely can relate to this article, i feel like i need a vacation every time i am back from vacation lol. Thank you!


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