How do you teach your children about their ecological footprint? According to FootPrintNetwork, your ecological footprint depends on how much you recycle, drive, and buy new products. Around the holidays, buying expensive, decorative items can easily overshadow more meaningful ideas. Halloween is an opportunity to educate my kids about making environmentally wise choices. Make Halloween a green holiday in your household with some eco-friendly Halloween ideas.

eco-friendly Halloween ideas

Instead of a store bought yard decoration, make yours with long grasses found in your yard and left over fabric. You can also turn a bag of raked leaves into a scarecrow’s body.

Eco-friendly Halloween Ideas for Costumes

Reusing items can add a creative touch to your kids’ costumes. Old costume jewelry can make little girls feel that their costume looks special, as they will remember that mom let them wear her jewelry. In my jewelry box, I have old pearl necklaces, which aren’t expensive, and I know the necklaces would make a neat addition to a Coco Chanel or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis costume. If I dig deep in my closet, I can find items of clothing from when I was a child. Vintage style feels cool and authentic for many kids.

Another idea is to hold a costume swap with some mom friends. Local Facebook trade groups are a good place to start networking with other moms who want to raise their kids on a budget too. In a Facebook trade group, post photos of your old Halloween costumes and see if you can find costumes that would fit your kids.

Eco-friendly Halloween Ideas for Treats

Give treats that are healthy. Organic treats can help children’s health, while also encouraging better treatment of the workers who make the food. Buy miniature organic juice boxes, fruit strips and granola bars to make your neighborhood kids smile.

eco-friendly Halloween ideas

Use leftover art supplies to create a silly pumpkin.

Another idea is to give away non-edible items. Hand out stickers and art supplies. Make your own play-doh at home to give away in small baggies. Give items from nature. Collect beautiful rocks and seashells to hand out to kids. Decorate pine cones as Halloween monsters.

Celebrating a green Halloween teaches children about their critical role in taking care of the environment. How do you plan to have a green Halloween? Leave a comment with your tips on my Facebook page.

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  1. N phoenix

    These are great ways to teach your children how to help save the environment without taking all the fun out of Halloween. I loved all your ideas.


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