Opening stockings on Christmas morning is an all time, favorite tradition of mine. Years ago, in my childhood, waking up as dawn broke to discover all the items inside was one of the most exciting parts of Christmas Day. I love continuing the tradition with my kids, surprising them with as many little items as I can fit. A simple $1 item can bring joy, while making a person feel blessed for the little things at Christmas. Now, hanging stockings for each member of our family is of paramount importance to my children who love the magic of the holidays. My children believe that Santa visits each person in the family, and to reinforce that idea, the stockings must be filled for everyone with little things each person will enjoy. Check out some ideas I have for the stockings this year.

Stocking Stuffers for Moms and Dads

Reading Material

Stock up on good reading material. Magazines fit well in stockings and are easy to purchase last minute. Another option is to pick out a book. Buy books with the person’s interests in mind! One book that will appeal to moms of young kids is Raising a Rockstar Reader. The book is published by two bloggers with backgrounds in education. Since I’m a certified teacher with an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt as well as a mom, I found the information really useful, and I liked that the book was an easy read. A lot of other books on the same topic have so much research that the average reader would find it dry. This book contained simple activities and was written with the reader’s engagement in mind.



Pair fun gifts with something practical. When you buy socks in a special style or made from a specific material, the wardrobe staple becomes a nice gift. For guys, there are some neat sock subscriptions. Women will adore angora socks from Soft Surroundings. The material is so soft and warm. You can pair the socks with boots or lace up shoes, and you can wear them for any occasion. The company also sells the socks in a cashmere material. Even though I have two pairs of the angora socks already, I love having them so much that I’m considering ordering more.

61814_797 (Angora Socks_All)

Health & Beauty Items

Boost morning rituals and beauty routines with some new health and beauty items that men and women can appreciate. One classic that appeals to anyone is the lip balm from Chapstick. This is a great item to pick up last minute. The Total Hydration is a nice, sophisticated lip balm that helps nourish and moisturize your skin. You can also buy seasonal flavors that come in Pumpkin Pie and Candy Cane to show some holiday cheer.


For women, toss some make up supplies into the stocking. Old makeup loses its appeal and quality after some time. Restock her makeup kit with some Bella Reina makeup products. The loose powder in tea rose and cinnamon adds a beautiful shimmer perfect for holiday parties. Buy eye makeup in neutral colors to get the right shade. I use the organic shimmer lip gloss, and I adore the light color it adds when my skin gets pale in the winter.

Stocking Stuffers Moms Enjoy

Another nice item for men and women is the Revitalizing Night Cream from Block Island. I love having a good night cream to revitalize my skin, especially in the winter when skin can get dry. This night cream is high quality and goes on smooth without being greasy. It’s the perfect size to toss in a stocking.



Small items for the home are also a good fit for a stocking. Dedicated to bringing lunch to work each day? Then the Bentology Bento Jar would be a good choice. The 17 oz or the 11 oz are the right size, and they can hold a nice serving size of soup or mac n cheese. When the weather changes, the jars can also keep your cold smoothies cool over time. Simply put the food in the jar at the temperature you want it, and the jar does its job of keeping the food at that temperature.



Snacks are good stocking stuffers because they take up space to make the stocking look full, and they’re inexpensive. Although candy and chocolate is a traditional stocking stuffer, try some healthy alternatives. One tasty snack would be Crispy Green Fruit Snacks. These bite size pieces of dried, crispy fruit are delicious. I ate some with my lunch, and I found it satisfying to have a healthy side with my meal. The snacks were so appealing that my kids tried to eat them all before I could.


Another healthy snack idea would be Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes. These fruit squeezes have healthy ingredients, and they taste great. On days when I didn’t have a large lunch, these snacks were easy to grab on the go. Because of the convenient size, the items would be great gift ideas for people who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.


Do you practice certain traditions when it comes to stockings for the parents? Share your stories below!


I received a free item, but it in no way affected my opinion!

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  1. Alana

    All of these are great ideas. You can’t have enough chapstick this time of year. I can never find socks in my household, and the little thermos looks so cool.

  2. Rachel

    Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas! I love all the little things that people collect for me over the year.

  3. Cole

    Great ideas! I’m always so surprised when people put really expensive things in stockings. I prefer to keep stockings fun and creative. For my husband I often put in things like lighters, a toothbrush, gum, socks and gloves, etc.. If I can find a USB stick or SD card on sale for a good price those make good stocking stuffers, too.

    • theresa

      A new toothbrush is a great idea! Very timely, you always need a new one, and you might as well improve the health of your teeth in the new year.

  4. Huub Ricardo

    I love the colors of the very pastel 🙂 and those fruit snacks seems so good as I love fruits and snacking. Great combo, don’t you think?!

    • theresa

      The pastel socks are really pretty. I’ve found that the gray socks look awesome with my black pants, and the blue socks are perfect with my blue slacks.

  5. Elizabeth O

    I love your selections. They are all wonderful gifts that appeal to me too. 🙂


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