I sampled some Freshly Picked moccasins for my younger daughter. She began trying to walk when she was about a year old, and she most recently has been walking on her tip toes, which I know is not the proper way for a child to walk. I tried the new shoes out in several locations and paired with several different outfits to see how well the shoes worked. As my toddler better develops her walking skills, she needs shoes that help encourage her to walk properly. While the moccasins were trendy, I determined that the shoes were also practical for little walkers.

Review of the Moccasins

When my daughter tried out the shoes, I first tested out how they fit with a brief walk. My daughter walked on the concrete sidewalk in the front yard and on the hardwood floors in the house. I could tell that the shoes took some getting used to for both of us. I had to get used to putting her feet in the shoes because when she moved her foot around, the elastic sometimes got stuck in her toes as I tried to slip the shoes on her feet. The first time she wore the shoes, she seemed unsure of herself, although she was very excited to give walking in the shoes a try. As my daughter and I used the shoes more, we both got more accustomed to the shoes’ design.

Two days later, I was having my daughter try out a new cotton jumpsuit, which was too big on her, that I paired with the moccasins. Since her pants slouched too low, she was having a difficult time moving. I watched her move around uncomfortably before I decided to call it a day and put her back in her pajamas. The pants were too long and were obviously interfering with Georgiana’s movement. I determined that the moccasins weren’t causing the problem though, as I tried them out more during the next week.

Later in the week, I met up with my parents at a local park. She played for over an hour and she didn’t fall once. Riding down slides and bouncing on the see-saw, she never had her shoes fall off, even during her rambunctious play time. When I watched my daughter play, I was excited when I noticed that she wasn’t walking on her toes. Even though the company created the shoes with basic leather materials, with a soft sole, I felt that the minimalist style might be good for her development.

During the Fourth of July weekend, I took her on several walks around my backyard. As my family and I walked laps, she kept up with us. I was surprised that my daughter kept up so well because my husband hadn’t had time to freshly mow the yard. I noticed that my daughter had to walk through the tall grass, where some weeds had grown six inches tall. She did an excellent job being active, while wearing her shoes. The frays on the moccasins seemed to help keep the grass off my daughter’s feet, which helped keep the bugs away from her ankles.

Wearing the shoes proved to be a successful venture. My daughter walked in the park as well as the backyard safely as she wore the shoes. The shoes were stylish and practical. In the future, I will plan to continue using the shoes.

To purchase the kids’ moccasins, visit the company’s website



Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

12 Responses

  1. Adele

    We love our Freshly Picked Moccasins! I love the color you chose. We got the Platinum ones, and really love them!

  2. Jaya Pandey

    I love the way u experimented and took time to see how these shoes worked for your daughter. She is so adorable and I love those shoes n color ☺

  3. Megan Elford

    These moccasins are adorable! I’m glad to hear that they’re comfortable and practical too. I’ll keep them in mind for kiddo #4 for sure!

  4. Valerie

    Those are really cute! Two out of three of my kids have been tiptoe walkers as well. I have had to buy really flexible shoes for them.

  5. Tessa Lynn Shull

    Good to know! I love Freshly Picked and follow them on Facebook but have yet to actually purchase a pair of their mocs. I did just enter a giveaway of theirs yesterday though! 😀


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