How can children learn to take care of their body, mind and soul? Regular yoga practice boasts major health benefits and is a common exercise for many kids. As a teacher, I love products that help kids with their physical fitness. Improved physical health means that children become more confident and happy, which can translate into improved academics and social skills. My 4 year old daughter loves exercising. To help my daughter in her practice of yoga, I sampled a Bendi Baby toddler yoga mat.

Review of the Baby Yoga Mat

Last month, I explained how my daughter shared an extra long yoga mat with me. Now, when I put on a kid’s yoga video, I announced that my daughter could use a new yoga mat sized just for her. As a mom with a background in teaching, I made an effort to give my daughter the tools she needs to be successful in life. I felt that the yoga mat gave my daughter some tools important to her success, such as helping with her fitness. While testing the mat, I realized that giving my daughter exercise equipment helped instill a sense of responsibility in her.

My daughter became more responsible as she learned to care for her mat. I liked that my daughter learned to roll up her mat and put it away. Because of the mat’s light weight, my daughter could easily lift and move the it as needed after practicing yoga. Because the mat had excellent portability, I was able to easily put it in my car. Carrying the mat on a trip to the park, it worked well as a spot for my daughter to rest and eat. In our yard, the mat became a great spot for my daughter to lay and watch the clouds.

While at home, I placed my adult yoga mat next to my daughter and we practiced yoga for half an hour on the hardwood floor in my office. Stretching felt amazing. I loved getting to bond with my girl. Later in the day, my one year old baby started fussing in her crib so I brought her to the mat with me and my older daughter. My two girls had fun following along with the yoga video. I appreciated the extra mat space for all three of us! In the future, I look forward to practicing yoga regularly with my kids.






I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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