One of my favorite things about farmhouse decor is the simplicity of neutral colors and rustic accents. Since simplicity can become underwhelming, it’s important to bring warmth into this style with bright colors. After putting away the cheerful evergreens and jolly red accents of my Christmas decor, the snow-inspired winter decor can lack bold, interesting color accents. Adding a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet can help!

Brighten Winter Farmhouse Decor by Gifting Yourself a Valentine's Day Bouquet

Is It Okay To Buy Myself a Valentine’s Day Gift?

Absolutely, shower yourself with love! It’s not selfish to celebrate the love that you have for yourself.

Since home decor brings me joy, a bouquet is the perfect gift for me to pick out for myself.

Flowers don’t have to be a romantic, over-the-top, symbol of undying love. I see them as a gorgeous home accent, but since they die after a week or so, they aren’t as romantic to me.

February is also my birthday month. Treating myself to a nice gift can help take the pressure off from others to find that perfect item to bring me joy.

For years, I’ve had an awesome opportunity to pick out a Valentine’s Day bouquet for myself from Teleflora. It’s been wonderful to take initiative in bringing myself joy for these two special occasions!

2020 Valentine’s Day Bouquet

The Pretty in Quartz Bouquet is a lovely masterpiece of red roses, pink Asiatic lilies, red carnations, pink Limonium and green accents. Inspired by the rose quartz gemstone that symbolizes love, this precious arrangement is nestled in a hand-blown art glass vase with soft pink gradient tones that will be cherished for years to come.

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