As a working mom with two kids under age six, I strive for a balanced, professional wardrobe. Years ago, when I was staying home with the kids, my wardrobe became full of shorts, sandals, tennis shoes, and T-shirts. Reentering the workforce required a big change. I had to purchase all new blouses, shoes and work pants to make it through an entire year and four different seasons. Revamping my image to become more professional wasn’t cheap, while it also required a lot of time spent mulling over choices at outlet stores. It wasn’t until late in the year when, I was sitting in a kindergarten interview for my older daughter, that I realized how silly my bright, polka dotted neoprene diaper bag looked when worn with my neutral colored, professional clothes. Even though my old diaper bag was very sturdy, it didn’t look sleek and unnoticeable. I was in the market for a new diaper bag. I could envision what I wanted, although I didn’t know where to find it.

Urban Mom, Stylish Chevron Diaper Bag Review

When I was contacted by Urban Mom about doing a review of their Chevron diaper bag, I was happy because the style fit with my professional clothes well. The tote bag is big enough to hold as many diapers as needed, but it could also double as a work bag during the day. Unlike my old diaper bag that looked like a diaper bag, the Chevron diaper bag works great for holding work notebooks and my iPad. There are plenty of pockets inside to separate my phone and pens, as well as space to always keep an emergency diaper.

The brown leather straps gave the diaper bag a professional look. When paired with my brown skirt and tan shoes, the straps go with my outfits very well. With dark blue and a beige chevron stripe, the coloring works well with the rest of the clothes in my closet. Blue is a simple color that goes well with anything and creates the appearance of being friendly. I like the beige chevron stripe because it gives a pop of lightness that can make an outfit stand out, especially in the warm months of spring and summer. Since the coloring was simple and appealing, the bag would even work well for when my husband needs to carry it.

Wearing the diaper bag, I was really happy with it. The quality of the canvas fabric was excellent and durable. With a simplistic style, the item would work well for any occasion. For a wedding, the bag would be a convenient way to store any critical events for the day. Because of the size, the item is also great for road trips. I counted the pouches inside and found ten different pockets. Plus the bag even has an exterior pocket on the back to put any essentials. All of the space inside makes it simple to store water bottles, snacks and small games.

Another thing I appreciated was that the bag had long straps as well as short straps. When you’re pushing a stroller and holding hands with a five year old daughter while crossing the road, having a bag that will stay put and not fall off your arm is key. With the long strap, I could be hands free while still looking stylish. My old diaper bag had the over the shoulder strap, but it attached with plastic and would make creaking sounds. The design of this bag is really appealing, and it makes a great fall essential for moms. I look forward to wearing the bag this year.


I received a free item to help inform my writing. This in no way affected my point of view.

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