Cincinnati-based designer Mary Helen Boeddeker creates handmade children's clothing. Designs are classy, elegant, and practical. As my daughter tried the Greta dress, I learned that the loose-fitting clothes are useful for everyday wear.

Recently returning from New York Fashion Week, clothing designer Mary Helen Boeddeker creates a line of playful, bright children’s clothing. In an email interview with the marketing department, I learned that Mary Helen referenced children’s books for inspiration. As an educator, I share a love of children’s literature. I planned a trip to my local South Cheatham County Library where my daughter could try out her new, gorgeous, blue Greta dress, which is available in the online retail store for Mary Helen Clothing.

Handmade Clothing Review

Choosing the library in downtown Kingston Springs, Tennessee, as a location for my snapshot photo shoot was simple. As a recent transplant to the area, I wanted to encourage my daughter’s development of literacy. Looking at the library’s photos on Facebook, I immediately loved the rustic, wood cabin look, which would compliment the simple design of the dress. I knew that my daughter would find comfort in the small, homey feel of the library, as well as in the soft, touchable fabric of the dress.


At the library, my daughter sunk delicately into a children’s plush rocking chair. Holding children’s books, Samantha looked comfortable, happy, and relaxed. My daughter enjoyed relaxing with a book, and she got so into the stories that she barely acknowledged the camera. I love finding a dress that has upscale, bright designs, and is practical for everyday use. As I took my daughter down the rows of books, I quietly watched the dress sway, moving beautifully with every step.

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After reading, my daughter stopped at the wooden rocking horse on the front step of the library, and she played with enthusiasm. I could see that wearing the dress was enjoyable during active play. I loved how the elegant fabric was never scratchy or distracting. I wholeheartedly recommend the handmade clothing for its style and practicality. Parents can appreciate gorgeous clothes that let kids be kids and permit them to play happily. Delightful kids’ style doesn’t need to be a sacrifice for the parents’ budget or for kids’ comfort. With Mary Helen Clothing, kids’ style is simple, loose fitting, made well, and affordable.

I received an item for writing this review.

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