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One of the most challenging and exciting times of the year for our family is coming up next month. As I’ve watched our calendar fill up more and more, we look forward to busier schedules, but it’s important to make this transition easier for our children. One area that we have a great routine for is mealtime. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, I’m sharing tips for making mealtime simple for children, featuring NEW! Post Hostess cereal now available at Walmart with online grocery pickup or in store!Tips For Making Mealtime Simple with Kids - Theresa's Reviews

Tips For Making Mealtime Simple for Children

Even though my children can be picky about their food, a few tricks have helped make mealtime simpler. Check out what works for us!

Tips For Making Mealtime Simple with Kids - Theresa's Reviews

Listen to Your Child

Don’t make them eat their least favorite food. If your child has one or two foods that they refuse to eat, stop serving it to them. Mealtime should be enjoyable, not a struggle. As children develop their taste buds, they may stop liking a certain type of food, while also becoming more adventurous with others. Support their ideas!

Tips For Making Mealtime Simple with Kids - Theresa's Reviews

Pick Food That Appeals to Your Child

Shop for meals with your child in mind. Whether you add sweet barbeque sauce to a meat dish or make sure to get their favorite vegetable, it matters that you make your meal kid friendly. Every meal might not appeal to everyone in the family, but just making a small change in the ingredients of a dish can make a big difference.

Tips For Making Mealtime Simple with Kids - Theresa's Reviews


My children enjoy a spectacular dessert after a meal, but the compromise is that they have to finish their dish. Even when they aren’t having a large dessert, they appreciate getting a small sweet treat that gets the taste of a heavily-flavored dish out of their mouth after dinner. That’s where the delicious new Hostess™ Donettes™ by Post and Hostess™ Honey Bun by Post cereals come in handy! Whether I give a bowl with milk for dessert or my children snack on a handful of the tiny dry cereal bites after a spicy dish, these are the best tasting sweet cereal.

Hostess™ Honey Bun by Post and Hostess™ Donettes™ cereals by Post deliver the sweet taste of America’s favorite breakfast pastries right to your cereal bowl! Plus, it’s so delicious that I’ve got to sneak in a bowl after dinner too. Besides, when you’ve eaten everything you should for dinner, why not? Whether in a bowl with milk or straight from the box, Hostess™ Donettes™ by Post and Hostess™ Honey Bun by Post cereals are a sweet and tasty cereal the whole family will enjoy.

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Tips For Making Mealtime Simple with Kids - Theresa's Reviews

Your Turn! How do you make mealtime simple? Share in the comments below!


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  1. Antoinette M

    The Honey Bun cereal is my favorite. My kids like stews & soups, so I make sure to add lots of veggies!


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