Summer break celebrations have begun, but many parents must continue to handle parenting while working from home. Only now that school is out, children have less structured time. Most children anticipate the entertaining summers that they had in the past, but their parents have plans for summer school at home.

Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, we have guest writer Elkyra Park from Easy Parenting Hacks, and yes, she has a hack for that!

I’ve tried making my kid watch TV and I painfully disregarded my screen time schedule just to make him behave while I do my work, but I always end up getting disturbed. I have even hid inside the bathroom with my laptop just to get that peace that I always needed… but nope. I am no match to my 3-year-old little man’s antics. So, what do I do from getting burned out from all the responsibilities?

Here are some things that you can do to prevent yourself from being overly exhausted.

Guest Post: Balancing Work & Parenting under Quarantine

Plan How To Transition From One Role To Another

I suggest that you step away from one role to another to give yourself some semblance of a break.

How do you do this? Create rituals or actions that signal your mind that you are partaking a different role. This will tell your mind that, for instance, your worker mode is switched off and educator mode is switched on.

Kiss your kids before you go to “work” to tell your brain that its worker mode on. As soon as you turn on a specific TV show for kids, it signifies to them that you can’t be disrupted anymore.

These are just some of the ways you can do so that you can make a full transition, plus your kids are better informed which role you are in.

Guest Post: Balancing Work & Parenting under Quarantine

Appreciate The Little Breaks

Whether it’s a short period after putting your kids to bed or waking up early for a short “me” time before the kids get up, make sure that you enjoy the time you have for yourself. Savor those little moments, and try to feel the same way when you take a break from work to teach your kids.

Show your gratitude for those moments. Write down your feelings or say it out loud in front of the mirror. You can even message your friend or tell this to your significant other. Let them know that you appreciate those few minutes spent apart from the stress from kids or from the daily work grind.

Guest Post: Balancing Work & Parenting under Quarantine

Practice Sympathy On Yourself

According to experts, there are three elements involved in practicing sympathy on yourself: being mindful, compassionate, and kind on yourself. All these elements help us effectively recover from difficulties, lessen depression and anxiety, and aid us in making decisions that focus on our core values.

When the going gets tough, think about yourself as someone else who is struggling. How would you treat that person? You will be kind and considerate to that person, right?

Your feelings are normal and valid so do not dismiss them. Remember that there is no perfect parent so it is okay to have different kinds of overwhelming feelings.

Lastly, know that there are many parents all over the world who are going through the same thing as you. So, just hang in there because you are not alone in this.

Bottom Line

Making time and space to fit both parenting and professional roles is an ongoing challenge for working parents. This is made more testing now as the pandemic hits all of us. The already stressful roles that working parents have are amplified because we need to become educators at home, too.

Those who are lucky enough to still have work and work from home feel pressured and stressed.

Imagine having to maneuver your way through working virtually and corresponding with your colleagues, which is something new to you plus always having this consuming fear of losing your job. This is all too much.

Apart from the constant work disturbance, we also go to bed dead tired as we fight with workmates, teach kids, and do house chores during the day. But before we go to bed, we also need to prepare the next day’s print outs for their school work. There is just so much to do which is inescapable.

So what do we do?

The first step is to acknowledge that we cannot take a long break from this right now. You won’t be able to take a walk, vent on a friend, or bathe the stress away. These luxuries are not available right now because we are required to stay at home for our safety.

Being quarantined means that you can’t go full blast on your “me” time. You can’t fully detach yourself from the kids because you are all stuck at home. Plus, you can’t leave your office because your house is your office at the moment.

It is a tough time to be a working parent during this pandemic. Truthfully, you cannot take a step back because there are no time offs or paid leaves from parenting.

However, you can be smart in planning how to transition from one role to another, and savor your small breaks. Furthermore, you can show yourself compassion and kindness. You got this, parents. Good luck!

About the Author:

Elkyra Park is a first-time mom who can no longer count how many baby products she has reviewed for her sanity and her son’s sake. She discusses about the realities of parenthood and how to gracefully cope with the struggles over at Easy Parenting Hacks.

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  1. Angel Miller

    I am so lucky that don’t work. But its still hard balancing everything for the kids with this pandemic. My biggest worry now though is sending back to school or do the virtual program???


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