Say Goodbye to Restlessness: 8 Effective Techniques to Try Today

Overcoming Restlessness: Here's 8 Helpful Methods

In this rapid and ever-evolving world, people find it very challenging to find inner peace. This happens because we are bombarded with social media notifications, the pressure of work deadlines, and struggle to complete daily life goals.

As an after-effect, our mental well-being gets badly hampered, and we experience more restlessness. If you are also someone who falls in that category, then worry no more; we have got you covered. We have carefully formulated effective methods to instill tranquility by taking restlessness away from you.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss eight practical techniques that will help you develop self-control and master your emotions and thoughts. These methods have been tried and tested by various people and have been proven to find an inner connection with yourself.

Discover the easy ways to reclaim your peace and achieve a balanced lifestyle in chaos.

Foods that Cause Restlessness

Foods that Cause Restlessness

Few studies have shown that there is certain food that disturbs your peace and brings chaos to your life. Some of them are stated as follows :

  • Caffeine: Coffee contains ingredients that can cause irritation to your nervous system and cause restlessness.
  • Alcohol: When alcohol is consumed daily, your sleep cycle is disturbed, which is the leading cause of restlessness.
  • Refined sugars: Studies have shown that people who binge-watch at night using sugary beverages or have a sweet tooth have trouble sleeping at night. Hence, sugar is directly linked to disrupted sleep.
  • Fried Foods: An article published in Medical News claimed that people who are engaged in fried food have increased depression and anxiety. They have been linked to cardiovascular diseases and weight gain.
  • Foods high in sodium: Cleveland Clinic published a paper that proved that eating food that is rich in sodium during dinner time tends to increase fluid retention and blood pressure.

Symptoms Associated with Restlessness

Symptoms Associated with Restlessness

Restlessness can be manifested by eating the wrong food or having an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the symptoms described by the patients are stated as follows :

  • Agitated: Studies have shown that agitation is a feeling of tension. So, when a person is under a lot of tension and stress you may get annoyed with little events, words, or actions that you seem to hate at that moment.
  • Concentration: Stress and fatigue are the leading causes of lack of focus. Sometimes, you have found yourself distracted easily and unable to concentrate even for 10 minutes. So when you cannot focus, realize that you have restlessness.
  • Insomnia: You are constantly thinking of a false reality that is not taking place; it’s your mind telling you that it would take place, but if you calm your mind, you will realize it was just an illusion. So, the inability to sleep and restlessness are linked to each other.
  • Stuck behavior: You are not being able to find joy in any task. You think that your life has abandoned you and there is no way to escape. Restlessness can make you feel super trapped and stuck in any situation.

Identifying the Root Causes of Restlessness

Identifying the Root Causes of Restlessness

Restlessness has a variety of root causes; hence, it is very challenging to find the one that is causing your problem. The following are some generic root causes of your restlessness

1. Restless Legs Syndrome

This is a syndrome that causes you not to stay still. Your legs are constantly itching, and you have the urge to move constantly. According to data from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, people have RLS jerks or twitches during sleep.

Treatment: Home remedies for RLS would include cool packs on your legs and taking a warm bath every time you take a bath. If it doesn’t work, consult a doctor on an immediate basis.

2. Hyperthyroidism

When you face this disorder, you will notice weight loss, and you can’t withstand heat. The thyroid is a gland that is situated in your neck, and it is responsible for producing several hormones that affect your body’s metabolism.

Treatment: This can be done by taking antithyroid medications. If that doesn’t work, then the doctor might suggest the removal of thyroid tissue through surgery,

3. Depression

Depression is a disorder that makes you feel unhappy with your life. You will have trouble sleeping, and you might get super angry due to the slightest disagreement. You might easily lose interest in the things that you once thought were fun.

Treatment: Home remedies would include working out on your body. The fitter the body, the fitter the mind. If that doesn’t solve the issue, contact a mental health professional.

4. Medications

Some of the medications that doctors suggest to treat psychosis, nausea, and depression can use restlessness as a side effect. There are certain dietary drinks and energy supplements that consist of chemicals that are responsible for a stimulant effect that causes restlessness.

Treatment: Get help from your doctor and tell him about the side effects you are facing from medication. The doctor might scale your dosage upward or downward based on your condition.

5. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

This disorder arrives a week before when the woman is about to have her period; mood swings, anxiety, and stomach bloating are some common symptoms. In addition, you will also face stomach cramps.

Treatment: This can be treated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating clean and exercising regularly. Doctors for its treatment have also suggested cognitive therapy.

6. Bipolar disorder

Low energy, loss of interest, and continuous stretch of depression are some of the leading causes of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be a genetic disorder and can cause irritable mood and decreased sleep.

Treatment: Treatment varies from person to person. For some, only antidepressants and mood stabilizers do the work, and for others, only therapy does the cure. So, it varies from person to person.

These are a few reasons that have intense repercussions on the body and our mind. It is equally essential to pay detailed attention to the prevailing symptoms and thus keep a check on its remedies.

Alongside that, there are a few issues that have been immensely helpful in determining the possibilities to overcome the disorder of restlessness; here are a few that we have listed for you.

The Best Foolproof and Helping Methods to Overcome Restlessness

The Best Foolproof and Helping Methods to Overcome Restlessness

1. Medication: When you start meditating daily, you will notice a boost in emotional intelligence. A study has found that people who meditate every day are empathetic, social, and happy all the time. Meditation teaches us how to control our emotions and how to respond to them by not becoming restless,

2. Breathing: When you deep breathe, it releases a chemical known as endorphins, regarded as the happy hormone. When you deep breathe, you are letting more oxygen into your body, which calms your nerves and helps you get rid of anxiety and stress simultaneously. This overcomes restlessness and makes you feel super relaxed.

3. Physical Activity: The fitter the body, the fitter the mind. When you practice daily exercises like jogging, dancing, and strength training, you release chemicals that are responsible for controlling your mood swings and reducing restlessness to a great extent. Make sure that you practice physical activity for two days a week.

4. Detox screen: When you wake up in the morning, and if somebody tells you to do 5 tasks immediately, would you do it? The answer is a resounding no. Your brain acts the same way; when you give them a constant flow of information through your digital devices, your brain has no time to process the information, making you restless. Set aside time to unplug yourself from digital information and remove restlessness.

5. Eating: When you eat processed food filled with preservatives, you are taking chemicals in your body, which is not helpful. The body needs vitamins, minerals, and fibers to get proper nutrition, which makes your body full. Hence, you are always hungry even after you have eaten processed food. Therefore, eat clean and remove restlessness from your life.

6. Journaling: Journaling is a great way to reduce restlessness; when you organize your thoughts on a piece of paper, your mind can think clearly, and it allows you to get control of your emotions. Not having emotional control and responding to a situation that doesn’t require time and energy is a crucial reason for restlessness.

7. Hobbies: When you engage in an activity, it helps you keep away from negative thoughts coming to your mind. It helps you refocus on the task that needs immediate attention—practice writing, reading, and listening to music to counter restlessness and have a rich life.

8. Connection: By connection, we don’t mean connecting to people. We mean a connection to Mother Earth. When you wake up early in the morning and take natural sunlight from nature, it creates a feeling of happiness and helps you combat restlessness easily. Take a walk in your garden or use cycling as an activity to take pleasure in nature while riding.

By using these methods, we are sure you can improve your life and combat restlessness. When you practice any of the methods suggested by us, you will automatically start to get inner peace and calm, which you have been struggling to find all your life. Embrace this new possibility, and you will discover a new reality to help you get a fulfilled life.


You are not alone. Restlessness is common and is suffered by 80 percent of the total population. So, accepting that you are restless is the first step to recovery. Using our helpful methods, you can pave the way for inner calm and lead a balanced lifestyle.

For instance, practicing physical activity and deep meditation not only improves our metabolism but also helps us release a happy hormone known as endorphin, which helps you keep happy and content with yourself.

So, when you start the healing process, you will fail multiple times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get better. With the help of will power, self-compassion you can embrace the uncertainties that life throws at you. Start our journey today with our comprehensive guide and take control of your life at your fingertips.

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Dr. Sue Varma
Dr. Sue Varma

Dr. Sue Varma has a distinguished 18-year career in psychology. Her expertise has been instrumental in advancing holistic mental wellness programs. Sue has been pivotal in creating impactful mental health resources. Previously, she contributed to several mental health initiatives and research projects. An advocate for work-life balance, Sue enjoys yoga and meditation, often incorporating these practices into her therapeutic techniques. Her dedication to mental well-being is paralleled only by her love for classical piano, a hobby that underscores her belief in the healing power of art.

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