Plan an entertaining, festive Fourth of July party. Buy the best food, but double check that you get some backup meals in case of rain. For a festive touch, pick up colorful, patterned straws. Organize activities for the kids to enjoy. On the day of your party, your event will be so well planned that all you’ll have left to do is relax! Plus, I included a giveaway below of a Seedling Mini Collage kit from Imagination Lane NYC to help keep your young guests entertained.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews -

Fourth of July Tableware Ideas

 Aardvark Fourth of July Straws

Festive party straws can make any drink look fantastic. Aardvark sells straws that come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can get red and blue designs in stripes, stars, zigzags and circles. One of the neat things about the straws is that they have a special design. Instead of bending at one specific spot, the straws are flexible to bend where you need them to bend.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Aardvark Straws

With Aardvark straws, you’re also making an eco-friendly decision. One major advantage over plastic straws is that the paper straws can decompose in 45 to 60 days. As a parent, I feel confident giving my children straws that are 100% chlorine free and chemical free. My daughter had a lot of fun helping me test the straws out in our home. Choosing a straw became an incentive she received for doing chores and practicing piano. The luxury of choosing any color or pattern was exciting to her.

Fourth of July Food Ideas

Castello Cheese – Burger Blue

Add a gourmet touch to your burgers with blue cheese from Castello. I’ve tried several recipes for blue cheese burgers, and I always turn to Castello cheese when I’m at the grocery store. Now, the cheese comes in rectangular shapes to make it easier to add them as a topping during cooking. The convenience would work well for a home chef who is busily cooking burgers on the grill during a party.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo by Castello

To review the blue cheese, the company sent me some to try out at home. Blue cheese has a pleasant, sharp taste. On the burger, the cheese was delicious when I paired it with bacon, tomato and lettuce. The flavor had a gourmet taste that I found appealing. On the fourth of July, party hosts should keep blue cheese in the house to offer guests. Because blue cheese is a gourmet cheese, having it available can create an elegant touch to a party.

Bon Appétit Pizza

What if the party had to move inside because of rain? In a best case scenario, you might be able to toss the burgers onto the stove top, finish cooking, and provide your guests with the tasty burgers you had planned to serve. Great party planners always plan for the worst case scenario, which in this case, would mean that the burgers could get ruined in the rain. To anticipate Murphy’s Law, stock the house with some food that’s easy to make in the kitchen. With Bon Appétit Pizza, you can still serve something tasty to keep your guests happy.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo by Bon Appetit I tried the pizza out on a rainy day. Since the weather was calling for flooding, it wasn’t safe to get some take out food, so tossing in frozen pizza was the best option. The mozzarella and pesto pizza was delicious. Real cherry tomatoes and sliced mozzarella reminded me of the pizzas you can buy in Italy. I also tried a pepperoni and pesto pizza. With thin crust, the pizza had a delicious taste. When having guests over, Bon Appétit Pizza is a good choice because it can appeal to many people. The vegetarian options are just as tasty as the meat options.

Fourth Creek Food  Co. Relish

What’s a hot dog grilling party without an array of toppings?  Try something new with Fourth Creek Food company’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish and Hint of Habanero Sweet Red Pepper Relish. The taste is delightful. I sampled some, and I adored it. Even my two year old daughter was begging for more of the Sweet Red Pepper Relish on her chicken for dinner. You can put some on hamburgers or hot dogs for a refined, delicious taste.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo by Fourth Creek Food

Each flavor offers a taste that can appeal to different party guests. With the sweet pepper relish, the sweet taste paired with a tangy flavor is exquisite. Offer a bit more spice with the Habanero relish, which has a pleasant amount of heat without being overwhelming.

Activities for the Kids

Imagination Lane NYC – Seedling Mini Collage Kit

The Fourth of July is an excellent time for celebration. For kids, that means having activities available to them. Use a table to create an art center for kids. With the Mini Collage kit, kids can show their creativity. Regardless of the age range of the kids you have over, the kit can be a success. Although it has an appeal to younger kids, even older kids can have fun creating a collage with the material.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo provided by Imagination Lane NYC

Since the kit comes with glue as well as rhinestones, wiggly eyes, matchsticks, pom poms, glitter and feathers, you have everything you need to make an interesting design. My daughter tried this kit out and she had a lot of fun with it. Interested in trying it out at home? Enter my giveaway below to win one for free.

Imagination Lane NYC – Tapefetti Bead Jewelry Kit

To entertain the preteen girls at your party, provide a Tapefetti bead jewelry kit. Inside each kit, you get 12 rolls of tape, elastic, suede cord, a cutting tool, spacer beads and straws. The tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns to appeal to kids with a variety of styles. With a jewelry making kit, you can keep girls busy for hours. The kit is easy to understand, so kids can work independently.

Fourth of July Party Planning - Theresa's Reviews - - Photo provided by Imagination Lane NYC


Although my daughter was a little young for the kit, she was able to use it well, especially with a little help. The jewelry kit is an excellent addition to a craft table. Because there are so many varieties of tapes, it’s easy for several kids to be working on making jewelry at the same time.


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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Jeanine

    Such great ideas! We are doing Canada day tomorrow, but know all my friends are having some great fourth parties!

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    These are great ideas to keep kids occupied for the 4th of July party. I love the suggestion for the pizza and other items.

  3. Chantal

    Oh my that cheese burger looks great! I’d attend any party that was serving that 😉 Thanks for sharing this patriotic post!

  4. Colette - JamericanSpice

    Oh we are definitely doing the pizza thing, hopefully. Sometimes it’s best as a treat haha.

    My daughter is doing that jewelry thing right now.

    Very fun giveaway. Thanks for sharing these fun July 4th ideas!

  5. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great ideas for the fourth of July. It is also my nieces birthday so we are always celebrating both.

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    Those are great ideas. Very cute and colorful, my daughter will have fun helping put this event together.

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    Thanks a lot for the great ideas! Now I made up my mind on what to do on the 4th of July.

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    Those are great party ideas. We plan on visiting a near by theme park this year. Enjoy your 4th of July.

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    I love the Stamp and Doodle Activity Kit & the Aardvark Fourth of July Straws in this post are adorable!

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    We are coming to your party! It looks like there are going to be very happy and pretty times! Thank you for sharing.

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    What great ideas! I never decorate or plan a 4th party, but I really should because there are so many ideas for a July 4th party. Thank you for motivating me to plan one right! 🙂

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    These are some really great tips! And I am loving those straws. I gotta get me some of those! And some of those burgers, too!

  13. Liz Mays

    I hadn’t really decided what my plans were for the fourth so this is helpful. It would be great to have a party.

  14. Gabriel

    Our kids spend pretty much the whole day in the water, our main planning tip is plenty of waterproof sunscreen.

  15. latanya

    I like the Castello Cheese – Burger Blue. I like the SOFT SHAPES BATH STICKERS

    instagram name is spelled incorrectly in the form- should be @sweetums82

  16. Jessica Simms

    I love this set up! You just inspired me to upgrade my current 4th of july party plans. I need to have some dipped strawberries for sure now!

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    That sweet pepper relish sounds so good to me. I’d love to try that one, and I know the kids here would too.

  18. Carrie Chance

    Those blue cheese burgers look good. I can only ever find blue cheese that’s either crumbled or in a wedge. having the rectangular slices would be awesome

  19. Jaclyn Anne

    The Tapefetti Bead Jewelry Kit is my favorite thing on both this post and the website. It looks like so much fun and the Jewelry is so pretty!

  20. sandra

    on this page I like the mini collage kit. I also like their Games on the Go Activity Book

  21. Nataile Brown

    My favorite from this article is for sure the straws. They’re so festive & fun. One of my favorites from their shop is the Blue and Silver Star Garland. LOVE! Thank-you. 🙂

  22. Steve Simmons

    Thank you for the great hub! I am definitely going to use some of these ideas – we’re doing a party at the park, and I would have completely forgotten to bring sidewalk chalk! What a great idea! I’ve also been thinking a lot about party favors, and I love the idea of incorporating the flavors into the party – now I’m considering something they can play with in the sandbox during the party. Thank you!


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