50 Super Exciting Charades Ideas to Play with Kids & Families 

50 Fun Charades Ideas For Kids & Family

Charades is a classic party or word-guessing that involves players trying to communicate a word or a phrase to their teammates without speaking, using only gestures or body movements.

It’s a game that often leads to laughter and entertainment as players attempt to convey their chosen words or phrases in creative and humorous ways.

This game is usually very popular among families with small children as this game can also contribute to children’s learning and give the family members a nice and fun quality time with each other.

The good part about the game is that you do not necessarily require props; just hand and body gestures can do the job and lead to a successful Charades family session.

How to Play Charades?

How to Play Charades?

Charades is a classic party or word-guessing game that involves players trying to communicate a word or phrase to their teammates without speaking, using only gestures and body movements.

Here is how typically a charades game works:

  • Setup: Players are divided into two teams. One player from each team takes turns being the “actor” while the rest of their team becomes the “guessers.” A list of words or phrases is prepared in advance, which the actors will try to convey.
  • Choosing a Word or Phrase: The actor selects a word or phrase from the list without showing it to the other players. This will be the word or phrase they need to act out. The actor can choose from movies, actions, occupations, etc.
  • Acting Out: The actor then begins to act out the chosen word or phrase using only gestures, body movements, and facial expressions. They cannot use spoken words, sounds, or props to convey the message. Some people do allow a single prop, but usually, props are not allowed in the game.
  • Guessing: The rest of the team tries to guess what word or phrase the actor is trying to convey based on their actions. They can call out guesses and discuss among themselves while the actor continues to perform.
  • Time Limit: There is usually a time limit for each round, typically around one to two minutes. If the team correctly guesses the word or action within the time limit, they earn a point.
  • Rotation and Scoring: After completing a round, the teams switch roles. A new actor is chosen from the opposing team, and the game continues. The team with the most points at the end of a predetermined number of rounds or a set time wins the game.
  • Variations: There are various ways to play charades, including using different themes, such as movies, books, or famous people, or using a specific category, like animals or actions. Additionally, some game versions allow verbal cues in certain rounds or variations where players can incorporate sound effects.

Top Fun Charades Ideas to Play with Family and Friends

Top Fun Charades Ideas to Play with Family and Friends .jpg

There are different categories you can have for fun session charades. Charade ideas can be divided into animals, actions, movies, objects, etc.

Let us now look at all of the charade ideas and a basic explanation of how you can play them:

1. Elephant: In this one, act like you have a long trunk and ears, and you can show this by constantly hovering your hands over your nose and ears. Further, mimic the movements of an elephant and let your friends and family do the guessing!

2. Penguin: When it comes to the penguin, their movements are quite different and easy to tell. All you have to do to pretend to be a penguin is to shuffle side to side using your hands like wings like a penguin walks, and that’s about it.

3. Giraffe: A rather challenging animal to pretend, but it is not the most difficult one. All you have to do is extend your neck as high as possible and move around gracefully like a giraffe. Even though there are maximum chances that you might win this one, try to act as accurately as possible so everyone has a fair chance at guessing.

4. Monkey: We would not recommend you imitate a monkey as it is the easiest animal to guess. However, if you still want to choose it, do it right. Swing your arms like they are hanging from tree branches and make playful gestures like jumping funnily or making funny faces.

5. Dolphin: Another difficult animal to imitate but not impossible. Leap from an imaginary water surface like a dolphin and mimic the sounds a dolphin might make. It is recommended that you know what a dolphin sounds like to make the sounds accurately.

6. Jumping on a Trampoline: Pretend to bounce up and down on a trampoline while making jumping motions. When you jump on a trampoline, your body eases up, so show that in your actions.

7. Brushing Teeth: If you use this action, chances are that the people playing will guess it within just a few seconds. If you still want to do it, pretend to hold a toothbrush and brush your teeth, making back-and-forth motions with your hands, imitating the motion of brushing your teeth.

8. Eating Spaghetti: Now this action is one of those which can give you a chance of winning! Use an imaginary fork and pretend to twirl and eat long strands of spaghetti. You can also make slurping sounds to give the other players another hint if it is getting too difficult for them.

9. Riding a Bicycle: Another one of the easiest charade ideas to choose from as it is a very common action to ride a bicycle. All you have to do is pretend to pedal a bicycle and steer as if navigating a path. You can also make the bell ringing gestures with your fingers to make the guess easier for the other players.

10. Cartwheel: This action might be limited to those who can make the physical movements required to do a cartwheel. Perform a cartwheel motion, swinging your legs overhead in a circular motion. If you cannot make this motion, move your hands in a circular motion while standing in one place to get close to the actual motion of a cartwheel.

11. The Lion King: Now, let us move on to movies, as it is something that more and more people can relate to. Let us start with The Lion King as it is a very popular movie among both children and adults. Act out holding a lion baby cub above your head, imitating the iconic scene from the movie. You can also murmur the movie’s music to give a little hint to the other players playing.

12. Frozen: A movie which will be most related to girls as it was directed at girls mainly. For this one, pretend to build a snowman like Olaf, and you can show that the snowman is shivering from the cold,

13. Toy Story: As many know, the movie Toy Story is based on toys coming to life and doing things. Pretend to play with toy figurines and act like they are coming to life by simply reacting to them while they are on the ground or a table.

14. Finding Nemo: As the popular movie is about fish, you must imitate swimming in the water. Make swimming motions and act like you are searching for something underwater. You can also keep your hands above your eyes to show the searching gestures.

15. Shrek: Pretends to have big ogre ears, acts grumpy and angry, and acts like eating an onion. You can also show fake tears, as that happens after someone eats onions.

16. Umbrella: Now that we have covered a few movies, let us move on to new charade ideas, which are objects. Now, you have to act according to the object you have chosen. For the umbrella, hold an imaginary umbrella just like you would use a real one above your head and act like you are shielding yourself from the rain.

17. Sunglasses: As the name and feature of the object suggest, you would use sunglasses to protect yourself from the bright sun. Put your hands near your eyes and act like you are putting on sunglasses.

18. Backpack: Put an imaginary backpack on your shoulders and act like you are adjusting the pack’s straps. You can also recline slightly back to imitate the heaviness of the backpack.

19. Pillow: A rather easy object to be guessed as it is probably used by every player playing the game. Pretend to hold a soft pillow, and you can make a comfortable face by putting both your hands under your hand and closing your eyes to make it easier to guess other players.

20. Cell Phone: Another one is an easy object to guess! Hold your hands up to your ear and pretend that you are talking on a phone. You can also tap on your hand with your fingers to show that you are dialing a number on the phone.

Movie Characters

Movie Characters

Now that we have covered several objects you can pretend to use, let us also get into various movie characters we can play.

This is different than movies because this is only about movie characters, not necessarily a movie.

21.Superman: Let us start with Superman. Since it is a very popular character, it is also somewhat easy to pretend and guess. Pretend to rip open your shirt to reveal the Superman logo; you can also put your hands on your hips to imitate the Superman pose.

22.Mickey Mouse: Yet another iconic movie character that most kids and adults will be able to guess. To pretend you are Mickey Mouse, create his iconic ears with your hands on either side of the bed. You can also make squeaky sounds like Mickey Mouse to give more hints to the other players playing.

23. Cinderella: This character might be more easily guessed by girls! Pretend to wear heels very carefully to show that they are delicate, just like the glass heels shown in the movie, and pretend to do a ball dance shown in the movie.

24. Harry Potter: Perhaps the most easily guessable movie character as it is one of the most popular movie series among kids and adults. Pretend to hold a wooden stick or use any straight stick-like object and flick it like you are casting spells like a wizard. You can also put on glasses to give more hints to other players.

25. Spider-Man: Spider-Man is iconic and also an easy character to pretend while playing charades. Pretend to shoot webs from your wrists while making the popular hand action from the movie and mimic crawling on walls just like Spiderman using both his hands and legs.

Sports Charades Ideas

Sports Charades Ideas .jpg

Now that we have covered a few iconic movie characters, it’s time to get into sports! Sports is an interesting charade idea as we can see everyone’s ideas about different sports.

26.Soccer: Let us start with soccer; this sport is easy to guess. All you have to do is pretend to kick a soccer ball like a soccer player and act like you are celebrating a goal.

27.Swimming: This might be a little challenging as it can be hard to perform swimming actions, especially with your legs. Move your arms back and forth in a circular motion, just like you are swimming. You can also lie down on the floor and kick your legs like you do while swimming.

28.Basketball: Basketball is an easy-to-guess sport because of its unique actions. Act like you are dribbling and make shooting actions with your hands like you would do if you threw an actual basketball.

29.Tennis: Pretend to hold a tennis racket and hit an imaginary ball back and forth. You can also run sideways like a tennis player while swinging the racket to give more hints to the other players.

30. Baseball: Baseball has unique actions regarding throwing the ball and holding the bat. Pretend to throw the ball with your legs stuck together like a baseball player and act like hitting the ball with a bat with actions similar to a baseball player’s.

Emotions Charades Ideas

Emotions Charades Ideas

Now let us move on to a charades idea in which you can play with children, especially those under five.

Children under five have difficulty understanding emotions, so that they will act out emotions only now.

31. Happy: Let us start with the happy emotion. Smile widely, jumping up and down while clapping your hands excitedly to show you are happy.

32. Angry: This emotion is one that little kids are quite familiar with as parents make angry faces to show the child whether their actions are right or wrong. Frown, cross your arms, and unpleasantly stomp your feet to show your anger.

33. Scared: This one might be a challenge for the little kids, as they have not yet completely figured out the scared emotion, at least in most cases. Widen your eyes, hold your hands to your cheeks, and shiver like you are frightened.

34. Excited: Jump up and down, raise your arms, and cheer enthusiastically like you would when you are excited.

35. Confused: Another emotion that might be hard for kids to interpret. To show this emotion, scratch your head, rub your eyebrow, and make a confused space to show you have no idea what is happening.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Now that we have covered most of the emotions we use daily, it is time to move on to something a little more challenging.

Fairy Tales are stories we often tell children and have heard as children. This is a charade idea that can be beneficial to relive and remember those stories.

36.Beanstalk: Let us start with Jack and the Beanstalk. Pretend to climb an invisible beanstalk, reaching for “giants” in the sky.

37. Little Red Riding Hood : Pretend to carry a basket and walk cautiously, looking around as if you are walking in a forest. You can also look a little scared and wear a red outfit or hat to give more hints to the other players playing charades.

38. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper : Pretend to hold a slipper carefully and put it on, just like the glass slipper in Cinderella. You can also show slow dancing, just like in the movie.

39. Three Little Pigs : This one is not a very popular fairy tale, but if you are familiar with it, act like building a house with straw, sticks, and bricks using your hands. You can also use these objects, if available, to make the acting more accurate.

40. Rapunzel Letting Down Her Hair : As this scene was very popular then, most people will be able to guess it easily. Pretend to lower your hair from standing at a high point. You can stand on the couch or the table to show this action and gently lower your hair.



Let us move on to a few popular occupations we often see or hear about.

41. Doctor: Let us start with the doctor first. Pretend to listen to a heartbeat with an imaginary stethoscope, and you can touch your chest for the same. You can also pretend to write notes after the heartbeat acting.

42. Firefighter: Acting like a firefighter can be a difficult charade idea. Pretend to hold a hose that is spraying water and pretend to apply force while holding the hose because of the water pressure. You can also pretend to climb ladders like a fireman.

43. Chef: You can use a few kitchen cutlery options. Pretend to mix ingredients in a bowl and act like flipping a pancake in a pan.

44. Astronaut: This occupation can be a little hard to demonstrate. The easiest way to do it is to point to the sky or the stars and wear a helmet like astronauts.

45. Teacher: A rather easier occupation to demonstrate, pretend to write something on a board while talking to students. You can also use hand actions for the same. You can also put tick marks in the air.



Let us now take a look at travel-related charade ideas. These can include activities that you would do while traveling.

46.Roller Coaster: Let us start by pretending to ride a roller coaster. Pretend to hold onto imaginary bars, scream, and act scared like you are experiencing scary drops and turns on a roller coaster.

47. Going on a Safari: Act like you are looking through binoculars and pointing at various animals. You can also wear a hat like most people wear on a safari.

48. Taking a cruise: This can be a little difficult to act as you cannot do a lot of things on a cruise that is only exclusive to it. You can pretend to steer the ship and enjoy the sea breeze with a nice view. You can also make swimming gestures while pointing to the ground to show water.

49. Flying in an Airplane: Another one of the difficult travel charades ideas. Pretend to buckle a seatbelt, make airplane noises, and pretend to look out of the window.

50. Camping in a tent: A unique travel activity. Pretend to set up a tent and light a campfire. You can also use stick-like straight objects to show that you are roasting marshmallows.

And there it is! These are 50 charade ideas that you can try out on your next family game time. Remember that there can be a lot more ideas that you can think of yourself depending on you and your family.

Why is Charades a Good Game to Play?

Why is Charades a Good Game to Play?

  • Universal Popularity: Charades is a game that goes beyond age, culture, and language barriers. It’s simple to understand and doesn’t require specific knowledge, making it accessible to many people. It can be enjoyed best with family members or even friends.
  • Interactive and Engaging: The game encourages active participation and interaction among players. It promotes face-to-face communication, physical gestures, and teamwork, which can lead to stronger connections and laughter among participants, who are mostly friends and family.
  • Creative: Charades encourage players to think creatively and use their imagination to convey words and phrases through gestures and movements. This creative aspect of the game can lead to unique interpretations and unexpected outcomes, adding an element of excitement.
  • Problem-Solving and Quick Thinking: Players have a limited time to convey their word or phrase, which encourages quick thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s a challenge to develop effective ways to communicate without using words. It can be good for the mental development of little kids as it will challenge them to think harder.
  • Entertainment: Charades often lead to hilarity as players attempt to mimic actions and guess the correct answers. The humorous and sometimes exaggerated gestures can create memorable moments and laughter among players and spectators.
  • Social Bonding: Playing charades encourages collaboration and teamwork. Players must work together to guess the correct answers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared accomplishment.
  • Screen-Free Fun: In a world dominated by screens and technology, charades provide an opportunity for face-to-face social interaction and entertainment without the need for electronic devices.
  • Adaptability: Charades can easily adapt to different themes, settings, and player preferences. You can choose words or phrases based on movies, books, actions, and more, tailoring the game to the interests of the participants.
  • Inclusive: Charades can be modified to accommodate players of varying ages and abilities. You can adjust the difficulty level of the words/phrases based on the participant’s familiarity with the topic.
  • Low-Cost: Charades don’t require any specialized equipment or materials. It can be played anywhere with enough space for players to move around and interact.

Overall, Charades is a versatile, engaging, and laughter-inducing game that brings people together promotes creativity, and offers a break from routine activities.

Whether it’s at parties, family gatherings, or simply for fun, charades remain a timeless choice for entertainment.


Charades have always been a fun and popular family game. The one good thing about it is that there are no mobile phones or other electronic devices involved, which can result in you having an excellent quality time with your loved ones.

These charade ideas are very fun, and they can be interesting, particularly for your little ones, as they will be discovering various new emotions and gestures.

It is important to look at the charades’ rules before starting the game to be fair for everyone. The main key is to be creative and expressive and have fun while trying to convey the words or phrases without actually using any words!

Dr. Catherine Stanley
Dr. Catherine Stanley

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