Stay Safe: FDA Cautions Against Sexual Supplements with Honey

Did you hear about the warnings issued by the FDA against honey-based sexual supplements? Not yet? If you are a consumer of such products, you shouldn’t miss these warnings as they have mentioned the negative effects of these elements on people’s health.

If you are taking honey-based sexual supplements and thinking of them as natural products, you might be wrong here. Taking sexual supplements is common, and many of these medicines are used to treat issues relating to erectile dysfunction and more. But what if the supplements you are taking deteriorate your health?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration realized these deadly causes and has issued warnings to four companies illegally selling honey-based products. These products may be responsible for increasing consequential health risks to those who consume them. Below, we have discussed the details regarding the FDA-issued Warning Against Honey-Based Sexual Supplements. So, if you are a consumer of any of these products, do have a look!

Honey-Based Sexual Supplements Draw FDA Warning

Honey-Based Sexual Supplements Draw FDA Warning

The news spread to the world like fire when the FDA warned four companies that sold honey-based supplements for sexual enhancement. You must have heard about sexual enhancement supplements like X-Rated Honey for Men. The FDA previously confirmed that the supplement contained tadalafil, an active ingredient in the prescription drug Cialis that the FDA approved.

The FDA approved the usage of Cialis but has also kept it restricted and used under the supervision of related doctors or health care professionals. This ingredient is also claimed to have led to dangerous lowering of blood pressure while interacting with the nitrates that are further used in many prescribed drugs for people having heart-related issues, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and even diabetes.

Later, the FDA tested many honey-based products sold by some companies and warned that some active ingredients in these supplements promote a higher risk of health-related problems.

FDA’s Remark on the Tested Product Samples

With their laboratory testing, the FDA found that the products possessed many active drug ingredients that were not named on the drug’s label. The active drug ingredients found after the testing included tadalafil, which is found in Cialis, and sildenafil, which is an active ingredient of Viagra.

Although the FDA approves these drugs to treat men with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, these are still restricted to being used only under an expert and professional’s supervision.

Judy McMeekin, Pharm.D., who is the FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs, claimed that such tainted honey-based products have a menacing effect on the health of the consumers as they are not acquainted with the risks that the active ingredients (which are hidden in the prescription ingredient details) may possess.

Consumers must be aware of such products and should avoid their usage to prevent being affected by dangerous health risks. And when treatment is required, the help should be taken from the FDA.

Honey-Based Sexual Supplement Products Named in FDA’s Warning

The few names that the FDA took for products containing ingredients that may enhance health risks and the products you should keep a distance from include-

1. Royal Honey for Him

Royal Honey for Him

Royal Honey is a source of energy that provides high strength for him. It helps in increasing testosterone levels. Responsible for increasing stamina and enhancing fertility. It is in the form of syrup and contains pure mountain honey and tropical herbs. One should prohibit mixing honey with other forms of testosterone products.

2. X Rated Honey for Men

X Rated Honey for Men

X X-rated honey for men is an instant energy source. It enhances metabolism and nutrient absorption. It includes Radix Eurycoma, longifolia Extract, Radix Panax Ginseng Powder, Bee Larva Powder, and Pure Honey. It’s been fortified with Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. There is a fine mixture of rainforest herbs.

3. Vital Honey for Men

Vital Honey for Men

It is an antimicrobial honey that has been fortified with herbal aphrodisiacs. There is a composition of natural extracts of Eurycoma longifolia. It claims to enhance strength and improve the reproductive health of consumers. Natural sources are used to enhance the testosterone level.

4. Secret Miracle Royal Honey for Her

Secret Miracle Royal Honey for Her

The product includes Pure Honey, Eurycomalongifolia, Royal Jelly, and Caviar. The product increases strength and energy to improve sexual responses. It has an enhanced synthesis of testosterone.

The active ingredients for which the warnings have been issued are Tadalafil and Sildenafil.

Warning Letters Sent By FDA

With their warnings, the FDA also issued letters to four companies that are responsible for selling honey-based sexual enhancement supplements and that have products that possess these active ingredients that offer high health-related risks. The four companies are-

1. Thirsty Run LLC (Popular as US Royal Honey LLC)

Thirsty Run LLC (Popular as US Royal Honey LLC)

The company claims to provide sexual enhancement products and premium royal honey to improve sexual activity for men and also offers enhancement products for women. The FDA issued a warning letter to the company, stating that their products Etumax Royal Honey for Him and Dose Vital Honey for Men were tested, and they were found to contain tadalafil, an inactive pharma ingredient.

The company’s other product, Secret Miracle Royal Honey for Her, contained another active pharma ingredient, sildenafil. When interacting with nitrates, which is another active ingredient in many supplements and medicines, these ingredients can reduce people’s blood pressure to a threatening level.

Some unapproved drugs from Thirsty Run LLC include- Etumax Royal Honey for Him, Secret Miracle Royal Honey for Her, and Dose Vital Honey for Men. These product supplements are not considered to be safe for consumption.

2. Pleasure Products USA

Pleasure Products USA

Pleasure Products USA also provides sexual enhancement supplements and products for men and women. However, the FDA has also warned Pleasure Products USA against their products that have such active ingredients. The letter issued by the FDA stated that their product X Rated Honey For Men contained tadalafil.

This can be a dangerous ingredient for people suffering from heart-related issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This is because people suffering from these diseases often intake nitrates, and when tadalafil interacts with nitrates, the combination may lead to lower blood pressure risks.

The company has marked its product X Rated Honey For Men as a dietary supplement, and the FDA is against it. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the product cannot be named as a dietary supplement as it never satisfies the definition of it.

3. Shopaax.com


Shopaax.com is a web platform where people can buy sexual enhancement supplements and related products to improve their sexual activity. But even some products sold by the platform proved to possess ingredients that can destroy a healthy being with its risks.

FDA did a laboratory analysis of their product Royal Honey for Him and found that it also contained an undeclared active pharma ingredient, sildenafil. Now, we are all aware of the risks posed by this ingredient. FDA also asked the company to notify them about the steps or measures they have taken to prevent these violations.

The FDA declared that their product Royal Honey for Him is a food, and sildenafil is added to that food. Thus, the product’s delivery and even introduction are prohibited, and this prohibition is under section 301(II) of the FD&C Act.

4. MKS Enterprise LLC

MKS Enterprise LLC

MKS Enterprise LLC is another company on the list that has been selling sexual enhancement supplements containing harmful active ingredients. Although these products are consumed by many, they are unaware of the harmful effects the ingredients may lead to.

FDA purchased their product Dose Vital Royal Honey VIP Honey (Vital Honey) and ran an analysis. The sample confirmed the presence of tadalafil, an active pharma ingredient, undeclared. FDA explained in the letter how this ingredient can harm consumers’ health and how dangerous it can become after interacting with nitrates.

The Vital Honey product being sold by MKS Enterprise LLC is not considered safe for consumption as it is also considered food, and the introduction of tadalafil in this food product can harm the consumer.

FDA’s Ultimatum to the Companies!

The FDA also requested these companies to submit a valid response to these warning letters within 15 days of issuing them. In the response, the companies must inform how they tackled this situation and what measures they took. If the companies believe their products are not violating the law, they should present relevant reasoning, supporting information, and arguments.

However, this situation can be problematic if the companies fail to address these violations. The consequences will be tough for the companies as the FDA can take legal action against these companies for violations and more. This can further lead to the seizure or injunction of the product. Thus, companies should not take these warnings lightly, especially when their work and consumers’ health are included and at potential risk.

Wrapping Up!

Usage of any supplement must be limited as many such products provide more harmful side effects than help. Many honey-based product supplements in the market are used for sexual enhancement by men and women. However, the issue with this is that the consumers are unaware of all the active ingredients in these products as the sellers never declared them.

The steps taken by the FDA are an appreciable initiative to make consumers aware of such products and explain how their consumption can be harmful. Consumers of these products must go through the FDA warnings against these honey-based supplements and avoid their usage, as they can degrade your health.

So read out the details of these products we discussed above and ensure you go through the active ingredients in similar medicines or supplements before consuming them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Honey FDA-Approved?

FDA has issued a warning to the producers of Royal Honey, which is being used as a supplement product for sexual enhancement. They have also cautioned the consumers against this product and have advised them not to consume it as it can be harmful.

Did the FDA Find Viagra in Honey?

The FDA did a laboratory analysis of Honey Girl and confirmed that the product possesses the active ingredient they have been warning about, sildenafil. This is an active ingredient in Viagra, another FDA-approved prescription drug.

What are Royal Honey’s side Effects?

FDA warned that Royal Honey has tadalafil, which, when coming in contact with nitrates, can lower people’s blood pressure. This is even worse for those who have diabetes and suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, higher cholesterol, etc., as these patients consume nitrate medicines.

What are the FDA Honey Labeling Requirements?

Considering the instructions provided by the FDA, the product should be named and labeled honey if it only constitutes one ingredient: honey. As honey is a single-ingredient product, no impurity is required in pure honey.

Dr. Laura Markham
Dr. Laura Markham

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