Buying a car seat is an important decision for parents. Trusting the life of my daughter in the buckles and straps of a car seat requires faith in the company that manufactures the product. To me, I’ve learned that I trust the Diono brand that manufactures the Radian RXT. What I respected about the RXT style that I received was that the product was based on the previous Sunshine Kids Radian line, which my older daughter had used for years. While examining the new model, it appeared to be very similar to the old model if the old model was given steroids.

Review of the Car Seat

As I familiarized myself with the functions of the car seat, I realized that describing the car seat as practical would be an understatement. Compared to my older daughter’s Sunshine Radian, the new RXT model could do so much more! I received the RXT for my youngest baby girl who outgrew her baby car seat and needed a safe model that would fit her taller than average height and support her lower than average weight. While the new car seat fit wonderfully rear facing, I loved the convenience of the extra features.

Because the car seat fits babies as small as 5 pounds, I could have bought it for my little girl when she was an infant to avoid buying more than one car seat. The product will grow with my daughter and can fit her up to 120 pounds as a booster seat. Having a convertible car seat saves a lot of money! With my older daughter, I’ve had to buy two car seats and I’ll need to get her a booster seat in a couple years. I’m really grateful to have one product that has multiple functions.

While examining the car seat with me, my husband was confused that I was using a dark blue color for our little girl. Luckily, the company carries a variety of car seat covers in some beautiful different colors and patterns that I may try to review or purchase in the future. I felt that the car seat was superior in its sleek, slim style that fit well in the car as well as its comfort for my daughter. As my daughter sat in the car seat, she rested calmly, which may be thanks to the memory foam. I drove my daughter around for at least in hour in the seat without complaints, and I felt that the car seat was a very successful choice for my family. Overall, when the car seat was installed and assembled, the product worked very well.


Even though the car seat functioned wonderfully, assembly required some assistance from family members. I found a car seat forum when some helpful members explained to me that Diono had some great installation videos on Facebook. When I was assembling the car seat, I had a hard time finding the hole for the cup holder and had almost given up, thinking there was a defect, when my mom found it. When you assemble yours, note that the cup holder fits in a very small hole that is easy to miss. I liked the cup holder function so much I may get another cup holder for the other side so my older daughter can use it too in the future. In the next few years as I use car seats with my daughters, I plan to stick with the Diono company and I look forward to successfully turning this car seat into a booster in the next few years.

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