50 Fun Trivia Questions For Kids (with Answers!)

Are you worried about how to decrease your child’s screen time? And fuel their curious minds? We have a creative solution to ease your worry. Yes, incorporate fun trivia in your child’s spare time.

This helps to boost their imagination and curiosity excitingly. With a touch of creativity, trivia for kids can be fun, engaging, and a mind-bending experience.

Whether at home or traveling with your child, trivia for kids undoubtedly adds a sprinkle of fun to the ambiance. So, are you ready to partake in a trivia game with your kid?

If yes, read till the end to find our list of 50 fun trivia questions for kids (with answers), some fun facts, and the benefits of trivia for kids . 

Learning Opportunity for Kids from Trivia Questions

Learning Opportunity for Kids from Trivia Questions

Trivia for kids is one of the best ways to instill the habit of learning in your child. It is like a gateway to a world where learning becomes an adventurous activity with a load of brainstorming fun.

Trivia for kids is more like a game of being engulfed in a playful environment with simultaneous learning. Plus, it nurtures healthy competition. 

And do you know the best part? Trivia for kids is not only an activity limited to kids. It also involves adults. Imagine the room lit with laughter as the adults and kids brainstorm to answer the trivia. Isn’t it fun? This involvement develops the bond between the family and the kid.

Moreover, trivia helps to unfold the world for a child. They absorb fascinating facts. From science to space, history to geography, pop culture to Disney, and movie mania to riddles, every genre of trivia for kids is unique. 

Each trivia question ignites a spark in your younger one’s mind. Moreover, if you hone your creative side and add some fun facts along with the trivia, the learning opportunity for your kid broadens.

And guess what? We have got you covered on that part as well. So, buckle up, and without any further ado, let’s get you started with the trivia for kids.

Trivia for Kids Related to the Cosmos

Trivia for Kids Related to the Cosmos

The space-themed trivia for kids will let you impart knowledge of the entire cosmos in a fun way. Here are some interesting questions about space:

Question & Answers

1. What is Earth’s natural satellite? – Moon

2. Which planet has the most moons in the solar system ? – Jupiter

3. Which planet is considered an “evening star” because of its brightness? – Venus

4. What is the name of the galaxy of our solar system? – Milky Way

5. Which satellite was first launched into space by a human being? – Sputnik 1

6.  Which star guides sailors to navigate their way during ancient times? – North Star , also known as Polaris ( Fun Fact: Polaris is also known as a companion star)

7. What is the planet’s name with an extensive ring system? – Saturn

8. Which planet comes in between the Moon and Sun during a lunar eclipse? – Earth

9. Which is considered the “Red Planet” of the solar system? – Mars ( Did You Know “National Red Planet Day” is celebrated on 28th November every year? This is due to the successful launch of the spacecraft Mariner 4 to fly by the planet Mars)

10. What is a group of stars forming different patterns in the night sky referred to as? – Constellation

Science Trivia for Kids

Science Trivia for Kids

If your child wonders about the world around them, science trivia is the perfect way to keep them on the edge. It will entertain, inspire, and help them learn scientific facts.

Question & Answers

11. Which gas do plants require from the air to carry out the process of photosynthesis? – Carbon Dioxide ( CO2) (Did you know? Photosynthesis is a process by which plants make their food using sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water)

12. Due to which phenomenon does the sky appear blue? – The scattering of lights

13. What are the animals that only feed on plants known as? – Herbivores

14. Who invented the light bulb for the first time? – Thomas Edison

15. Which force pulls down the object towards the center of the Earth? – Gravity(Fun Fact: Gravity is the force that keeps every planet on the right track in orbit surrounding the sun)

16. What does the formula H2O stand for? -Water

17. How many bones does an infant have at birth? – 300 (Good To Know: Eventually, these 300 bones grow and fuse into 206 bones that an adult has).

18. Which three human body parts do not have bones? – Tongue, Earlobes, and Nose Tip

19. What are the four layers of the Earth? – Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, and Inner Core

20. What is the boiling point of water in Celsius? – 100 degrees Celsius

Sports and Games Trivia for Kids

Sports and Games Trivia for Kids

Now it’s time for some adrenaline-filled trivia. Every kid loves sports and games, be it outdoor or indoor. And at the end of this sports trivia, your kid will find interest in new games to explore.

Question & Answers

21. Olympics – the multisport event is held after a gap of how many years? – 4 years

22. What is the term referred to when a player scores three goals in a row in a soccer game? – Hat-trick

23. Which sport is Muhammad Ali known for? – Boxing (Fun fact: Muhammad Ali has lost only 5 matches in his entire boxing career)

24. Which sport is labeled as the “Gentleman’s Game”? -Cricket

25. What are the five popular indoor games? – Chess, Ludo, Carom, Table Tennis, and Pool games

26. Where was the first match of Polo held? – Persia (Fun Fact: One can only use their right hand to play Polo.)

27. Which team is the champion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? – Argentina

28. Who holds the title of the youngest player to win the Ballon d’Or? – Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima

29. How many Grand Slam titles did Margaret Court Smith win in her career? – 24

30. In which sport a player has to perform a kickflip? – Skateboarding

Geography Trivia for Kids

Geography Trivia for Kids .jpg

The part we all love – geography trivia helps your child to explore the wonders of nature. The popular landmarks, countries, continents, and geographical features will surely blow your mind.

Question & Answers

31. Which ocean contains more than half of the free water of the Earth? – Pacific Ocean

32. In which country would you find the world’s largest reef – the Great Barrier Reef? – Australia (Did You Knowthe Great Barrier Reef consists of 400 types of coral?)

33. Which is the smallest country in the world? – The Vatican City

34. What is the name of the canal that connects the famous Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea in the Middle East?– The Suez Canal

35. What is the other name of the “Bermuda Triangle”? – The Devil’s Triangle (Did You Know this triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean is known for its mysterious missing reports of planes and ships?)

36. Where is the world’s second tallest mountain – K2, located? – Karakoram Range (China, Pakistan)

37. Which popular mountain range is spread across countries like Switzerland, Italy, and France? – The Alps

38. What are the best countries to witness the Northern Lights? – Norway, Iceland, Alaska, Scotland, and Greenland

39. Which country is also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”? – Japan

40. How many pyramids are there in Egypt? – 118

Disney, Cartoon, and Riddle Trivia For Kids

Disney, Cartoon, and Riddle Trivia For Kids .jpg

Amidst all the knowledgeable trivia, do not forget to add a few questions with the sole purpose of entertainment. This keeps the spirit high of the kids and the adults (you get to relive your childhood).

Question & Answers

41. In the movie “Frozen,” which silly snowman was brought back to life? -Olaf

42. Which character plays the antagonist in “The Lion King”? – Scar

43. How many episodes of “Tom and Jerry” have been produced till 2021? – Over 900 episodes

44. What Disney princess – Rapunzel is known for? – Her long hair (Fun Fact: Rapunzel’s hair was about 70 feet long)

45. What is the name of the monkey in “Aladin’? – Abu

46. What is the island’s name shown in the movie “Moana”? – Island of Motunui

47. What freezes when it is hot? – Computer

48. What stays in the corner but goes around the world? -Postage Stamp

49. What do you take more and leave behind? – Footsteps

50. What has 88 keys but can’t open a single lock? – A Piano

Benefits of Trivia for Kids 

Besides creating a new mode of entertainment and learning opportunity, trivia for kids also offers several benefits that help in their growth and development. Of all, here are the top 5 benefits of playing trivia with your kids:

1. Confidence Booster

Confidence Booster

When your child answers the trivia correctly, it creates a sense of achievement. And we all know what achievements do to us. It boosts self-confidence. It will make your child more self-reliant and motivate them to take up challenges fiercely. 

2. Nourishes Critical Thinking 

Nourishes Critical Thinking 

One of the most important skills in our daily life is critical thinking. Trivia for kids often consists of questions that require your child to use the analytic part of the brain and evaluate the answer on its basis. As a result, critical thinking is taught in your child.

3. Cultural Insights

Cultural Insights

Being a part of a diverse world, cultural awareness is crucial. Trivia for Kids does an exceptional job in disguise when introducing different cultures to young minds. The questions revolving around history, tradition, and culture give your kid an insight into the broader aspect of the world we are a part of.

4. Social Interaction

Social Interaction

Whether you are playing trivia with your kid or they are playing on their own, it enhances your child’s ability to interact socially. How? There are several trivia questions for kids that require discussing and debating to get the answers.

This aids the kid to express their point of view and communicate their opinions openly.

5. Enhance Memory

Enhance Memory

When kids play trivia regularly, it has a significant impact on their memory. Trivia for kids is known for sharpening young brains. It helps your kid retain the information and recall it. This happens mainly because the knowledge is imparted through an engaging medium.

Final Thoughts

Trivia for kids is not just about imparting knowledge; it is more about honing some life skills with a dash of fun. See the magic of trivia yourself and form a distinct connection with fellow beings and the world.

Now, with 50 questions in hand, when will you set up the game night for trivia? Have you played trivia for kids before? What is your favorite genre of trivia? Do you have any rare trivia for us? Drop them in the comments and make us brainstorm.

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