Because I was passionate about running long distance, I couldn’t give up my hobby during the winter. As the snow arrived, I was excited to do a review of my new BoCo AT running shoes made by Newton Running. I had tried out other running shoes, which didn’t seem right for running in my hilly backyard in the cold weather. When a PR contact at the company suggested the shoes for running in winter, I knew the shoes could be what I needed to stay fit during the holidays. I wrote a review to examine how the running shoes worked for running in cold weather on terrain.

Running Shoes Review

I received the BoCo AT running shoes, which were a neutral all-terrain trainer, in a vibrant pink. Originally I had planned on running on the sunnier, warmer days during winter. When the shoes arrived, almost an inch of snow fell and stayed in my yard for three days. I was glad that the shoes gave me a reason to stop procrastinating and to get out into the cold for a run. As I laced up the shoes, I was pleasantly surprised with the comfort and stability that the shoes offered.

running shoes

While trying out the running shoes, the real test was to run on a snowy day. I had never previously tried shoes that were so resistant to water. As I ran directly through the snow, nothing leaked through to my feet. I was happy that my socks stayed dry and I was surprised because other running shoes I had would have left me with cold, wet feet. Because the shoes were resistant to the snow, I had no distractions during my run.

running shoes

The running shoes worked great in the snow.

Regarding the safety aspect of running on a snowy day, I never slipped at all when I was running. I felt that the traction was really good for running on grass. I didn’t try to run much on concrete as ice could have been harder to spot. The shoes were very comfortable, which was in part because of the new shoe feel. Luckily the fit was true to size. Personally, I thought the vibrant pink had a fun style that went well with my black hiking pants and a neutral top. When my daughter spotted the shoes, she started sobbing because she felt that the shoes were so beautiful, she wanted a pair for herself. Unfortunately the company did not make the shoes in toddler sizes or I would have looked for a matching mother-daughter pair. Wholeheartedly I planned to buy more shoes from the company for my family in the future.

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