Redbubble is an online art gallery and community where you can pick original designs to put on different products. Artists self promote their work via social media and other strategies. Because I know some of my readers are drawn to my arts and entertainment writing, I felt that the website would honestly appeal to some of my readers. When you purchase an item on the website, you support independent artists and you promote their creations by wearing their art. The website offers a variety of items and will appeal to shoppers looking for adult and kids’ clothing, cases for technology, prints, posters, cards, and calendars.

Review of the Calendars

Because the website offers such a large variety, I had trouble narrowing my choice down to pick something. I searched by the type of product. To find hoodies, I clicked on T-shirts and Hoodies, scrolled down, and selected Hoodie under T-shirt styles. After looking through a huge selection of hoodie designs, I came across an adorable dog picture I thought would make a neat gift. I realized that the photo I wanted could be printed on a calendar. The website hosts people’s artwork, which can be printed on different products.

Calendars make a nice holiday gift for relatives. I chose a dog calendar, called The 100 Loyal Faces Project by 100LoyalFaces. The faces of the dogs showed a lot of character. Another calendar, called Cambodia by Anthony and Kelly Rae, seemed appropriate for some of my relatives who really enjoy traveling. When you select a calendar, choose a start date. I selected January 2014 as the start date for the calendars I ordered.

Around 10 days later, the calendars arrived. I felt that the size and quality of the paper pleasantly surprised me. Calendars are longer than they are wide and are printed on a nice satin art paper, which looks very professional. I would recommend searching the website for a gift this holiday season. The only difficult part of shopping on the website would be the amount of designs offered, because some people might get frustrated by having so many options. Try to narrow down your idea of what you want, and use the search function to find an item that fits your interests.

I received two free items to help inform my writing.

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