Shopping for the best girl gifts this Christmas 2015 and don’t know where to start? I’ve got two girls to shop for this season, and I’m sharing some of the best gifts. I searched major retailers and independent stores as well as some up and coming businesses. The final list is very appealing to kids. My daughter is ready for some big girl gifts, like jewelry. She adores everything feminine, pink and shiny, but she also plays soccer and goes swimming. This list will appeal to girls of varied interests who hope for a special gift on Christmas morning.

2015 Christmas Gifts for Girls


This year, one of the cutest accessories is from Prim & Press, a high end children’s handbag line. The trendy, new company launched in the summer of 2015. I tried out the Ella Crossbody in Fushia. Everything about the bag was awesome! The leather material is high quality, and the gold chain feels sturdy. The bag is so nice, my daughter might look better dressed than I will! Gifts should be a luxury after all and not always a necessity.
Holiday Gift Guide for GirlsTheresa's ReviewsAnother cool purse is the HipCity Follow Your Heart bag and Shoot for the Stars accessories. This purse is affordable, and it has great quality. The item is best for girls on the go. Girls wear the purse around your waist so they can be more mobile. To create a new style, simply remove the purse and replace it with the accessories that come in stars, mermaids, butterflies, hearts, and flowers. The purse instantly becomes a belt!

SplendidMusings_HipCitySak (50 of 100)

Purses have many benefits for girls. Young travelers can use purses on their adventures. Girls can also use purses to stay more organized. Plus, an accessory can be fun to play with and can create a new look.


Clothes are one of the most practical gifts. Buy a size up so a shirt can last, especially for girls going through a growth spurt. While you might be tempted to buy frilly outfits, purchase comfortable items that girls will actually use.

Two shirts that send a great message would be the Sunrise Girl Treehouse shirt and the Great Outdoors shirt. Both shirts remind girls to get outside! One neat thing is that the girls on the shirts are inspired by real, active girls. The soft fabric was my favorite part because I know my daughter will wear the shirts all the time.

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Another comfortable item for active girls would be Che Rie NY Mist Leggings. The pants are stretchy and soft, which is great for being active. I liked the neat pattern that uses a variety of simple, appealing colors. Kids can pair the leggings with sweaters and boots in the winter, while the leggings would go great with a tee shirt and tennis shoes in the summer.

MIST (1)

While shopping for athletic apparel, check out kids wear by Sports Authority. The company offers lots of name brand items, like Nike, North Face, and Under Armour, so you can buy the best quality outdoor gear. A warm coat, a long sleeve shirt, and some new sneakers will encourage active behavior, even through the cooler months.

While shopping at Sports Authority, you can also check out the many other items they offer. I bought a couple soccer balls, hair ties, a Baltimore ravens ball cap, and a Speedo swimsuit for my daughter. She already uses the swimsuit for her fall/winter swim classes, but everything else will make a great gift or stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Your guide to healthy living

Cherokee USA is a clothing company mainly found at your local Target. Conveniently, you can buy their clothes as you shop for other items, like mainstream toys and music. Buy some awesome holiday outfits for Christmas Eve and for photos with Santa. Cherokee USA also carries cozy and casual items for under the tree, like comfortable joggers, sweaters, and winter hats. This brand is a favorite of my girls.

Cherokee Holiday _ Boys and Girls Holiday Formal

For another girly pick, purchase the Disney apparel by Okie Dokie at JC Penny. The Frozen line is a favorite in my home. The clothes fit well and look adorable. Buy a matching set with leggings, a tee shirt, and a skirt. With each item having your child’s favorite characters on them, it will be a huge hit for Christmas.

SDIM4024 copy


Another practical idea for Christmas is shoes. My daughter has a huge collection in different colors and styles, but she would never turn down a new pair. To be safe, I always buy shoes a little big when they’re gifts. Kids should get good use out of the shoes without having too much space in the toe area.

Currently, my daughter wears her Keen Kootenay Boots to school. The boots work great for cold, drizzly weather and will continue to work well when it’s snowing outside. Luckily, the snow shouldn’t come for a while longer, but we’ll be prepared when it does. I like how sturdy and warm the boots are. Samantha has plenty of arch support as well as support around her ankles.


Another great pair of boots are the Aubergine Campera Charol Rain Boots from Just Shoes for Kids. These boots look even more beautiful and feminine in person. The bow gives a girly accent to otherwise incredibly practical boots. I adore the rose color because of its subtlety. Dress the boots up with a Sunday dress for church or wear them with leggings to school. Because of the beautiful bow and nice coloring, you could wear these boots on any occasion.

rain boot

Buy some Short Khaki Boots from Adore Your Closet for a pair that goes with everything. The shoes are subtle and cool, and they’ll quickly become every girl’s favorite. When the weather changes, the boots will continue to compliment different outfits. Pair the boots with pants in the winter and with boot socks and a dress in the spring.

Short Khaki Boots with Sparkles - II

Fayvel is another cool shoe brand. I first noticed the shoes in a back to school catalog, and I couldn’t wait to try out the shoes. Each shoe has a velcro exterior so you can customize the look every day. Some of the girly accessories are unicorns and hearts. You can also get music, sports, and animal accessories. Being able to customize the shoes lets girls take control of their look, which they’ll love.



Buy jewelry as a fun surprise. Girls aren’t always expecting jewelry, so that makes the surprise even more special. Pick out jewelry that can be a meaningful keepsake. Personalization can make an item mean a lot. One example is the Kidz Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. I received the charm bracelet with a logo clip and heart charm bead to check out the style of charms. The logo clip is really useful because it keeps the charm on, and the heart is adorable. You can personalize the charm bracelet with charms that tell your girl how much she means to you!

Kidz-bracelet-combo (1)

For a girl who can be delicate with a chain necklace, buy the MelJoy Pearl and Crystal Purple Necklace. This item is adorable and festive for special occasions. I’m saving it until I know Samantha wouldn’t break a chain. She’s really used to pulling necklaces over her head, so I can picture her breaking the chain on her first try. When she gets it for her 6th birthday later this year, she’s going to love the color and design.


Another necklace on a beautiful, delicate chain is the American Made Leaf necklace from Made Lokal. This necklace reminds me of the gorgeous leaves falling outside in the fall. Representing change and growth, the leaf charm is a delightful way to memorialize special changes in a girl’s life.



To place the jewelry in a special case, buy the Papyrus Pink Butterfly Mini Trinket box. With beautiful pink coloring and jewels, this case can be a gift as itself or with an item inside it. The box is small enough to fit a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Girls can also use the box for special keepsakes they have.



To store jewelry or beauty supplies, check out Caboodles items. I use a large, black Caboodles for all my makeup, nail polish, and a hair brush. The item is useful for any time I want to take my items on the go for a special occasion. For my daughter, I received the On the Go Girl in Pink and the Ooh La La! Mini. Since Samantha is always trying to play with my Caboodles box, it’s fitting that she gets one for her own items. I’ve also got a couple age appropriate beauty supplies to give her so she has something to put in it.

Untitled design (2)

Several items I have to put inside the beauty kit are from The Choosy Chick. The company gave me pink Candy Bar Collection Hair Ties since Samantha’s favorite color is pink. The Baroque Collection Hair Ties will make her hair look great on occasions when she wants to look nice. I don’t always trust my girls with lip balm because my toddler can eat it, but I’m going to assume that my older daughter can keep her Buttercup and Jake Lip Balm somewhere safe. My favorite is the Little Mermaid nail polish, which you can buy in the Little Mermaid Nail Kit. The nail polish can peel right off when kids are done using it!



Kids are very technologically savvy these days! Encourage a strong understanding of technology with the latest action camera, the MeCam X Waterproof Action Camera. With the MeCam X, you can take the camera underwater for fun beach photos. You can even take photos remotely by controlling it with a wristband. This product is a great way to engage kids who show an interest in video cameras. The camera quality is high with 1080p full HD resolution. Kids will stay interested in making videos because they will enjoy the final product. Samantha has been begging for the latest kiddie video cameras on the market, but this one is way better quality, so she can even share it with her dad when we go on vacation. 

xcam in case


Movies are good gifts because they keep kids entertained. One strong pick is Shaun the Sheep, which was released in 2015. You can also get Shaun the Sheep in Blu ray for better picture quality. For Lala Loopsy fans, buy the movie Lala Loopsy: Band Together. My girls love everything Lala Loopsy, so this movie is a big hit with them.

Theresa's Reviews(3)


Toys are another favorite for girls. Blue Orange Games carries many fun games that would work well for family night. During Halloween, we had such an awesome time playing Spot It! that we had to try Spot It! Shopkins, which was a huge hit that gets the entire family involved. Spot It! is great about getting kids to develop their attention to detail. To encourage storytelling and writing, I received Tell Tale Disney Princess. The game uses Samantha’s favorite traditional Disney characters, so it really appeals to her. Encourage spatial reasoning with Puzzle battle dragon princess. The first person to finish the puzzle wins! My kids don’t usually sit down to do puzzles, but with some competition, they love to do it. I also received Niya, a game of strategy for kids who are a little older.

Theresa's (1)


A popular doll this year for kids is the LaLaLoopsy Dance with Me Doll. Because the coolest thing about the doll is that it can dance, it’s a fantastic way to encourage young dancers to get active. If you wear the doll’s bow, it can sense your movement and dance with you. The doll can teach you dances and even mimic your dance moves! It’s a fun, interactive way to play. My kids are dying to get this toy for Christmas. I hope they are happy with the one I received, but I might go out and buy a second one for my younger girl too. I know both girls will adore this item, so they might not want to share.

529484 Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll FW 01

For an affordable and cute unicorn, buy the 13″ Princess Celestia My Little Pony plush. The toy is soft and comfortable, so it’s a great item to cuddle. Last Easter, my daughters received the Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark pony and the 13″ Twilight Sparkle pony. Both items have held up wonderfully, even with regular use. Because the unicorn is over a foot tall, it will be a nice, big surprise under the tree.

MLP Princess Celestial

Athletic Gear

Give athletic gear so your girl can get the message that being active is cool. My kids love getting outside. As the seasons change, Samantha will grow out of some of her old athletic gear and need some new items. One item she’ll need is a new helmet. Her old helmet fits okay, but a couple parts fell off this past summer. I came across the Melon Helmet, and I loved the design. The helmet looks great, and it is very functional. Keep kids excited about their safety when they’re riding bikes with an awesome new helmet for Christmas.

MUA_S031M_Decent_double_purple (1)


Dance is a huge passion for my daughter. She loves making up her own moves, and she had a blast taking a 3-week intensive dance camp a couple summers back. To commemorate my daughter’s love for dance, I received the Unique Pl8z Dance Plate. This is a great gift because it will look great in a girl’s room, and it will mean a lot to her to receive it. The fact that it’s made out of license plates is really neat for girls who like to travel too.

DANCE - bright pink - unique pl8z


Crafts are great gifts because they provide entertainment for Christmas Day. When you aren’t running from house to house to visit relatives, take a break and bond as a family over a decorating kit. For example, Popcorn Factory carries the Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit. This is a great way to make edible crafts that the whole family will enjoy. You’ll remember that spending time as a family is an important part of the holiday.

Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit

To make more delicious, edible crafts, check out Cheryl’s Gourmet Cookie Decorating Kit. My kids and I had so much fun with this item! Check out the fun we had on my Instagram page. The girls were so excited to put the frosting and decorations on by themselves. Each kit comes with decorations to make a snowman or Santa face as well as a large variety of sprinkles. I thought the cookies were delicious and moist, while the frosting had a great taste too.

Cheryl's Cookie Decorating Kit 1

Some crafts are great gifts before Christmas too. With DIY Happy Kits, I’m going to surprise my daughter in December with a craft kit so she has gifts to give to others. Handmade soap is a thoughtful way to show her appreciation, and it should stay in fine condition when shipped long distances to relatives. I like that I can teach my daughter how important it is to give those she cares about during the holidays.

DIY Happy Kits

Still unsure of how to impress a special little lady? Sending a gift far away? Buy a beautiful, customized pop-out card from Popwish, a company based in Germany. This company brings the beauty that pop-out book have to their elegant, intricate cards. On the outside, the cards look simple, so it’s a huge surprise to open and find a 3-D scene unfold. Anyone I know would love their cards!

Carriage Pink Close up

What do your daughters love? Share in the comments!


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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