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As a wife to a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, I’ve learned that sports gifts have great appeal to guys. When buying Maryland Terrapins gifts for a guy, choose from the following list of top 10 items.

Maryland Terrapins Gifts

Photographer: Keith Allison
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1. Hoodie

Maryland Terrapins hoodies are comfortable and warm for the upcoming cold weather during the winter season. Choose a high quality, thick hoodie, so it lasts and protects against the chilly air.

2. Jersey

Purchase a Maryland Terrapins jersey. Your guy can wear the jersey, while watching the game, to show team spirit.

3. iPad Case

Buy a Maryland Terrapins iPad case. Your guy can show off his new gift at work and on the go as he surfs the web.

4. Tickets

Tickets to a Maryland Terrapins game would enthuse your guy as he could go out and enjoy watching the sport in person. There are plenty of at home games in Maryland that you can buy tickets to, while you could see if the Terrapins play near you if you live out of the Maryland area.

5. Knit Hats

If you live in a cold area, as I do, your guy would appreciate a Maryland Terrapin knit hat. Gifts that will keep guys warm have a practical element that many guys like.

6. Blanket

To stay warm, buy a plush, red Maryland Terrapins throw blanket. As the weather gets colder, the blanket will be appreciated during many games.

7. Jackets

Zip Jackets have a casual look so guys can stay warm, while looking festive, as they go to the game.

8. Slippers

Guys who are homebodies enjoy watching the game from home. Buy Maryland Terrapins slippers so your guy can be cozy as he watches the game from the couch.

9. Tee-Shirts

Vintage tee-shirts have a hip look to go well with jeans as well as layered with a jacket. The retro style appeals to many guys.

10. Live Turtles

Buy some live turtles to keep as a pet. You’ll also need to buy a home for the turtles. Guys who love pets will enjoy the challenge of raising a turtle. Before making your purchase, decide whether Terrapins are safe if you have children, as the turtles grow to be large and can snap. Other safer breeds would be the Caspian Pond Turtle and the Red Ear Slider Turtle.

Diamondback Terrapin Turtles

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