50 Fun Facts For Kids - Weird But True!

Remember the last page of your copies? All the weird facts caught your attention and made you wonder – “Is that true?” for hours.

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes,’ so why don’t you revisit your childhood with these fun facts meant for your kids that you will have great fun dealing with?

Take your kids into another world where the facts will make them giggle, scratch their heads, and might even make them feel cool about themselves. Just imagine learning about the talking trees, floating planets, horrifying islands, and stretches, and the list is endless.

Not only are your kids, but you are also sure to learn two or three weirdest facts!

So, are you ready to explore the opposite of the ordinary? We have listed 50 wild and weird fun facts to blow your mind. We have further divided the facts into categories to help you pick some fun facts from your kids’ preferred genre.

Let us take you into a new realm!

Fun Facts for Kids That Are Weird But True

Fun Facts for Kids That Are Weird But True

Kids are already quirky and curious. Make learning for them entertaining and captivating through these fun facts. Once you start to incorporate these facts, you will notice how quickly they are absorbing knowledge.

Even the quirky details make them more eager to learn and help them retain the information.

If not in an educational way, incorporate the fun facts that are weird but true in your conversations. It is a great way to keep the discussion alive and engage your child’s curious mind.

Throw in a fact like – “Do you know?” with some context, and let the conversation flow. You will be amazed to see unexpected things come up organically! 

Weirdly Funny Facts About Animals

Weirdly Funny Facts About Animals

Animal Kingdom is full of quirky and wacky fun facts that never fail to fascinate us. With peculiar twists and turns, fun facts shower us with unknown knowledge about the animals:

1. Studies show cows produce more milk when listening to relaxing music. 

2. Turtles can breathe out of their butts to survive in harsh conditions.

3. Guess what ants do when they wake up in the morning? They stretch. They even have day-to-day schedules like humans. 

4. A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4-foot-tall child inside.

5. Moths are the master of mimicry. In their defensive mechanism, they can imitate other animals, like owls, jumping spiders, wasps, cicadas, dried leaves, etc., to perfection.

6. Queen termites can lay up to 30,000 eggs daily! Every three seconds, the queen termite lays one egg. That makes an average of 165 million eggs in a queen termite’s lifetime.

7. Chickens witness daylight 45 minutes before humans can see due to their sensitive color vision through the pineal gland.

8. The male seahorse carries their baby in an abdominal pouch and gives birth by releasing it into the water.

9. The Bumblebee bat is the smallest mammal on the Earth. It is tinier than a thumbnail.

10. Despite being a mammal, the dolphin has no hair follicles.

Fun Facts About the World That Will Blow Your Mind

Fun Facts About the World That Will Blow Your Mind .jpg

The world is a bizarre place. It is dotted with weird, fun facts that are true. Here are some facts that will surely stun your kid:

11. Walt Disney World in Orlando is the United States’ biggest single-site employer, with over 50,000 workers tolling behind its magical gates that span an area twice the size of Manhattan.

12. The Pyramid of Khufu weighs as much as 16 Empire State buildings! This astonishing structure is the largest Egyptian pyramid.

13. Thought the Grand Canyon was the biggest? Hold on. Tibet’s Tasngpo Canyon is the planet’s biggest and deepest canyon. The Grand Canyon is the runner-up.

14. The world’s hottest desert, the Sahara, used to be a green oasis about 6000 years ago. The desert was once covered in grassland and even received adequate rainfall. But with the change in weather, it became the driest place in the world.

15. France has 12 time zones. It has the most number of time zones in the world.

16. More than 6 million cubic feet of water fall from the top of Canada’s Horseshoe Falls every minute – that’s enough water to fill a million bathtubs to the brim in 60 seconds.

17. In Mexico, there’s an island filled with dolls. It is known as “The Island of Dolls” – the dolls are hung from dead trees and buildings that create a creepy and eerie atmosphere.

18. Ethiopia is always seven years behind the rest of the world because it follows the Coptic calendar of 13 months. 

19. The Capsian Sea is a lake – not a sea! It is known as the world’s largest lake.

20. The world’s largest desert is not covered in sand – it is covered in ice! With an area of 13.8 million square. Kilometres Antarctica is the largest desert on the Earth.

Myth Buster: The Great Wall of China is not visible to the naked eye from space.

Weird Fun Facts About Food You Won’t Believe is True

Weird Fun Facts About Food You Won’t Believe is True

Food is not only about surviving, but it also contains strange and surprising facts that will tickle your hunger for knowledge. Here are some insane fun facts that will pique your interest:

21. Do you know what has more vitamin C than oranges? Peppers!

22. Peanut oil is used to make dynamites – the glycerol in peanut oil makes one of the main components of dynamite called nitroglycerin. 

23. The world’s largest pizza is as big as two tennis courts. 

24. Cacao beans were once used as a currency in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. The Aztecs loved cocoa beans so much so that they used them as a mode of transaction for taxes between the emperor and its colonies.

25. The ice cream cone you cherish is an accident – in a 1904 St.Louis World’s Fair, a vendor fell short of bowls, and his friend helped him by converting some waffle mixture into cones.

26. Apples have the superpower to float! Wondering how? It is a matter of science. Apple is made up of 25% air. This makes it less dense and helps it float.

27. Tomato ketchup in the 1830s was sold to the public as a medicine! It was believed that ketchup can cure diseases like jaundice, diarrhea, and indigestion.

28. Carrots were not originally orange – it was purple, red, or yellow. Orange carrot came much later after it was bred with other colors.

29. Honey can be stored forever. According to archeologists, they have encountered many honey pots in Egyptian tombs that are 3000 years old. Yet, every ounce of that honey is perfectly edible.

30. Nutmeg has a mind-altering effect – when consumed largely. It behaves as an agent of hallucination because nutmeg consists of myristicin.

Insane Fun Facts About Space

Insane Fun Facts About Space

Space is mysterious in itself. It holds countless wonders and secrets. Here are some fun facts to take you on an extraterrestrial journey:

31. Do you know what happens when you put the planet – Saturn in water? It floats. Because it is the least dense planet in the solar system, mostly made up of gas.

32. Mars’ largest valley believes in having a king-size breakfast – it has an appetite to consume even the Grand Canyon!

33. Water water everywhere – yet not a drop to drink. Earth is covered by 71% of water, but only 1.2% is drinkable.

34. There are white-peaked mountains on the ex-planet Pluto.

35. The first planet in the solar system – Mercury, is shrinking. Because there are wrinkles generated as the planet’s interior cools over time. Mercury shrank due to the cold, shriveling its crust like the skin of a raisin.

36. Space has an ‘ssshhh’ rule! It remains silent due to the absence of air in space, and sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum medium.

37. The majority of comets are observed with a sun-gazing telescope.

38. The solar system may carry a huge planet on the verge of space.

39. Neptune is too hot – it radiates far more heat despite being farthest from the Sun.

40. Mars boasts the largest volcano in the solar system – Olympius Mon is about 13.6 miles in height, abruptly two and a half times the height of Mount Everest.

Humorous Fun Facts About Human

Humorous Fun Facts About Human

A human being is one social animal who is full of surprising traits. They are a quirky bunch and full of oddity. Here are some fun facts that highlight the uniqueness: 

41. Do you realize that you blink 20 times in a minute? It is around a whopping 10 million times a year.

42. On average, you can fill up a balloon with your fart.

43. Generally, a human being can survive for around three minutes without receiving oxygen, three to five days without consuming water, and around forty days in the absence of food.

Alert: Do not try these mentioned hazardous limits.

44. Goosebumps are a relic of our evolutionary forefathers! They would fluff up their fur to appear larger in proportion.

45. Fingerprints have the potential to indicate gender variances as, according to research, there are different fingerprint patterns in males and females.

46. Sneezing is a full-body workout! One sneeze involves the throat, diaphragm, chest, and abdomen. It has a top speed of 100 miles per hour while traveling a distance of approximately 8 meters. 

47. In a lifetime, the average person generates enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Normally, a person produces between 0.5 and 1.5 liters of saliva daily.

48. Check your height in the morning. Human beings are believed to be taller in the morning than night as the spinal disc tends to compress throughout the day.

49. The acid released in your stomach can destroy metals.

50. Muscle makes up about 40% of your body weight!

Final Takeaway

And there you go, we have presented a diverse list of fun facts for your kids. From “Island of Dolls” to sneezes that spread to 8 meters, each fun fact is like a weird little puzzle piece. It fits aptly into the bigger picture.

The universe knows how to keep you and your kids’ curiosity burning. So, keep your eyes open for the “wait, what” moment daily.

Do you find the fun facts above weird enough? Did that make your jaw drop? If you know such weird facts, drop them in the comments.

Also, share your experience of discussing these facts with your companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Weird Fun Facts?

Weird fun facts are an intriguing set of information. They are unusual and highlight the oddly unknown factors of our world. Such facts always put a spin on the perspective of a familiar subject and leave us stunned. 

What are the Categories of Fun Facts?

There are numerous categories of fun facts. You can choose according to your or your kid’s preference. The most common categories of fun facts include science, history, nature, animals, space, technology, and human beings.

Each of these categories offers offbeat data that caters to different interests. 

Are There Any Benefits in Knowing Weird Fun Facts?

Yes, there are countless benefits to knowing crazy, fun facts. Besides learning benefits, these facts boost the creative side of your child.

It stimulates them mentally and adds to their cognitive flexibility. Plus, these weird facts makes your kid look at thing differently. 

Is There an Age Limit in Learning Fun Facts?

No, not at all – there is no age limit in learning. Be it fun facts or anything else, there’s always more to learn in this vast world. Just search for fun facts according to your age.

Even if you are searching for your kid, use age to tease the brain effectively.

Where Can We Find Weird Fun Facts?

These days, weird fun facts are everywhere. You have to keep an eye open for it. Be it on the streets or billboards, weird facts are right in front of your eyes.

Also, reliable sources for such facts are encyclopedias, reputed trivia books, and educational websites. 

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