With age comes the resistance to try new things, or at least this is true for me when it comes to trying new cosmetics brands! After many unfortunate cosmetics choices in my late teens and early 20’s, now I follow a tried-and-true routine that I trust to keep my skin healthy. However not far gone is the adventurous spirit of the girl who tried the vibrant eye makeup colors that showed up every spring in teen magazines and who didn’t fear the idea of washing her hair with eggs or tea to make it shine.  So when some cosmetics brands that I hadn’t heard of sent me lipstick, a face mask, and lots of other products, I decided to try them and see what they were like.

For a summertime press weekend to the waterfront of the National Harbor, I tried out Karmela hydrating matte lipsticks. Even though I don’t consistently wear lipstick, this gave me a boost of confidence when meeting the PR people. That evening as the lights twinkled in the atrium of the Gaylord Resort, these gluten-free formulas added a finished look to my makeup. Hours later during the Silent Disco party, this long-lasting formula was still keeping my makeup fresh enough to leave my purse in the room and join in with the most hilarious group of awesome bloggers who danced all night long.

When the sunshine comes out in summer, I breathe better, relax more deeply, and smile more often. This year, I read novels all day in our yard, spent hours at the playground during our Nashville road trip, and splashed in the Atlantic Ocean during a week-long beach vacation. At first my skin looked healthier from being outside more often, but the final beach vacation meant a much-needed skin repair was needed to end the summer without redness. From Leaders Cosmetics, the Too Much Fun in the Sun mask has a soothing formula that rejuvenated my skin and left it looking skin-kissed rather than sun-scorched.

As I came home from the most epic family beach vacation ever with our best memories ready to print in photos to remember forever, now my frizzy and dry hair looked like it didn’t have nearly as good of a time as I did. Using the Mill Creek Botanicals Tea Tree Calming Formula made my hair feel soft again and returned some of the moisture lost from the sun. After returning from the ocean-side condo views to a long list of goals to accomplish, the relaxing aroma helped tremendously.

Walking barefoot on the sand and by the poolside all summer had made my skin tough, but sandal season wasn’t gone yet. To bring softness back to my skin once more, I used the NYL Organic Shimmer Scrub. This formula was rougher than I had expected, which really helped with removing old skin. It also left a hint of shimmer behind that made an at-home pedicure feel more special.

With the first of the fall leaves beginning to fall on my porch as I write this, it’s clear that Halloween isn’t far away. That’s the perfect use for these grunge lip paint colors from Tattoo Junkee. With dark red and blue, these shades will give a cool costume choice a dedicated and festive look.

Experimenting with new cosmetics pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone, but it was a nice reminder to pamper myself with products that I wouldn’t have used otherwise.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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