Over the years as a mom and a homemaker, I had accumulated several kitchen items that I barely used, such as food processors and baby food makers, which took up precious kitchen counter space. Because I often cooked and helped host get togethers with friends, I developed a hobby of trying out many different kitchen items. When the Ozeri company sent me the Extravo Electric Wine Opener in Stainless Steel with Auto Activation to review, I examined the item’s practicality, effectiveness, and quality. Trying out a wine opener was very timely for the holidays, as I had several occasions when breaking open a bottle of wine with my holiday guests was appropriate. Although I wasn’t a drinker, I relied on having a good wine opener to help make entertaining my guests easy to do.

Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener

Review of the Electric Wine Opener

My kitchen, which was cluttered with many large products on the counter top, needed a nice looking wine opener for regular use when I entertained guests. I liked that the product looked nice sitting on the counter top when guests were over, and I appreciated how I could tuck the product away when guests left. As the wine opener fit into my cabinet drawer, I never had to leave it on the counter when I was finished using it. Because of the product’s size, it was very practical for me. Personally, as I wasn’t a drinker, being able to put the wine opener away except for when I was entertaining guests made the item have excellent practicality.

I felt that the effectiveness of the product was good. I noticed that the product was reliable and functioned well. As the product came with a charger, I charged it fully before using it, and I liked that the product had no issues with its effectiveness even without having batteries to help keep the charge. Because I liked how the product worked, I brought it to a friend’s holiday get together when I learned that my friend didn’t have a wine opener for her party. The product was easily portable and it met all my needs.

While examining the quality of the wine opener, I wholeheartedly liked the product. Because the product worked well and looked nice, I used it several times to entertain people in my home. Having a quality wine opener was a must have for my kitchen. I needed the product on several occasions and I would have not been able to entertain guests so easily without the product. As the product made opening wine simple, I never had to waste time finding a stronger person to get a wine bottle open. When guests came over, I kept the wine opener on my kitchen counter where it was easy to find. Never did I have to waste time searching for my wine opener when my time was better spent with my guests.

I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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