How to Make Instant Pot Potato Soup in Minutes

Quick Recipe Guide for an Instant Pot Potato Soup

Soups are great to warm up on a chilly day, right? But no one wants to stand an hour in the kitchen, tirelessly simmering away.

That’s where our instant pot potato soup enters as a key recipe to save your day. Potato soup instant pot is quick and easy and tastes hearty with rich, soul-soothing flavors, making it a perfect bowl of comfort on a frigid weather day.

But do you know the best part? This incredible recipe is just a matter of 20-25 minutes to feel the warmth and delicacy without the long wait.

To all the busy home cooks, this instant pot soup recipe will be your new kitchen favorite that delivers on both fronts.

Is Instant Pot Potato Soup Healthy?

Is Instant Pot Potato Soup Healthy?

Soups, whether in veg or non-veg form, are always healthy and nutritious, often prepared with limited ingredients. Potato soup instant pot is no exception.

Apart from being healthy, this instant pot soup offers a delightful balance of flavors, making it perfect for people of all ages.

Further, if you add veggies to the soup, it’ll boost nutritional value even more. But remember, preserving nutritional content lies in the instant pot’s ability to cook ingredients.

So, if you don’t know which instant pot retains the most nutritional value, you can use instant pot duo-7.

Essential Elements to Cook Instant Pot Soup

We know you are eager to learn the quick recipe, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on things during the cooking process. So, before we dive into the step-by-step process, let’s take a moment to look at the essential ingredients and tools to make potato soup in an instant pot.

Ingredients Required

Ingredients Required

Items Name

Quantity required


½ pound


1 ½ tablespoons


1 cup

Garlic Powder

½ teaspoon


1 teaspoon


2 piece

Russet Potatoes

3 pounds

Chicken Broth

4 cups


2 cups


According to taste

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

2 cups

Tools Required

Tools Required .jpeg

Instant Pot

Dutch Oven


Cheese Grater

Silicone Spatula

Measuring cups




Oven Mitts

How to Prepare Potato Soup Instant Pot?

Now that you know the essential ingredients and tools, you can enjoy cooking potato soup in an instant pot without hassle. Read the steps carefully to prepare a hearty soup that cheers up your mood and provides warmth and energy to your body. Let’s dive into the steps and savor the taste of instant pot soup.

Preparation of potato soup instant pot involves three steps: sauteing onions and garlic, pressure cooking the soup, thickening, and adding cheese.

Step 1: Sauteing Onions and Garlic

Sauteing Onions and Garlic

Add butter to the instant pot in this initial step, activating the sauté function. This ensures that other ingredients don’t stick to the pot, ensuring a smooth blending.

When the butter melts and sizzles, use a vegetable chopper to chop onions. Once melted, introduce the finely chopped onions and let the enticing aroma fill the air.

Patiently stir and cook the onions for 3-4 minutes until they soften and achieve a translucent, caramelized hue. Next, add the garlic powder and cook for another minute until the infused mixture fragrances a delightful smell.

Note: If you want to add bacon, chop it and cook it well in the instant pot on the sauté setting before the first step. Keep it aside once it’s crispy and slightly brownish, and head to step 1.

Step 2: Pressure Cooking the Soup

Pressure Cooking the Soup .jpg

Now that we have onions and garlic sauteed to perfection, it’s time to take our potato soup instant pot to the next level. Pour in the chicken broth (chicken stock), cream of chicken soup, and the star ingredient – the diced potatoes. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make the taste savory.

Mix well with a spatula. Once ensured of thorough mixing, secure the instant pot lid and set the vent valve to the ‘sealing’ position. Initiate the cooking process at high pressure for around 10 minutes. Once the timer goes off, quickly release the pressure and unveil the savory aroma that awaits inside.

Note: Each pot has its unique capacity and creates high pressure at varying rates. Therefore, when initiating the cooking process, allow the increased pressure to build based on your pot-specific time. Be careful; otherwise, it may taste burnt.

Step 3: Thickening and Adding Cheese

Thickening and Adding Cheese

Until Instant Pot releases its pressure completely and the lid pin drops, prepare a velvety slurry by mixing milk and flour in a small bowl with the help of a whisk. Add the mixture to the soup once the pot is ready to be opened up. This thickens the broth to perfection. Turn back to saute mode and let all the flavors harmonize.

Until the mixture is sauteed, the final touch is applied to our potato soup instant pot by adding two cups of cheddar cheese.

Stir well till the cheese melts and blends with the soup, imparting a rich, flavorful, and creamy texture. The cheese added helps the soup to become incredibly delicious, inviting you to enjoy its comforting warmth and delightful flavor.

Tip: When adding the slurry to soup, stir continuously and gently pour it in a steady stream. This will prevent the formation of lumps, ensuring a smooth soup.

Points to Remember While Preparing Instant Pot Potato Soup

Are you wondering how a 45-minute recipe can turn into a quick and delightful dish in 20 minutes? The secret lies in the precautions and some important points you must adhere to. Before you begin the cooking process with your instant pot, take a moment to go through this section thoroughly. These points will help to whip up a delectable potato soup instant pot in no time.

  • DON’T overcook the onions and garlic: Cooking them gently over low to medium heat brings out their natural sweetness and aroma. Overcooking can lead to a bitter taste and diminish these ingredients’ aroma.
  • DON’T add the milk and flour directly to the soup: When making milk and flour mixture, it’s essential to avoid adding them directly to the instant pot. Doing so increases the chance of lumps formation, which can ruin the texture and taste of your soup. Instead, it’s best to mix the milk and flour separately until the mixture turns smooth, and then gradually add it to the soup while stirring continuously.
  • AVOID adding cold slurry to the hot soup: Ensuring the slurry is mixed well at room temperature prevents lumps and uneven thickening, giving a smooth and evenly thickened soup.
  • DON’T rush adding cheese: Cheese adds to the richness and flavor of the soup. Adding it quickly or continuously stirring it can cause the cheese to clump and not distribute evenly. Instead, allow the cheese to melt gradually in the soup. Stir and patiently wait till it blends naturally in the soup, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture throughout.
  • DO taste and adjust before serving: Everyone’s taste preferences vary, so the soup must be prepared to your liking. This final step ensures that your soup is perfect and ready to delight your taste buds.

Substituting Ingredients and Key Aspects for Potato Soup Instant Pot

Have you fallen short of some items while cooking? It annoys, right? Therefore, it’s always better to have alternative ingredients that can be used as substitutes. Here is a list of some alternate ingredients that can be used in potato soup instant pots.

  • Chicken Stock: If you don’t like or have chicken broth, the stock is a great alternative and provides a deeper flavor to the soup.
  • Cornstarch: A great substitute for flour that thickens the soup well. Remember to use half the cornstarch when substituting with flour, as cornstarch has strong thickening power.
  • Shredded Gouda: It has a smooth and creamy texture with a pinch of nutty and sweet taste that works well in instant pot soup in place of shredded cheddar cheese.

1. Servings for Potato Soup Instant Pot

The quantity of ingredients mentioned above is for serving two people. So, if you have some extra guests in your house, consider adding more ingredients in proportion to accommodate the additional servings.

Note: Cooking for many people requires adjustments in sauteing and pressure cooking time.

2. Calorie Contains

A large scoop of potato soup instant pot accounts for approximately 456 calories, with 19% Vitamin A and 12% Vitamin C. While it is rich in fat and sodium, it contains a relatively low amount of carbohydrates. Its nutritional values are high, making it a satisfying and nourishing option for any meal.


Potato Soup Instant Pot is a delightful and nourishing addition to your recipes. Its creamy flavors and other wholesome ingredients create a heartwarming dish.

From the first comforting spoon to the last, instant pot carries a depth of taste that warms the soul and provides comfort.

Further, the versatility of this soup allows one to incorporate various veggies or serve it with personal preferences.

Now that you have the recipe, enjoy this Potato Soup Instant Pot and make it a hit among kids and adults in your home. Go ahead and give it a try.

In the comment below, let us know if your kid and spouse loved it. Also, what veggies have you used?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Cook Potato Soup Instant Pot?

The cooking time for instant pot potato soup is 20-25 minutes on high pressure, then quickly releasing it for a creamy texture. But this duration may vary in certain cases, like if your pot is old or takes time to create high pressure.

Can I Use Frozen Potatoes for Instant Pot Potato Soup?

Absolutely ‘YES,’ you can use the frozen diced potatoes in place of rugged potatoes. All you need to take care of is cooking time. Frozen potatoes may require some extra minutes to get properly cooked.

Is it Possible to Make Instant Pot Soup for Vegans

A big ‘YES.’ To make a vegan version, replace the dairy products like milk and butter with plant-based alternatives. Let’s say for milk, you can use almond or coconut milk, and for butter, you may opt for vegan butter or better use olive oil.

How Do I Thicken the Instant Pot Potato Soup if it is Too Thin?

Mix flour or cornstarch with cold water to thicken the soup, create a slurry, and gradually pour it into it. Don’t pour at once, as it may develop lumps. Simmer on the sauté setting until it thickens to your desired level.

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