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Dear Leader

Today, the California State Senate again decided that protecting criminals is more important than defending your Second Amendment rights. The good news is, they have not yet become law!

Ten out of the eleven bills that were approved today will take us one step closer to losing our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Many of these bills will turn thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals, through the stroke of a pen, because of the new regulations and restrictions that were passed out of the Senate.

While for the most part, these bills were approved by a party line vote, there were many instances of bi-partisanship opposition to the legislation, with Democrats such as Richard Roth (D-Riverside) and Cathleen Galgiani (D-Manteca) voting to preserve your right to keep and bear arms.

In addition to bi-partisan opposition, several brave representatives spoke out to defend the rights of California’s gun owners. Senators Jeff Stone (R-Temecula), Jim Nielsen (R – Gerber), Ted Gaines (R–Rocklin), Senator Mike Morrell (R- Rancho Cucamonga), Senator Jean Fuller ( R-Bakersfield), Senator Andy Vidak ( R-Bakersfield) and Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) spoke to promote the rights of Californians protected by the Second Amendment. We appreciate their vocal opposition to the anti-gun bills that were brought to the floor. CRPA sincerely appreciates their efforts and would like to encourage you to call the aforementioned Senators and thank them for their courage. You can find their information by clicking here.

Below you will find a complete list of who voted for and against each anti-firearm bill:
SB 880 (Hall)

SB 1235 (De Leon)

SB 894 (Jackson)

SB 1006 (Wolk)

SB 1407 (De Leon)

SB 1446 (Hancock)

AB 156 (McCarty & De Leon)

AB 1135 (Levine & Ting)

AB 1511 (Santiago)

AB 857 (Cooper & De Leon)

Here is an additional list of each bill that was brought before the Senate today:

SB 880 (Hall) – SB 880 will serve as a reclassification of various weapons such as semiautomatic center-fire rifles or semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine to “assault weapons”, meaning that these weapons would now be illegal. 

SB 1235 (De Leon) – SB 1235 will require the California Department of Justice to keep a data-base on all ammunition transactions and require purchasers of ammo to undergo screening with each ammunition purchase. 

SB 894 (Jackson) – SB 894 will make it a crime if an individual gun owner does not report their gun stolen within 5 days of realizing that their weapon has gone missing. This legislation will also make it a crime to fail to report a recovered gun within 48 hours. 

SB 1006 (Wolk) – SB 1006 would direct the University of California to use taxpayer funds for gun control research. 

SB 1407 (De Leon) – SB 1407 would require as of, July 1, 2018, that all newly manufactured weapons must have a serial number or unique identifier or the manufacturer or assembler will face consequences. This bill would also require as of, January 1, 2019, that all gun owners who own a weapon with out a unique identifier must apply to the California Department of Justice for a identifier for weapons dating back to 1899. 

SB 1446 (Hancock) – SB 1446 would make it, as of, July 1, 2017, a crime to posses any high capacity magazine regardless of when the magazine was acquired. The first offense would be a fine not exceeding 100 dollars and with subsequent offenses, the punishment would rise. 
                                 “GUTTED AND AMENDED BILLS”
AB156 (McCarty & De Leon) – AB 156’s original intent was to combat global warming but has been altered to serve as a restriction on ammunition.

AB 857 (Cooper & De Leon) – AB 857’s original intent was to reduce greenhouse gases, but has been altered to serve as a restriction on curios, relics, and home-built firearms.

AB 1135 (Levine & Ting) – AB 1135’s original intent was to form the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency but has been amended to serve as a reclassification of certain semi-automatic weapons to assault weapons.

AB 1511 (Santiago) – AB 1511’s original intent was to encourage the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to establish a comprehensive plan to save energy throughout California. The new version of this bill would be to limit the loan of a firearm between two law abiding citizens, for example a hunting trip or home protection.

While these bills may have passed through the Senate, they have not yet become law! You can help us stop the legislation from being approved by the Assembly. The next step in the legislative process is to go before the Assembly Public Safety Committee and the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

You can find a list of members for the Public Safety Committee here, and the list of members for the Appropriations Committee, here. By actively calling committee members, you can help us stop the bills before they get to the Assembly floor.

If the bills are approved by these committees, they will then go before the entire Assembly for a vote. Help us get a head start and call your Assembly member to tell them they need to stop this legislation.To find your Assembly member, please click here.

For a list of contact information for the entire State Assembly, please click here.

Several bills that originated in the Assembly, were approved by the Senate, (“Gutted and Amended”) and will now go before Governor Jerry Brown. Our best hope is to encourage the Governor to VETO these bills. To contact the Governor, please click here.

Some of the battles have ended, but the attack on your rights continues. Help CRPA continue to advocate for your freedoms. Please assist in these efforts by getting involved or making a donation. Your donation will empower CRPA to continue the fight for your constitutional rights in Sacramento.

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