25 Sight Word Games for Kids to Improve their Reading Fluency

25 Sight Word Games For Kids To Practice Reading Fluency

Sight words are high-frequency words that kids read repeatedly in their school books. Words like “you, he, it, ” and “and” the” are some common examples of sight words.

Kids are often expected to recognize them instantly. This helps them learn to construct sentences, read fluently, and understand grammar.

In this light, Sight word games are a phenomenal escape to educate your kids beyond the four walls of the classroom. These games prevent the mindless mugging of textbooks by making learning effortless.

In this article, we have listed the top 25 sight word games to rock the learning of your little one! If you want to grow your kid’s reading skills and fluency, these one-in-a-million sight word games are the way to go.

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

It’s time to ditch the boring way of learning. Why? Because we’re out on a Treasure hunt! Make 5-10 little chits of key sight words. You can also paint the letters golden and make them look more appealing.

Hide them differently at places kids can find, but not so easy-peasy. Add some drama! How? Encourage kids to unlock their way to victory by finding the treasure of key sight words.

Don’t forget to reward the little hustlers. These word games are also an incredible way to revise well in Treasure Hunt style, and why not?

2. Sight Words on Sticky Notes

Sight Words on Sticky Notes

All work and no play never works, right? But not if we revert it to all-play all day. That’s right! This sticky note wordplay is a tailor-made solution to encourage learning sight words at home.

Just add some sight words on sticky notes and paste them at places where kids can use them often in their vocabulary.

For instance, ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ notes on the refrigerator door will help them identify and differentiate between opposite sight words through sensory experience.

3. Sandbox Wordplay

Sandbox Wordplay

If you’re wondering about the possibility of learning without pencil and paper, then bang on! You’ve just hit the jackpot.

Bid your farewell to stress because these word games keep learning focused, fun, and with finesse. Prepare a sandbox using an old cardboard box and beach sand.

Now, draw the sight words on the sand and teach them. Is that all? Nope! Get ready because it’s time to get your hands dirty!

4. Word Cookies

Word Cookies

What’s better than sight word games that satisfy your sweet tooth? Word Cookies are here to delight your kids with a delicious experience.

Prepare alphabetical letter-shaped cookies and challenge the kids to create different sight words in the tray. For instance, hear-ear-wear and then-the-than are some common examples of similar sight words that kids can make.

Need a tip? Promise the kid to give as many cookies as the words they create. And boom, you’re on it!

5. Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

Word games can indeed be a daunting task if you use outdated versions. But kids love puzzles, don’t they? Make an irresistible puzzle for your kid to learn new sight words, or buy a jigsaw puzzle set.

You can easily buy this timeless classic online or at a kids’ store near you. A total banger for kids playing alone or in a group, a Jigsaw puzzle can be a great way to learn new sight words.

6. The Jumble book

The Jumble book

Are you ready to rumble in the jumble? Yes, you heard that right! The Jumble book is an impeccable way to revise new sight words and learn sentence formation.

Prepare a journal for your kids with jumbled letters and do a writing exercise. For instance, s-h-a makes has, o-y-u makes you, and so on. You can also get help from textbooks to create them.

Answer the first few ones to make it easier on kids. Gradually, you can swiftly levitate the exercises from jumbled letters to jumbled words. This will enhance their speed reading and spelling at the same time.

Looking for a tip to start? Design the journal in the Jungle book style and draw a jungle of words to make it look more visually pleasing for the kids.

7. Manual Keyboard

Manual Keyboard

These manual keyboard word games can be so much fun, and now we know why! Pick up an obsolete keyboard from your store room. You can also buy a second-hand keyboard from an electronic store or make one from a cardboard box.

Color the drawing with bright colors or the way your kid would like. Be creative. Set up a classy vibe just like an original computer.

Now, all you need is to play! Ask the kids to type the words you spell. And the rest will do the work. Sounds like a lot of work? Try it and check for yourself!

These underrated sight word games are worth your time for all the right reasons. Don’t second guess; it’s time to take your old keyboard on fire!

8. Screen to Slate

Screen to Slate

Is your kid a little too much addicted to the screen? Then, it’s time to diminish their screen time, but not how you imagine it. Bring the game on and make it fun! Open a sight words page online and give your kid a slate and chalk.

Put a timer of, let’s say, 60 seconds and ask them to write as many sight words they see on the screen in the given time.

You can also add variations to this game by using vowels and asking them to frame sight words from the letters. It is advisable to use a TV or a distant laptop to make it easy on the eyes.

Screen to Slate is one of those sight word games that can resist your kid’s temptation to use TV, computer, or mobile phone.

9. Punch the Fun

Punch the Fun

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to calm the aggression of kids. But what if you could channel their anger into learning new sight words?

Lift their mood with these brand new word games like Punch the Fun! All you need is a good pair of kids’ gloves and pillows.

Write sight words on an A4 white sheet each and paste them on both sides of different pillows.

You can use as many pillows as you want. It’s boxing time! Shout the sight words out individually and ask the kids to hit the one. Sounds fun, right?

In a nutshell, Punch is the fun, ultimate party game for kids to charge up the synergy of the room instantly.

10. Hopscotch


Come on! You can’t pass this one out! After all, Hopscotch is the first choice of all the outdoor games. But how can we blend it with sight word games? Well! That’s easy!

Instead of writing numbers on the square-sized boxes, write sight words inside the consecutive boxes and chalk the way out with a dramatic design. Remember to keep a square empty between every two squares.

Next up, you need a pebble or a small-sized tossable object and toss it to the nearest sight word square. Now, hop your way to the pebble. Any set of rules?

Hop on the empty squares and skip the boxes written with sight words. Say out loud the sight words that you come across, and that’s victory!

11. Wordplay with Clay

Wordplay with Clay

Craft your artistic skills with this classic wordplay on clay. Clay art is a wonderful way to brighten your kid’s dull afternoon. All you need is to prepare a clay dough, and boom!

You’re ready to create beautiful letters and make different sight words from them. You can easily buy colorful clay online or from the market.

In the absolute absence of clay, you can still relish this game of art with Lamasha powder or even regular garden soil. The only requirement is to be creative and bring the artist within, and you’re ready already!

12. Pick the Sight Word

Pick the Sight Word

Odd one-out games, anyone? This evergreen sight word saga is a sweet variation to the classic circle of the odd word out. An underrated indoor activity, this game needs no equipment except a notebook and pencil.

Create a literary exercise by placing a group of random words together. Now, this is where unlimited fun begins. Ask the kids to circle the sight word.

You can also add pictures to engage the fandom. Pick the sight word is one of the must-try sight word games to improve your efficiency in reading and fluency.

13. Colorful Sight Words

Colorful Sight Words

Children or adults, everyone loves colors. Savor the sight words with a juicy chemistry of drawing and crayons.

Add a pop of color to the black-and-white summer vacation with colorful word games. Craft calligraphy, design letters, and make a list of sight words.

Spare some space to make coloring easy for kids. Suitable for one or more kids, these colorful sight word games can be an effective tool to help children learn about traffic rules, shades of color, and beyond.

14. Aim the Sight Word

Aim the Sight Word

Shooting games aren’t just insightful and a bomb way to wear sight words on your sleeves. Just paste chits of sight words on the target pad and bingo!

With a hint of healthy competition and a tint of sight word revision, you can certainly conquer your way to this ultimate party game.

Moreover, you can easily find a Bow and Arrow Archery game set online. This will help you practice your target and leave a mark!

Although the fan base of this ancient game is rooted in history, it takes a true visionary to practice this sport.

15. Baking Tin

Baking Tin

What if you could create like Wordsworth? Alright, maybe this was a little too much for now. Let’s try again. What if you could cook your way to critical thinking? I get it!

Let’s get away from this confusion by baking muffins. That’s right! The muffin wrap, often thrown away in a dustbin, can activate your phonetics.

Write sight words on small paper slips and paste them on the muffin wrap. So whenever the kids wish to satisfy their sweet tooth, they learn a new sight word.

Of all the sight word games on the list, Baking Tin will surely give a mouth-drooling experience.

16. An Interactive Storybook

An Interactive Storybook

What’s the perfect sleep tonic for a preschool kid? An Interactive Storybook! Any specific requirements? A highlighter, a headlight torch, an interactive book, and a cozy bed.

Narrate or help them read enthralling stories with captivating pictures that give wings to their limitless imagination. Ask them to highlight the sight words.

Once you’re done with the story, answer their magical questions and let them dictate the sight words they come across the most.

It’s time to give them the baton to narrate the same story again. Every night, an interactive storybook session can prove to be an effective way to elevate the reading and speaking skills of the child.

17. Sight Words Memory

Sight Words Memory

Who says card games and sharp memory don’t match? Sight word games are the answer. Besides, kid-friendly card gamesare abundant on the internet.

You can create a deck of cards using card-sized paper by making different pairs of sight words. Sounds hectic?

A standard deck of 52 cards would do the work. All you need is to write similar sight words on the cards with a semi-permanent black marker.

Now, shuffle the deck well and let the kids show the beacon for the rest of the game. How? Match and make pairs of similar sight words. The one who makes more pairs and spells each sight word correctly wins the game!

18. Sight Words Pictionary

Sight Words Pictionary

Pictionary is a pleasant surprise to sprout the sight words in a child’s mind. An irresistible take on the age-old guessing game, Pictionary is where you identify the one word hidden in two or more similar pictures.

Design a slam book with pictures of your kid’s favorite things.

For instance- you can start with the word “I” written on the first page of the slam book with a smiling picture of the kid.

Paste more photos related to words like “play” and “eat” that help recognize the activity. Encourage the kids to create drawings and write their own sight words.

19. I Spy

I Spy

Detective games engage innovation, creativity, and collaboration in young minds. Sight word games like I Spy aim at improving the kid’s observation and literary confidence.

Parents are advised to print posters with pictures of sight words at places where kids can reach out easily. Some common places to hide the chits could be a door mat, fridge door, bed wall, dining, and more.

You can make this game even more interesting by introducing instruments like a magnifying glass, a mini-spiral bound diary and pen, and beyond.

20. Snake and Ladder

Snake and Ladder

Are you even a board games fan if you haven’t played this game already? Snake and Ladder is one of the most played indoor games.

A dice roll, a snake, and a ladder pad are what you need to beam your kid’s face and bloom with laughter.

Write sight words on the boxes with a black marker or paste small chits of white paper with small sight words. Scream out loud where your turn stops. Suitable for two or more kids, get-set-play!

21. Hangman


Let’s bring some drama to the sweet-sighted word games. Hangman may not be just another cute sight word game for kids, but it’s no less than that!

The timeless word game is all about connecting the dots of a word by guessing it till you make it right.

But wait! There’s a hangman figure made out of all your mistakes. So beware. Think hard and play harder because Hangman is here to elevate your critical thinking and analytical skills.

22. Catch the Sight Word Ball

Catch the Sight Word Ball

A ball is all it takes! Catch the Sight word ball is the ultimate game for fun, finesse, and fitness. Collect differently shaped colorful balls and paste chits with sight words written on them.

The host will throw the balls at the kids. This is the fun part. Ask the kids to catch the balls individually and shout out loud the sight word written on the ball.

The one who spells the correct words wins the game.

23. Tic-Tac-Toe


The ultimate kids’ pastime just found a new sight word: friend. Smile because this cool variation to the cult-classic notebook game is all you need. The sight word Tic-Tac-Toe is a wacky twist to the regular zero-X game.

The only difference is to write a new sight word for every turn. The one who delivers a new sight word each time without fail wins the game. Pretty easy! So what are you waiting for? Play!

24. The Musical Jam

The Musical Jam

Ready to jam on your favorite song? This game is a whimsical take on a regular music night. Put on the speakers, play the song, and dance the night away!

Start a 60-second challenge to collect and write as many sight words you hear in the song. Be it a camp night, party night, or a family reunion.

Find me a better way to hone the listening skills of your kids; I’ll wait.

25. Sight Word UNO

Sight Words Memory

When talking about card games, how can we forget about the most loved card games of all time? Sight word UNO is aptly the best option to learn ample sight words and boost your vocabulary.

Instead of matching numbers, kids can match sight words in their cards. You can print the cards or write sight words on your UNO set.

The kid who plays the last card wins. These popular sight word games can easily be played with two or more kids. An adult may help kids learn the basic rules of the game.

Final Words

Sight word games are a blessing to bring out the wordsmith in you. As a result, these word games should be introduced to kids at an early age.

In the modern times of 3D video games and YouTube shorts, playing these games with your kids can be a breath of fresh air for both parents and kids.

After all, preschool kids are meant to jump in the puddles rather than surfing the internet. Simultaneously, sight word games can also induce a sense of literature by enhancing their reading skills and fluency.

So next time your kid is bored, don’t just put a phone in their hands and play a mundane kids’ video to fill them up. Instead, boost your creativity and innovate new sight games to cheer up their joy.

Or maybe just come back here and choose the one that you like from the above-sighted word spectacle.

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